Stuffed animaux are quite adorable and populaire among children, at the same time, the hygiene is a problem that we cannot ignore. However, the biggest change is how to clean them correctly. Without the proper cl methods, we cannot clean them and what’s worse, we may break them. Then how to clean them correctly, we recommend toi some methods.

A. Dry-cleaning course
What to prepare: salt and plastic bags
How: 1.Put the course salt and dirty stuffed animaux together in a plastic bag and tie it up.
2.Shaking the bag heavily to make the salt and toys contact completely.
3.Take stuffed toys out and toi can see the salt is already dark.

B. Hand washing
What to prepare: Detergent, water, small stuffed toys
How: 1.Resolve detergent to water and gently rub the dirty part.
2.Use soft sponge soaked in detergent to brush the surface, then clean water to wash.

C. Machine washing
What to prepare: Washer, detergent, adhesive tape
How: 1.Tape the easily tearing part and put them into the washing machine
2.Choose the soft washing
3.Dry them par spinning and hang in shades; Pat them occasionally to make stuffing soft and loose.

Plus: There are seams in bigger stuffed animaux and we can take stuffing out to wash the manteau in machine. After drying, the coasts can be stuffed and sewn again. For those part difficult to dry, blow them par an air blower.