Christine Syron
Most people l’amour a classic ‘who-done-it’ type of story. Investigation Discovery (ID) has been playing into that par serving up true-crime tragedies with their populaire series link

Actress link has appeared in not one, but two episodes of this homicidal re-enactment montrer about Friends murdering friends. The most récent titled “Band of Brothers,” finds Christine as a single mother faced with the brutal death of her son.

Of course, Christine has done some other stuff, too. She can be seen on the festival circuit right now in the dark comedy “Jesse’s Girl,” and she’s shooting a recurring role in the satirical web series “Blactually.” Also, before she took up acting, Christine was a member of New York’s famed Joffrey Ballet.

Christine Syron took some time to answer a few questions:

Tell us about your role in “Murder Among Friends”.

CHRISTINE: I was thrilled to work with David Cargill and Mike Mathis production again. Such a great crew and team! I play a single mother faced with the brutal death of her son.

Did toi have any special preparation to get ready for the role?

CHRISTINE: For these types of heartbreaking roles, I need to be personally and fully connected to the story so it becomes my story. I have a responsibility to tell it as truthfully as I can. Imagination is such a powerful tool. Needless to say, a box of tissues is always close par on set!

You’ve appeared in several of these true-crime shows, so are toi naturally attracted to crime-dramas as an actress?

CHRISTINE: Oh I l’amour crime drama shows! So many different power plays among the characters…it's like chess -- who can out play and outsmart the other. I l’amour playing characters that live on either side of the law.

Do the storylines ever surprise you, considering they’re ripped from the headlines?

CHRISTINE: Oh yes!! I mean…these stories are true! lire the script, toi think – no way – someone REALLY did that? Yikes. The age of some the killers is shocking. Just shocking.

You also appear in the dark comedy short “Jesse’s Girl”, what can toi share with us about this?

CHRISTINE: It's hilarious and dark! A bride gives into her doubts at her picture perfect bridal douche and it goes south. Waaaay south! LOL. I loved playing the bride's extremely grumpy cousin Nikki. It was inspiring watching filmmaker Caitlin Norton's vision come to fruition not to mention that working with a female filmmaker makes all of us gals fill with pride. She's got such a great eye for comedy! It was hard to keep a straight face while filming!

Also, tell us about the web series you’re working on.

CHRISTINE: “Blactually” is a satirical look at discrimination in the film industry. It's based on the real life experience of writer/producer James Jones. I play an oblivious politically incorrect film executive. James is an incredible visual writer. I understood the story he wanted to tell immediately. I really loved playing my character Tammy. She just really wants to fit in and be relevant and well… she doesn't go about it the correct way!

And, now just for fun:
Who is your favori actor/actress?

CHRISTINE: Oh that's a tough one because there are so many incredible actors!! Jessica Lange I adore. Love. The work between Sterling K Brown and Ron Cephas Jones in 'this is us' was beyond beautiful. But now mentioning that montrer – I'd have to include the entire cast! So hard! I watch a lot of TV, film and theater – I l’amour watching artists. There is so much talent out there!!!

What role from the past do toi wish toi could've played?

CHRISTINE: I would have loved to have played Anne Sullivan in the Miracle Worker. This woman is so tough and so full of heart. Such an incredible woman. To step in her shoes and see through her lens – that would be something for sure! I loved Anne Bancroft's performance.

Favorite movie ou TV show?

CHRISTINE: “Tootsie”!!! Anyone who knows me well knows that answer! I l’amour this film. As an actor the story itself is relatable. Watching this movie... not one moment is Lost in this film. Every single person is magnificent in this. Everyone. From Dustin Hoffman to the waitress with one line asking for her flounder. No one misses a beat and of course my girl is in it – Jessica Lange!

Tell us one thing that would surprise our readers to learn about you.

CHRISTINE: I was born with a problem with my legs that went undetected par the doctors and if not for the intuition, determination and will par my mother-my life would've been very different since I would not have had full use of my legs. After several years of wearing a brace on both of my legs and physical therapy I was able to walk and then run and then eventually I became a dancer with the Joffrey ballet!!

How can fans keep up with you?

CHRISTINE: My website will be up very shortly but in the meantime please follow me on Twitter link