Holland Roden plays Lydia, the bitchy Queen bee of Beacon Hills High School on MTV’s Teen Wolf. Read on for 10 things toi didn't know about the riveting redhead.

1. How does she fill the void post-finale? Holland hasn't missed an episode of Oprah in five years.

2. Does this make her a Boardwalk Empire fan? Holland's favori actor of all time is Michael Shannon.

3. And now it's her job! Holland started jouer la comédie as a hobby.

4. Once she was Lost... Holland had a brief role on Lost portraying a sixteen-year-old Emily Locke (John Locke's mother).

5. She has great taste in movies. Holland's top-five must-see films are Ferris Bueller's jour Off, E.T., As Good as It Gets, Harold and Maude, and Waiting for Guffman.

6. No wonder she always looks good. Holland always carries Laura Mercier pêche, peach mosaïque Shimmer Bloc and an eyelash curler in her purse.

7. She knows clothes. Holland's favori fashion designers are Erdem and Bensimon.

8. She started short... Holland's first on-screen jouer la comédie role was in the 2004 short film Consideration.

9. She believes that everyone deserves to marry — just like us! Holland participated in the NOH8 Campaign to oppose the California ban on same-sex marriage.

10. She went to college in SoCal. Holland started UCLA as a science major, but she switched to Women's Studies partway through.