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The Flash (CW) Should Julian come back to the show?

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 margo_farrell posted il y a 10 mois
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Kirkir picked yes:
YES PLEASE. I need more Tom Felton <33
posted il y a 10 mois.
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-FireMaiden- picked yes:
I'm torn, because I love Tom Felton, and I genuinely really liked Julian, but I also feel like they wasted his character and Tom's immense talent in the back half of season 3. I feel like he should only come back if they wrote Julian a good arc (maybe he could guest star at some point, and they could give him a strong multi-episode arc).
posted il y a 10 mois.
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tuneatic picked no:
No the character just wasn't a good fit.
posted il y a 4 mois.