Supernatural 30 Days Of Supernatural Women

Zalax posted on Feb 12, 2012 at 12:02PM
Found this on tumblr :)

1. Favourite female character who’s been in more than one episode
2. Favourite one-off character
3. Favourite human character
4. Favourite non-human character
5. Favourite ally character
6. Favourite antagonist
7. Favourite older character
8. Favourite mother character
9. Favourite character introduction scene
10. Favourite character arc
11. Character with the best dialogue lines and/or favourite quote by a female character
12. The most badass fighter character
13. The most badass non-fighter character
14. Character who deserves their own spin-off
15. Character you wish were still alive
16. Character you most want to reappear
17. Character with most wasted potential
18. Character the most screwed over by the writers
19. Character you most relate to
20. Character you aspire to be like
21. Favourite femslash ship
22. Favourite het ship
23. Favourite canon friendship/family relationship
24. The friendship/family relationship the show dropped the ball on
25. Two characters you wish had met
26. Non-romantic relationship you wish had been explored
27. Your headcanon friend ship?
28. Favourite episode that majorly features a female character
29. Favourite female character-centric fanfic
30. Free choice

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