télévision Favori Redhead?

Pick one:
Tess Mercer[smallville]
Emily Fitch[skins]
Katie Fitch[skins]
Lily Aldrin[how i met your mother]
Emma Pilsbury[glee]
Bree Hodge[desperate housewives]
Katherine Mayfair[desperate housewives]
Rachel Gatina[one arbre hill]
charlotte Lewis[lost]
Addison Montgomery[grey's anatomy/private practice]
Julie Cooper[the oc]
Jessica Hamby[true blood]
Willow Rosenberg[buffy the vampire slayer]
Jenna Sommers[the vampire diaries]
Grace Adler {Will & Grace}
Jude Harrison [Instant Star]
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Grace van Pelt [The Mentalist]
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Scully { The X-Files}
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Claire Fisher [Six Feet Under]
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 teo_rockeritza posted il y a plus d’un an
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