Chapter 2: Mission

As Zell raced past the man on security near the front gates the wind ruffled his short hair. Garden was quite large for the amount of students it could hold, after the events from two years ago--when Zell and the group came face to face with Ultimecia--the Garden had changed quite alot; it had been moved back to Balamb, and the news about Ultimecia had spread across the towns and now plus students were enrolling to become a SeeD--although they were just used for smaller jobs now, as there wasnt any use for them otherwise--now two years later it looked brand new. The paint work had to be redone and new furniture had to be placed in the rooms, but all the students seemed happy about it.

"There toi are," the same familiar voice broke Zell's concentration as he reached the area just after the front gates.
"Late again?" another voice asked--this one was alot deeper than the other voice; serious too. Zell's light blue eye's scanned the five figures in the area where the voice's came from.

"Sorry guys, toi know how it is," Zell spoke coolly trying to persuade the others to understand. He ran his left hand along his gant on his right hand and beared a smile which showed his white teeth.
"No we don't know how it is Zell, your always late!" the voice spoke. Zell's mind wandered to a thought.
"Sheesh, what's her problem"

"Ahh, C'mon Selphie, your being a little harsh, don't toi think?" the voice was Irvine's, anyone could tell par the way he spoke, especially to Selphie. Selphie's eyes gleamed at Irvine as his voice gently took her par suprise.
"Fine, but toi can wake him u suivant time," she took her index finger and slightly prodded Irvine's protruding nose with it, while dazzling him with her smile.
Zell sighed with relief of Irvine saving his cul, ass once more--his hand's slid down in to his pockets on his trousers and let his eye's wander round the group.

Closest to him was Selphie and Irvine.
ill together after two years...that's long"l thought as he looked at their likeness in appearance--both having light brown hair--for once Irvine wasn't wearing his hat--due to the mission they had today.
His eye's moved to the suivant person which was Quistis smiling awkwardly and looking as if to be jour dreaming. Probably about the mission" he thought to himself after seeing that and watched as Quistis's pale blue eyes scanned to the other couple suivant to her. Zell's eyes followed--it was Rinoa and Squall that had caught her attention.
Rinoa was fiddling with the ring on her collier and Squall's alerted eyes were staring straight at Zell, which caught his attention. They were all dressed in the same SeeD uniform--although with Rinoa and Irvine not being students at Balamb they got asked to rejoindre the others in being a SeeD after the incident two years ago.

"Well, are we ready now?" Squall's voice was the deeper one that Zell had heard earlier. Zell watched as Squall moved vers l'avant, vers l’avant to them all. Rinoa smiled as Squall moved making her follow carefully.
"Timber has been having a lot of problems recently, with a loup infestation. They want us to rid them of the loups and find the cause of the problem," Squall spoke calmly--his voice was somewhat like a leaders should be.
"Timber? I thought they had guard's to rid them of any problems like this" Quistis's voice spoke which made everyone turn to look at her.
"I heard the guards have disappeared, Zone was telling me." Rinoa's voice carried the conversation further.
"Well, i think this will be a piece of cake for us" Zell boasted as he slapped his knuckles together as if he was ready for a fight. Squall laughed at Zell's little scene.
"Yes, the guards have disappeared, but whatever the cause is, we still need to be on guard," Squall finished the discussion. The group nodded in response to Squall's words.
"We'll be taking the train?" Selphie asked in anticipation to hear the response.
"How else would we get there?" Squall smiled in response knowing that Selphie loved to ride the trains. Zell shifted his weight from his right leg to his left as the others talked and started to walk to the far end gate of the Garden and followed them slowly walking suivant to Quistis.
"Wonder what is causing the loups to appear, must be something to do with the guards going missing as well," his thoughts wondered through memories of his last trip to Timber. He hadn't noticed anything suspicious; it had only been three weeks il y a too.

The sun caught Zell's attention as it blinded him a little. Selphie broke the suns rays par standing in front of him--her back was facing his direction--her brown turned up bangs were swaying in the shallow breeze.
"We're taking the car to Balamb, wont take as long then." Quistis's rosy rose lips spoke and her right hand hovered pointing at a nearby green and yellow car.
"I'm driving!" Zell's outburst cause the whole group to stare at him.
"What? I only passed the other day, give me a break," his lips pursed in to a wide open grin as he took a breath of air. He moved his legs towards Quistis and snatched the silver key--which was shimmering in the sun--from her hand. He immediately jumped on the spot and started playfully jogging to the car.
"Yes! my first time to drive this baby!" he thought.

"Don't get too excited now Zell, toi look like your about to combust" Quistis spoke laughing now with her right hand placed over her lips and the other arm supporting the weight of her right elbow.
"That wouldn't be a loss" Irvine snickered under his breath.
"I heard that!" Zell protested strengthening his vocal chords as he shouted a little. He put his left hand under the door handle and pulled it towards himself, letting the door open--nearly hitting Irvine as he walked par and got in to the back siège of the car. He slid his weight in to the drivers siège and rotated his torso to make himself comfortable--closing the door behind him. He waited for everyone to get in the car, they were all huddled on the two rows of seats--one on the left and one on the right, it was a good thing the car would fit plus than six people in. He motioned his hands on every mirror so he could see and started the car. Zells hand moved the gear stick as he pushed it in to first gear, while he lifted the clutch up to bite point and put a little bit of gas on. Zells eyes manouvred around the mirrors and the released the handbrake making Zell slowly drive off.
"See toi were all afraid i might crash" Zell chuckled turning his head sideways to see Squall who was sat in the passenger seat.
"Sheesh, toi guys are worse than my mum," he continued laughing as he turned his head back to watch the road.