The Flash (CW) ➤ Which 'Flash' fan theory/speculation do toi think will most likely come to fruition in season 5 (not your favori but theory toi believe to be most probable)?

Pick one:
➤ barry is dead in nora's future, and she never got to know him
➤ cisco's struggle with his vibe powers makes him a target for cicada
➤ due to anti-metahuman policy, future iris fears nora will be caught
➤ caitlin's dad experimented on her as a child, which resulted in killer frost
➤ nora has a twin brother (the show's don allen equivalent)
➤ iris will build central city citizen from the ground up
➤ ralph's future wife in the comics, sue, be introduced
 -FireMaiden- posted il y a 5 mois
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