For the first time in agess i saw Jacob i closed my eyes not thinking of him I l’amour Edward not Jacob he walked to me and said"Hey Bella!" i replied with giult in my eyes "Hello Jacob how are you?" when i opened my eyes he was over at the mur making out with Bella Hanzly the new kid i ran as fast as i could to my truck i tripped over alot but i made it and sitting in the cab was Edward his bronz hair
shining i climbed in and siad to him "I'm going accueil are toi coming?" he just a dit "sure" not whats wrong ou why just sure i a dit are toi realy Edward he didn't speak so i drove off......

I a dit my good-byes to Esme and Alice before going past Bella's house and in her drive way was her truck wasn't she at school?So i knocked on the door and Bella answered she said"Hey why are toi out here toi where just lying on my lit i was making myself a sandwich"Was she crazy ou what i wasn't in her room on her lit i was just at accueil saying goodbye to Esme and Alice..........

plus chapters coming soon!!!!sorry for mistakes!!