Super Junior's leader, Leeteuk, has put one word on his minihompy that has caused people to think it was about Kangin regarding the récent DUI accident.

On the 18th, Leeteuk posté in the diary of his minihompy, "...Idiot..." He also wrote on the main page, "Longing. That describes my emotions today. I will pray."

Because Leeteuk is the leader of the group, Leeteuk must feel partly responsible and embarrassed of what has happened. fans have been saying this is aimed at Kangin.

It is pretty obvious that he is speaking about Kangin since these posts were made after the accident. Leeteuk must be feeling many emotions as well. But I don't think he a dit "idiot" because he was angry. I think it was because he feels bad that Kangin has to go through another dramatic situation so soon.

fans replied to Leeteuk saying, "Let's be strong in this situation," "I'm sorry. We will protect Super Junior," "We will protect Kangin."

All the members must have mixed feelings of disappointment and sympathy.