Okay, I wanted to make this article dedicated to Kira/Arden Cho. As we all know, Kira/Arden is not coming back to Teen Wolf, this really makes me upset she was already disappearing all the time, to montrer my appreciation here is why I love/loved her:

First of all Kira is a very realistic and relate able character to a lot of people (including myself) She starts off as a very shy character, shy characters are really rare in TV Shows, but in real life 50% of us are like that! I like shy people, I feel like they are easier to talk to, maybe because I am somewhat shy myself xD.

But on to Kira: Kira is so open, she is totally okay with a guy she meets being a Werewolf (Scott). I generally loved her personality, she is far from a copy of Allison, I will never understand people who say that, I think they have very different personalities. I also loved Kira as a Kitsune, it was cool and interesting, but sad that they ended it not long after it was just starting to be explored.

I wish Kira would return sometime in the future, but I will always l’amour her and I wish good luck to Arden Cho! :D

Now I just hope I didn't forget anything xD