Supernatural *Update* If there was one thing that toi could change in the series, what would it be? (as of 4x10)

Pick one:
Ben is actually Dean's son
Agent Henrikson doesn't die
Ruby isn't expelled from her body and sent to hell
The boys save Bela
Dean and Jo hook up
John doesn't die
Sam saves Dean at the end of Season 3
Dean and Bela hook up
Sam doesn't die and Dean doesn't sell his soul
Madison doesn't die
Sam and Bela hook up
Angels/God are never introduced to the montrer
Sam never uses his powers
Dean never tortures fallen souls in hell
Dean and Anna never hook up
Sam and Ruby never hook up
Samuel and Deanna never die
Mary doesn't make a deal with YED
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 fanfly posted il y a plus d’un an
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