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Robin & the titans stared in horror as Scarlet took out the sparkling, blue diamond. "Hmm, this is cute... Maybe I'll keep it..." she started saying.
"NO!!! That belongs to the museum." Robin a dit in a strong voice. Scarlet looked up. Everyone gasped. "No, she can't look like...." Cyborg said. Starfire held her hands over her mouth as she said,"Why do toi look like Robin?" Scarlet just started chuckled an evil laugh. "Are toi his like, sister?" asked Beast Boy. "HAHA!! Me? A six thousand an old vampire related to that excuse of a um, boy, I'm guessing?"
"TITANS GO!!!!" yelled Cyborg &...
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posted by PrincessBxtch
 look at that cute couple dont toi feel bad for Cyborg
look at that cute couple dont you feel bad for Cyborg
*Robin yells to the étoile, star fire, Cyborg and Raven*
"Titans Go!"
*Star feu says back*
" But what about our friend Beast Boy ou as cyborg likes to say BB?"
*Robin says back*
"LOOK! étoile, star i dont have time for your stupid silly little dramatic things we have to forget all about Beast Boy for now we have to go get Slade anyways Beast Boy is in the tower what could go wrong?!"
" I guess Robin but still,
* Starfire was cut off*
"Look since toi care about Beast boy plus than catching the evil villain then stay your cul, ass here gosh now every titan except for Starfire GO!"
*every one leaves leaving Starfire alone...
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Robins pov
I woke up and walked down stairs we were all tired of losing these battles beast boy was just slouching on the canapé playing on video games with terra and cyborg, icy was helping starfire sculpt a replica of silkie using her ice powers raven was meditating then starfire turned and a dit "robin we are also tired of the losing to..." Then icy turned and a dit "... Maybe we need new team mates" I a dit "your a genious we'll set it up today ok guys" .... It was around 1:23 when heros and heroines were arriving since we only needed 3 the first one she was silky choclate brown she wore a blsck...
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posted by StragsLover
(In the hospital and raven and robin are waiting for someone to help) Robin: Raven What did he do in there? Raven: He destroyed my leter to myself. Robin: Im sorry. (he axidentaly pushes on ravens leg) Raven: (cries in pain)Robin! Robin: Im sorry!
Nurse: Raven! Dr.S. Is waiting for you! Robin: lets go. Raven: Could toi help? Robin: Sure (Robin carries her like a baby to the Operating Room and lays her down an an operating table) Dr.S.? Dr.S.: Yes I am Ready, Now Raven This will pinch just a little bit (He injects anastetic, a substance that can make toi numb, knock toi out and kill toi par stoping...
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posted by DanixxDumb
You're Enemy. Chapter 1

 The eclipse was fully evolved. The night sky was now filled with darkness, Just how I liked it. 
"Hello, Daniel." My head snapped up and I looked directly at a unknown figure in the dark. The lim-lit alley ways showed a man with a face; but not an actual face. 
 He had half his face shaded in black, and the other a darkish orange. 
"How did toi know my name?" I demanded. He laughed darkly and raised his arms up like an offering. "I know many things about you.. Like you're homeless. You're ablity to paralyze anyone with just one touch of your skin, ou how toi can tak...
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posted by StragsLover
Last time we left our amoureux Robin and Slade had a montrer down and Robin had to get Raven out of there fast, Robin: (still carying Raven) Raven dont leave me!(tears running down his face) Raven: I hurts. Robin: I know. Raven: I can't see you! Robin: No! Raven: My stomach! Robin: Your losing blood fast! (Raven was i white as snow and i mean even whiter than ever!) Raven:(even know she was afraid is this she says it) Robin I l’amour toi (Raven passes out but somehow Robin knew she wasn't dead) Robin: No! (screams at the haut, retour au début of his lungs help) Raven! (he is now straight out crying) Beast Boy: need...
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Last time: Robin and the others gave me a room stay in while I live with them. Cyborg and Beast Boy taught me how to play video games, since my older brothers never let me play. Now Slade has broke into the tower and are fighting Robin, Starfire, Raven, Cyborg, and Beast Boy, so he can get to me.

I kept my distance trying not to get in the way while they fought, and also to stay away from Slade.As they fought I saw something déplacer behind me. I turned around and their were three guys behind me. They had a mask that almost looked like Slade's.
I backed away from them, then turned around and ran...
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posted by starfire421
salut fellow teen titans fans!!!!im creating a new tv montrer that i cant reveal the rendez-vous amoureux, date on when it comes out but...i made a group on fanpop for it!!!its called new kind of hero its aboutthese group of kids who are the teen titans little brothers and sisters(and terras cousion and argents little sister)plz rejoindre if toi want the montrer to go on air!!!

the people in it are.....

dreamfire-starfire's little sis

jay-raven's little sis

changeling-bb's little bro

wing kid-robin's little bro

ta'nesha-cyborg's little sis

midnight-argent's little sis

and liberty-terra's cousion

i hope u like it!!!

p.s.i just created the page theres plus pics articles and vids coming!!!!

p.p.s i take critisisom very well dont be afraid to tell me what toi think!!!

