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Super Junior Question

salut ^^ i want to know how i can send gift to Kim Ryeo-wook at his ( KTR SUKIRA ) montrer ??

i tried before to send him fleur and i couldn't the manger refused it and i don't know why ?? I'm really sad because I know fan girl she sent him a bouquet and was accepted !!
so what to do ? any ideas i tried a lot of time i won't give up never never give up MDR anyway I've thought on another way
and i think i must know some staff name who works at sukira i thought about the name of the writer who is working with wookie it's right ?? but how i will know her name :( this hard plz can toi help me to know her info and contact with her so she can give him my Lost fleur MDR thank toi ^^
 cuttiMin posted il y a plus d’un an
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