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mackandlo posted on Apr 27, 2009 at 04:39PM
OK is anyone else excited about the the release of the newest BDB book. I finished reading Lover Enshrined about 2 months ago and have been going through BDB withdraw ever since. My pre-ordered book will be ready for pick up by the time I get off from work tomorrow and I do not plan to put it down until the very last page. any one else out there with me??

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il y a plus d’un an Justintime said…
LOl I read Lover Avenged in a day. Other then V, Rhev is my favorite. So i was totally excited to see it was coming out
il y a plus d’un an LadyEdwina said…
Me too!!! I just can't wait until next year to read John's book!
il y a plus d’un an odd-duck said…
I haven't been able to get my hands on a copy yet and it's driving me insane!!
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il y a plus d’un an anana945 said…
omg i know what you mean about withdrawal..i had to wait for a few of the books from the library. Not the best thing for me. I didnt know what to do with myself!
And now im gonna die waiting for lover mine. grr
il y a plus d’un an Zsadistismine said…
In Lover Avenged on one of the first pages there is a passage in the Old Language. This is what it says:
No Stronger Allies
No Greater Friends
No Better Fighters
Of Honor Could A
King Behold Than
These Assembled
Afore Me Mine
Brothers Mine
(and that is repeated once more)Just thought it was cool
il y a plus d’un an zsadistisfit said…
i read this book! it was a mix of stories :p i quite liked p
my fav character is zsadist though! i just love him :p
then id say is v, then rehv :p
il y a plus d’un an seered27 said…
ive already started reading John's book, its awsome so far =)
il y a plus d’un an Rae_Jae said…
Rehr my fav too. In the middle of reading AGAIN. John's book for me was my least favorite. I wanted closure on issues and didn't get it. Still the BDB is a fun ride.