Teen loup My favori citations per character [Monroe]

Pick one:
"Until I got tired of hiding, tired of being afraid!"
"Then what are we still doing here"
"It'll break all of them"
"We're done here, Nolan go to class"
"Can't tell the FBI exactly what you're investigating?"
"Then why are toi still here?"
"You had him trapped and he got away"
"Okay, I get it"
"What about the rest of his pack?"
"Those who came before us used arrows and crossbows to fight them"
"This is all they had to protect themselves"
"While he has claws that can cut into bone and fangs to tear us apart"
"He's stronger, faster and his ability to heal can only be described as extraordi
"And I decided; It's their turn to be afraid!"
"Their turn to hide!"
"Their turn to RUN!"
"Their turn to be HUNTED!"
 Articuno224 posted il y a plus d’un an
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