toi I find funny that until now no-ones intend out how is Scott repeating Derek's bad luck with women (expect because he's Scott McCall everything "works out" for him ) I mean Scott went after Allison KNOWING her family ipare werewolf freaking hunters he still went after despit Derek warring him not to like a 1000 times and what did it lead to, 1)Allison GOING AFTER HIM S1 (her BOYFRIEND at the time) and derek simply because her aunt planted the idea in her head in few hours Allison has accepted her true destiny as a hunter and went after her own boyfriend that she loves after months and months of being together. 2) Allison again went after inccoent loups garous (Erica,boyde,Isaac,Scott,I even count Derek because he was saving Scott because Scott got himself in to trouble par not taking derek's warring about getting involved with hunters who kill werewolves) and tried to kill them/hurt them severely.

Yet everyone are hard on Derek who got involved with a hunter without his fucking knowledge he did NOT know she was a freaking hunter.

And now Scott with Kira (don't get me wrong I like Kira she'svery cute and I l’amour her skills with the sword) but the FACT still remains that foxes and loups garous do NOT get along but he still yet again reacting the same thing going after girls who are against him and what he is.

Yet people are hard on Derek for Jennifer who again he thought she was a normal human being (she fooled everyone on the montrer I mean) but people are still blaming him and nagging him about it.

And just because Allison was tricked her grandparent doesn't NOT erase the FACT she still a hunter wh went after scoot her own boyfriend NOT ONCE BUT TWICE. Like it doesn't matter that Kira is cute she's still a renard and foxes & loups garous do NOT get along .and these FACTS don't change just because JD made it sweep under the rug and made result not too badly for Scott's sake so if anyone is judging Derek for his bad taste in women they really should start with Scott because see UNLIKE Scott derek did NOT know they were his enemies, Scott did and he STILL went/goes after them.