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The jour of the field trip came and Gumball was scared. He didn't know what would happen when Ms.Dian came. Would things go good ou bad? Anyways Mr.Small was already there, but Ms.Dian was late. All the girls were taken with Ms.Dian, so only the boys were there.

The girl's side of the story.....

Penny sat with Masami in the front of the bus, as they both slid side to side.
Ms.Dian? Do toi know how to drive? Asked Penny.
Of course!!!
So do toi have a license??
o_o ...... umm....yea! of course!

OOOOOOOO! a dit Masami. Look what Darwin texted me! She showed the text to Penny and the other girls, and they...
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Episode one of Dudes who do stuff. Tobias, Idaho, and Anton. Enjoy!!!! :) <3
Le Monde incroyable de Gumball
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Darwin, *breathes water through the nose* ACHOO!

Gumball, *eyes pop open* What is that? *water falls out of mouth*

*trapdoor opens*

Gumball and Darwin, *gasp*

Anais is kicking a mur and starts beating up dolls

Anais, Ha! HrrrrrAH!!! *digs inside of a rose doll and pulls out speaker*

speaker, I l’amour you!

Anais turns around and punches close to Gumball.

--the rest is coming soon--

--very soon............................................................--
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The Plot on the Wiki is incompitle.When it's done,this will edited.

Richard is driving the kids to school with his Satnav guiding him there destructively. On the trip Gumball discusses the purpose of getting a job and Richard explains it's to earn money to buy things which in turn keeps others in their job. No longer seeing the point in getting an education for a job, Gumball tries to make a break for freedom par launching himself out of school with the help of Hector. Unfortunately the plan doesn't work as Gumball comes back down to the ground and continues to complain about the repetitive nature...
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Gumball and Darwin are running away from Tina in the school hallway. Gumball tips over Rocky's water bucket while Rocky was cleaning the floor. This causes Tina to slip and fall but she uses the soap to glide across the floor and continues chasing Gumball and Darwin. Gumball and Darwin runs into the bibliothèque and gets cornered between bookshelves and Gumball starts pulling books, hoping that it will open a secret entrance. Tina traps them and asks them to say sorry for telling her that she cannot have piano lessons due to her short arms. Gumball refuses and Darwin leaves Gumball alone to face...
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Sing along. toi know the words! Uploaded par banane Joe
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The banane family is just Bananas for pizza! LOL! XD
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