télévision My favori show/miniseries set in each state. (Well, half of 'em.) Your favorite?

Pick one:
Sons of Anarchy (California)
The Ranch (Colorado)
Enlisted (Florida)
The Walking Dead (Georgia)
Roseanne (Illinois)
Parks and Recreation (Indiana)
Jericho (Kansas)
Justified (Kentucky)
K-Ville (Louisiana)
Wet Hot American Summer (Maine)
Falling Skies (Massachusetts)
Freaks and Geeks (Michigan)
Defiance (Missouri)
The Black Donnellys (New York)
Surface (North Carolina)
Saving Grace (Oklahoma)
Bates Motel (Oregon)
Boy Meets World (Pennsylvania)
Deadwood (South Dakota)
Friday Night Lights (Texas)
Harper's Island (Washington)
Hatfields & McCoys (West Virginia)
That 70s montrer (Wisconsin)
Longmire (Wyoming)
 DarkSarcasm posted il y a plus d’un an
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