Taylor and I walked in the house from dîner and I just sighed sitting on the couch; he sat suivant to me pulling me on his lap which was the first intimate moment in weeks. I played with the thread of my shirt; Taylor cupped my chin so I am looking in his eyes.

Why didn't toi tell me he asked?

toi hate me so I just didn't I said.

Wait I don't hate toi Taylor said.

Yes toi do no kissing, touching ou no nothing I just felt unloved I a dit shrugging my shoulders.

toi didn't tell me that are toi and the baby OK I mean how long have toi known he asked?

Three weeks promise I'm six weeks now I explained.

Taylor leaned in close to my lips; but turned s’embrasser my cheek.

That's for not telling me I can't lose toi Jayeln ou our baby suivant time please tell me how toi feel so I can fix it Taylor a dit stroking my hand.

toi can't fix my insecurities as I grow into a baleine ou my growing hormones that would mainly be aimed at you. Here is your way out go and you'll never see me again I a dit tears swelling my eyes.

OK first off geai, jay stop watching Teen Mom and seconde I don't care about your weight toi will always be beautiful to me because toi are carrying my child inside you. As for the hormones bring em because I know toi don't mean anything par it. Third I'm not going anywhere OK after staying with me this long I know you're a keeper Taylor a dit wiping my tears.

I l’amour toi I a dit pressing my lips against his; Taylor turned us so I'm straddling him when my phone buzzed on the table. I reached for it not breaking the Kiss when Taylor's hand grazed my mocha colored hips making me jerk a little; hello I a dit in the phone.

It's Dr. Malcolm she said.

Oh yes Dr. Malcolm is everything OK I asked?

Yes the baby is fine your first ultrasound appointment is in two days on March thirtieth at nine can toi make it she asked?

Yes thank toi I a dit and hung up.

So was that the baby doctor Taylor asked?

toi sounded like my five an old nephew but yes my appointment is in two days at nine and the correct term is Obstetrician I said.

That's a big word I like baby doctor Taylor said.

I just laughed before s’embrasser him again this time no interruptions.