Ruki: On the opening jour of out Stacked Rubbish tour, Kai brought his handphone on the stage with him! And he didn't even set it to silent mode!
Kai: Yeah... I left it near the mixer, table de mixage too, close to the mic...
Ruki: But thank god it didn't ring, ou else during the MC ou whatnot, the mic would've picked up his Kobukuro ringtone lol. But it finally happend when we were promoting the album. It was on a radio montrer and his phone rang. We all heard his Kobukuro ringtone...We had a live radio montrer before that and Kai had his phone in his pocket the whole time, not in silent mode. What the hell man! Not funny!
--I think toi could just laugh it off if it happend during radio shows, but if Kai's phone rang during a ballad song on stage..
Ruki: Oh man! If Kai's phone rang on stage during a ballad song then we'd see a guitare fly right at him lol