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Set in modern jour Paris, the eight-episode romantic comedy series follows a group of Friends who rally around their perpetually single girlfriend Elsa.
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 Image A: Veoh Player
Image A: Veoh Player
As many of toi would know, I l’amour to mettre en ligne vidéos to many spots on here (television is something of an addiction of mine). Many of these vidéos happen to be Veoh vidéos which are only available in 5 minute previews. One recurring theme of many of the commentaires I receive on these vidéos is that it isn’t the whole video and people seem unsure as to how to download. So here’s my step-by-step guide on Veoh videos!

1. Firstly you’re going to need the Veoh player (Image A). Here’s a link to the download page:
You may think it’s a hassle to have to download a player, but it doesn’t...
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30 Years Of Chasing The Dream Of Being A télévision Writer and How It Came True par Stage32.com Founder/CEO Richard "RB" Botto via link For plus videos, please visit link
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