I walked in the house I share with Taylor from work he is nowhere around; I threw my bag on the canapé then ran down the hall to empty my stomach. I am six weeks pregnant but Taylor doesn't know; the pass few weeks we have been distant, stop eating together, argue plus and sleep far apart. The last time we made l’amour was four weeks ago; I just went upstairs to douche enjoying the warm water sliding down on my fatigue body. I finished my douche wrapping a towel around my body while drying my hair with the other; I sit on the lit putting on baby oil before walking over pulling on pomme bottom skinny jeans, a black YMCMB tank haut, retour au début and black leather boots walking downstairs.

I sat on the counter eating mandarin oranges with cottage cheese when Taylor walked in; salut I said. He just gave me a half smile grabbing a water bottle; toi want to go out to dîner with Demi and Niall I asked? Whatever toi want he a dit heading upstairs; I sighed hopping off this is how it goes. Oh my gosh geai, jay can toi cut the water off suivant time he yelled down to me; I'm sorry it wasn't that much I yelled back. I have to pay for it because the income toi make from dancing is lower he yelled back; tears fell down my cheeks and I just went in the living room on the canapé going to sleep.

Taylor's P.O.V
I walked downstairs seeing geai, jay asleep on the couch; come on get up I a dit shaking her. Five secondes later she almost broke my arm as she ran pass me to the bathroom; I heard her puking she has been sink the past two weeks. After she finished we drove to Nessie's(ironic) seeing Demi and Niall; geai, jay sat suivant to me but we don't talk ou kiss.

Niall how is the band geai, jay asked; great oh Louis a dit toi oh Kevin five dollars Niall said. I laughed handing him a five; thanks he said. I kept checking my phone texting Ashley and Rob; so when is the wedding Demi asked? We don't know I a dit looking to see geai, jay twisting her engagement ring; after ordering geai, jay is picking around her salad. toi OK Niall asked; yeah just not feeling good my stomach is jouer la comédie up she said. par the way her name is Jayeln Lauren morgan my fiancée; I want Nando's Niall announced making everyone laugh.

We have been here for two hours when geai, jay starts moving around in her chair; stop fussing I whispered in her ear. Whatever she said; geai, jay are toi OK is the baby giving toi back problems Demi asked? I looked at her my eyes wide; she looked at geai, jay then me. I'm sorry it slipped she said; oh gosh I feel sick geai, jay a dit running to the bathroom followed par Demi. What the hell just happened I asked Niall; beats me want to go to Nando's I'm hungry he said. I gave him the "really" look; he just turned his head looking all innocent.