He’s my idol. my inspiration. He’s like a big brother for me. Someone, i can trust. I’m so thankful for him. (big thanks to his parents who have made him! xD) well, there was a not-soo-good time in my life, i was depressed and sad for a long time. But then, i started listening to The GazettE, i knew them at this time already, but i wasn’t that interested before, cuz i just was too young, i think. Well, i changed, and i became a big Gazetto fan 2009.

I’m fascinated par his lyrics. god, they’re really brillant! For example, these emotions in Taion, bath room, saraba, pledge..(and more…)Just breathtaking. And live even plus better! I always shiver when i watch ruki chant such emotinal songs live. I can’t really describe in into words. I feels like the sound get’s into your cœur, coeur and toi just have to cry. I l’amour to feel it this way.

But there’s another thing i l’amour about him. His personality. He’s such an amazing person. Well, nobody’s perfect, he as well, he’s just a human. but i don’t care about. Ruki had a tragic life and his parents weren’t support his l’amour to J-rock music. But he kept belive in his dreams and see what? he’s a famous J-rocker. haha xD This just shows me, i should belive in myself and follow my dreams! Someday, they may will come true.
Ruki showed me how to be prositiv, yeah even though his lyrcs are very dark and scary for some eople. They don’t scare me, i l’amour every single word, he put into his lyrics.

Well, for sure, he’s good-looking, and hot and so on. And i also like it. But even if he would be uglly, i would l’amour him from the bottom of my heart. Cuz i know he’s amazing inside.

Yeah ruki made me a liltte optimist :3 and i l’amour him for this present.

(credits to the person who make it)