Speaking of stuffed animals, what will rush to your mind? chaussette monkeys, Steiff teddy bear, Tickle Me Elmo,Beanie bébés and so on which are so cute and warm that we couldn't l’amour them more. Not only me but also my Friends are always loving the sweet companion of plush toys.
Actually, most stuffed animaux were invented to be a toy for small children, but now they have conquered folks of all ages! Both kids and old people want the companion-sometimes they can talk to, take care of and love.Some parents are quite busy for work and the toys are considered as ideal companion to children, thus many children have their plush toys at small ages.
Unsimilar to pets, stuffed toys are plus easy to play and talk with. They are not real, toi don't need to worry about the hygiene and safety. Many children would l’amour to hug them to sleep rather than a dirty pet. With a stuffed toy, toi will never feel lonely even if toi are alone. So for people who expect companion, getting rid of the stuffed animaux is impossible.