p.p.p.s i also like ideas!!!
posted by speedy106
Kid Flash and Jinx(Aka:Flinx):Kid Flash goes good with Jinx and I think Jinx is cute when she's mad.(thanks to pinkmare, I'm strongly supporting Flinx.)Do toi think kid flash would really call Jinx "Jinxy winxy"?(Answer in comment,please.)
Bumblebee and Cyborg:They're funny together altough they don't montrer any proof they like each other.
*Note:I may do a couple I already told toi cuz I just like talking about them*
Kitten and Fang:Kitten and Fang's relationship is fun to talk about.I personally think Fang is a boy slightly eaten par a spider.(please don't sue me!)They kinda look cute together even though a araign? e, araignée is s’embrasser a girl.
posted by gfdcf
Okay guys this is how to get season 6 of the original Teen Titans (warning this won't automatically makes the original montrer come back and it may no even work) Okay so the original teen titans airs at six am right? then just watch and if toi don't want too just keep your tv on and another thing toi can do is go on twitter ou Facebook somewhere like that and start something like #Bring Back Teen Titan# but thats all I have to say and if toi don't like this well complain about it in the commentaires I guess.
posted by speedy106
I'm going to tell toi about my fav couples.
Speedy and Cheshire: Okay,I'll admit,I really like speedy.(If u r a fan of me,u will find speedy on my club list.) I think they look really cute together.I may draw them together and mettre en ligne it to my gallery.When I'm in a good mood,I think Cheshire is sorta cute.
Aqualad and Raven: I'm also in Aqualad's spot,too.I know most of toi think Raven should be with Beast Boy,but I like this pairing better.
Beast Boy and Terra:I really think these two share true feelings for each other.
Tell me what u think and b4 u know it I will start part two.
posted by ilovevladimir
my name is cassie i prefer dark things and the way i live is very lonely but rewarding ill tell u how my life started...i was born in a different dimension on a different galaxy and on a different plant called zaculight my mother was mortal and my father was a demon i didnt like the government of zaculight(my father was the Lord of Zaculight so i was plus under his control)my mother died before i was born and i was forced to serve Father my father felt discraced par my mortal looks then one jour i had enough of Father's controling behaveior so i ran away at age 5 i wandered the lonely dimensions...
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posted by DanixxDumb
Your Enemy. Chapter 2 
Once I was put into my room; I glanced at a framed picture of  a group of teens. One of them was completely formed into a robot. Then there was another who was covered in Green. 
The other's were normal. One caught my eye, He had jet-black hair and a mask that covered his eyes. 
  I figured out that the framed picture was actually a camera. 
 The masked figure was concentrating on something. While, the others were completely jouer la comédie like children. 
 "Robin... Calm down already will you? We defeated Slade. He's gone." The Human/robot groaned. 
 "We Think...
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"ROBERT! PROTECT SAM!" a woman said. The city was under attack par an alien named Striker. "LIGHTOPIANS! KILL THE GIRL!" Striker yelled. As a Lightopian ship tried to hit the child, Sam, it hit the mother. "LAURA!" yelled the dad.

"MISSED par A MILE, HURRICANE!" a dit a Lightopian named Tornado. "Shut up, will ya?" ssid Hurricane, "I'm tryin' to keep this one quiet!" He had his hand over a quite young light purple Lightopian's mouth.

Striker zoomed toward the father, and picked up the Sam, then killed the father. "You're all mine, orphaned Earth slug!" Striker said. Suddenly, something hit the...
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posted by woowie
Name: Cyote Kid (Sam)
age: 13
Likes: videogames, friends, cyotes, fighting, meat, pie, cucumbers, pickles, MUSIC!
Loves: Beast Boy
Dislikes: enemies
Terrified of: Death
favori food: pizza, red meat
favori drink: soda
favori snack: pistachios, chips
least favori food: Guts if she's eating an animal (only eats if already dead), and carrots in general
fav music: pop and rock
fav song: LOTS!
fav artist ou band: Ke$ha, Green Day, Lady Gaga, Black Eyed Peas...
Other: Cyote Kid is an 11 year-old girl who was bitten par a psycotic alien cyote. She got rabies, but soon startd jouer la comédie strangely. She was then able to turn into a cyote.
We left off last time with Emma and the Titans arriving in the confines of her edifice:

"We must...thank you..." Starfire panted.

"Yes, we are in your debt for your kindness," Robin humbly announced.

With that the door to the outside world was shut and secured.


Dark, dank, and dreary, was the room the six had entered. A faint scent of pine swelled as they shifted further into the cavernous abode. "Dark much...?" Raven squeaked.

Cyborg elbowed her in correction. "Don't be rude!" he squirted out of the side of his mouth.

A match was struck and their host began lighting candles all around...
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Last time: Robin, Raven, Beast Boy, Starfire and Cyborg saved me from Slade. They are letting me stay at there house to keep me sûr, sans danger from Slade. Robin then took me out of the room to talk.

We walked to his room and closed the door. "Kiari,when Slade talked to toi what did he say?" he sounded worried.
"He a dit that I had powers. Powers that could destroy the world. The problem is I don't have powers." I told him.
"Well, toi could have powers, toi just don't know it yet. I'll see if Raven can help toi out with that. She might be able to help toi figure out if toi have a power ou not." he told...
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How to share photos on YouTube with the video format ? toi have to know the following below :
1. Still photos are not supported on YouTube.
2. FLV and MPEG-4 video are supported on YouTube
3. Choose a YouTube video maker to convert photos to FLV Video

How to convert photos to YouTube FLV video ?
1.If toi want to share your photos with others on YouTube, toi may need to convert the still photos to slideshow vidéos in FLV and MPEG-4 format. Many photo slideshow makers are capable of making YouTube slideshow, such as DVD photo Slideshow Professional.
2.With DVD photo Slideshow Pro, toi can make photo...
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posted by RobinFan360
My name is Vita.I have the power of the earth,the plants,the water,and the animals.Whenever a plant is destroyed it hurts me slightly.Mother says it will go away when I learn to control my powers.I hope that jour comes soon and I find my teacher.My mother is none other than mother nature,and my grandmother was nature before her.My grandmother is very evil and has tried to get me to rejoindre her.But my mother has raised me well and sent me to earth with her l’amour and protection with me to find my teacher.I have made some wonderful Friends called the Teen Titans,who will help me find my teacher.I met...
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