télévision favori T.V. best friends?

Pick one:
brooke & peyton - one arbre colline
chandler & joey - Friends
bart & milhouse - the simpsons
veronica & wallace - veronica mars
chuck & nate - gossip girl
serena & blair - gossip girl
seth & ryan - the OC
shawn & corey - boy meets world
chloe & clark - Smallville
emma & manny - degrassi
nicole & paris - the simple life
house & wilson - house
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charlie & hurley - Lost
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Bret & Jemaine - Flight of the Conchords
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Turk and JD - Scrubs
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Buffy and Willow - Buffy the Vampire Slayer
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Monica & Rachel & Phoebe
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Xander and Willow
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Palmer and Ducky (NCIS)
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scott & stiles - teen loup
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Bonnie, Caroline and Elena-The Vampire Diaries
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Kurt & amp; Rachel - Glee
Kurt & Rachel - Glee
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Shawn and Gus -Psych
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