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MiaS posted on May 19, 2010 at 05:15PM
I am so excited that Amber is back on B&B as long is not going to be paired with Rick(yack!?). It would be a a set back for the character..Amber really came long way since she was orbiting in the Forresters hemisphere, On Y&R she really had people who really cared about her true friends;for sure she need better..I would not mind if she get close to Thomas, they had a good relationship until Ridge interfered..Axx hole!!She really loved Thomas but her insecurities took over the best part of her....Now that she is back and Thomas is more mature and also had some bad sxxit going on in his life, perhaps they can relate more and get closer, they sure deserve to have another chance.. Also the fact that she is in town because of little D will open the door for Deacon to come back..Sweet..What do you think?

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il y a plus d’un an ridge_fan_08 said…
I so can not wait till i see her back in bold, as she isn't in bold on Australia screens yer, i am so looking forward into seen her and i hope i get to see her soon in it!

I was wondering will she end up with Rick again, but after you saying that it will be a set back for her character now i think about it that you are right about that, and yer i would love it if her and Thomas got back together as they made a cute couple, yer who knows Deacon might come back and he still has another reason to come back to bold is course of Hope as he is also her father, i would love for him to come back and for him to get to know his daughter, and i wonder if Hope will wanna get to know her dad!