I used to dislike the idea of Scott becoming an Alpha. It felt like too big a leap, considering he was fairly new as a werewolf and was (and is...) still learning some things. However, now that Scott is the True Alpha, I am enjoying the idea. I think they reeled us in slowly with the idea that, Alpha ou not, Scott was a leader amongst his friends, and even Derek realized that there was a good reason Scott didn't feel the need for a pack ou an Alpha.

However, this season has been killer! Scott not only an Alpha, but a 'True Alpha'. Derek back to a beta. Isaac switching his loyalty (as far as pack) to Scott. The appearances of the twins and then the twist of them being left hanging and wanting to rejoindre Scott's pack......and let's not even get into the stuff going on with Stiles and of course the new character of Kira.

I might be a majority here but I like the idea of the twins becoming part of his pack. Scott originally a dit no and for good reason, but the last few episodes have featured them working alongside Scott and the others. I'm also curious about whether Derek, now a beta, is going to be part of the pack under the True Alpha. All indications say it's very likely, ou at least that he will remain as a friend and mentor, of sorts. He could fill that role easily; he has been a werewolf his entire life and also an Alpha (although not a very successful Alpha). Isaac....well, he's just plain adorable. I reeled a bit at the distance (romantically) between Allison and Scott, and then having Isaac sort of stepping in. But I think it's starting to work. ou maybe I just like this montrer enough that I'm willing to accept almost anything they throw at us?

One thing I would really like though; I think Scott could display his Alpha control a little plus to satisfy those of us who like that kind of thing (wink wink). I LOVED the scene where Scott roared one of the twins down when they were attacking Stiles in the boiler room, and while I realize that we don't want an overload of that kind of thing, it would be nice to see Scott actually using his True Alpha status.

My only real gripe about anything related to Teen loup is that this latest episode (Echo House)...well, I was somewhat disappointed. It just felt like not much happened in comparison to an average episode. It did leave us on a cliffhanger though. There was also an indication that the twins would certainly be joining Scott's pack formally, thereby giving Scott the Alpha strength he needs. This was the scene where Scott was fighting Kincaid for the Silverfinger scroll, and was basically having his but whooped. Kincaid a dit 'You have the eyes of an Alpha, but where is your strength?'. Of course, the shirtless twins were not far behind, and one a dit 'Right here'....and this supports their initial argument to Scott that letting them in his pack would strengthen it and him.

Oh, and also, I really missed Isaac. There was no mention of him, but the last episode left off with him still presumably in the hospital (mysteriously not healing....hmmmm). I'm hoping he will be back par suivant week. I'd like to see his reaction to the twins being plus buddy buddy with Scott, considering that Isaac hates them.