I was pacing in the warm sand of Wylow beach, my stomach lurched over and over as I paced. The green palm fronds of a palm arbre were shading me as I paced, the sand oozing in the cracks of my wedges. He's coming. I thought as I gently yanked off the silky petal of the blue tulipe, tulip I was holding.

He's coming not.

He's coming.

He's coming not.

He's coming....

Lurching once more, I glanced down at the last petal on the flower. He's coming...not. Sadly, I pulled off the last petal and watched as it slowly fluttered down to the ground on the back of the wind. Sighing, I checked my phone. I had no missed calls, no new text messages (from him anyway) and he was half of a heure late. I shook my head. I told him. I said, Taylor, this is too crazy and it's too soon. Especially with what happened to Leigha. I swallowed hard remembering the inner conflict that had bore its ugly head with my brothers this morning. I shook my head. Lex, don't think about that! I commanded.

"Alexie." he a dit from behind me.

Instantly, I dropped the stem and spun around. There he was standing behind me, near the water in a pair of jeans and a plain white t-shirt. Involuntarily, my lips tipped up into a smile. "You came." I sighed as my cœur, coeur swooned. I didn't even realize what I was doing until I was already running to him, throwing my arms around his neck and kissed him. Which managed to knock both of us down and into the water in the process.

Oh, crap! Blushing, I pulled away wondering how we had managed to land in the exact position we were last night after all I did to make sure that it wouldn't exactly happen again. "Sorry." I blushed as a wave of water slammed into us. "That was uncalled for."

Grinning, he grabbed me par the waist and rolled us over so that he was on top. "Don't worry, Alexie," smirked Taylor. "I don't mind."

My cheeks burned, especially when he bent down and kissed me again, turning my legs to puddles of mush but quickly I pulled away and shook my head. "We should go some place less..." I paused and tried to think of the right way to phrase it. ""

Groaning, Taylor got up before he stopped and scruntized my drenched clothing sticking to my body with a look on his face that a dit he wanted to eat me alive. I turned red again and held out my hand so that he could help me up.

"You're right," he agreed as he pulled me up. "Let's move."

After he helped me up, he started moving down the beach, shaking his head as he tried to get the water off himself. "Tell me about yourself."

"Ummm, okay." Pausing, I tried to think. "Well, I turned 17 last night." I rolled my eyes and corrected myself. "Or as Nick says, at 3:32 P.M. Eastern Time. What about you?"
"I'm 21," he answered.

My eyes widened slightly. "Oh, wow." I muttered. He was at least four years older then me. Grinning, I remembered something Nick's ex-girlfriend back in New Jersey once said.

"What's so funny?" Taylor wanted to know, sounding genuinely interested.

I shrugged. "I don't know. My friend once a dit that any guy who knowing dates younger girls, does so because he can't get anyone his own age to look at him."

Taylor threw his head back and roared with laughter. "I don't think that concept applies here in our world." He smirked.

I nodded, because he was right. How else would toi be able to justify Leonardo DeCaprio dating Blake Lively when she was around ten years old when he was in Titanic. I sighed wistfully; talk about lucky.

"What else?" I questioned out loud. "Umm, I'm model-"

"A model?" he demanded loudly, stopping and blocking my path with one eyebrow raised as he eyed me up and down.

Sighing, I rolled my eyes. "Oh, Taylor, don't be a cliche. Not that kind of model! Why is that that all guys react like that when a girl says that they're a model?"

Smirking, he winked at me. "It's a fantasy."

Oh my God....

I turned red and I hurried I pushed forward. "Umm, anyway, I'm a junior at the Galaxy School."

Narrowing his eyes and with a clench of his jaw, he responded. "Ah, yes...the Galaxy school."

I eyed him out of the corner of my eye as he walked. "And par your reaction I'm going to just assume that toi went to the Starlight school?"

Taylor nodded. "Went and graduated five years ago."

Biting my lip, I nodded awkwardly. "Well, that's umm...nice?" My eyes darted around the plage perimeter as I checked for looker-ons. Wylow plage was a hidden stretch of sand hidden in the inner cillo of celebrity Hollywood. Not to mention it was a well-hid secret for those who wanted to go to the plage without having to deal with the hassle of body guards, fans and the paps.

All the sudden my phone vibrated. I pulled it out of my still dripping pocket (thank GOD its waterproof) and checked it.

From: Kevi-Kev
We have a Family Luncheon in 30 minutes.

My eyes widened. "Crud!"

Twin, tell me we don't have a FLD today

Slowly, he answered as if I was dumb.

Crud in deed.