Before I watched this montrer I was really critical because of the name "Teen Wolf" to me it sounded so much like "Twilight, TVD" and such things (Which REALLY isn't my taste). But I am SO damn happy that I gave it a chance because this montrer proved me wrong pretty quick. Actually not long after I was already obsessed with the show! And I mean literally... When I first witnessed the montrer I could watch up to Season 4 Episode 9. And after that I had to wait like everyone else. But I watched episodes none-stop, I know it's crazy but I only had breaks when I needed to eat ou toilet.

I actually noticed how a lot of people like me judge this montrer par it's name and therefor don't watch it! They think it's teenage-ish and childish. But they don't know what they are missing. They also don't know how wrong they really are.

Have any of toi guys noticed how much Teen loup deals with pain and suffering? I mean like panic-attacks, Supernatural hurting and things like that.

I mean most TV-Shows have emotional pain where characters lose someone they love. But physical pain suffering and sickness is rarely shown on screen.

Which leads me to the thought that Teen loup is actually pretty grown-up. Because montrer these sorts of things gives a lot of depths to the montrer and it's characters.