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TeamPeeta649 posted on Jun 03, 2011 at 10:06PM
This is just for me so I can remember the people whose cats I'm taking off cause they aren't on hardly ever and for cats with no one asigned to them.

Gooseflight(alwaysright)-gray tabby tom with blue eyes

Larchrobin(Tuktu)- light brown she-cat with amber eyes
Blizzardsnow(-Foxfang)- black tom with white speacks and orange eyes
Raindropplet()-silver tortoiseshell she-cat with amber eyes
Dawnsky(rustyfireheart)- Light gray she-cat with darker tipped fur and
blue eyes
Rosethorn(rustyfireheart)- Light black she-cat with reddish- purple eyes
Scarletrose (darkangel)-beautiful red she wit bright green eyes
Voleburrow-(-Foxfang-) a white tom with brown blotches and has fiery blue eyes
Flameheart(hellomia)-a orange she cat with green eyes
Riverflow(std-allstate)- a brown tabby she-cat with green eyes
Coalsmudge(?)-a black and gray tom with ice blue eyes
Grizzleclaw(Lilyfang123)-fuzzy tom clumps of hair and yellow eyes
Cloudheart(-Foxfang)-an albino she-cat with scarlet eyes and a fluffy white pelt. Oddly different then her parents
Sliverclaw(CyndersSister)- a she-cat with a beautiful silver coat and blue eyes, with darker splotches on her face
Stormblaze(Tuktu)- a small black tom with white paws and light green eyes
Fernstep(Edwin3)- orange she-cat with green eyes
Threshclaw{Razorfang55555}-bright colored badger pelt
Wolffang(hellomia)-a tan tom with blue eyes
Pantherpelt(hellomia)-a dark black she cat with yellow eyes
Leafbreeze(Fawnstep)-calico she-cat with Amber eyes
Silversnow(pongo4747) silver tabby she-cat
Redfang(Blackfeather8)-orange firey pelt with forest green eyes
Rabbitflight(RokioLeisu)-big gray and white tom with large ears and blue eyes
Gerbilfoot(AkioLeisu)-very small (nearly kit sized) calico tom with large whiskers, ears, feet, and a long tail, amber eyes
Smashface(AdriaLeisu)-white she-cat with broad shoulders and head, green eyes
Fiercefrost(DuskCrow100)-Dark brown tabby tom cat with peirceing blue eyes, some cats say they can see stars shinning in his eyes
Soulclaw(Poppyleaf10)-white she-cat with blue eyes
Mudsting(Edwin3)-dark brown tom with stark green eyes
Nighthoot(cariea1)-black she-cat with ice blue eyes(cant hear or speak)
Spruceshine(Edwin3)- tortoiseshell she-cat with tabby splotches and white accents and dark olive green eyes
Orangepelt(carea1)-orange tom with honey gold eyes
Shadowfur(Foxkit8888)- a black tom with green eyes
Sparrowfeather(gagababe)- golden brown she-cat with amber eyes
Archclaw(twentethre)- a brown tabby tom with amber eyes
Rubyheart(pennypatch321)- a black and gray she-cat with ice blue eyes
Moongaze(brightclaw)-a silver gray she-cat
Drytooth(twentethre)- dark brown tom with amber eyes
Thrushfang(ferretandsilt)- brown tom with bright green eyes
Twitchstep(twentethre)- black and white tom with blue eyes
Wolfhowl(twentethre)- brown tom with green eyes
Flowerstem(twentethre)- brown she-cat with green eyes
Stainwhisker(twentethre)- gray blotched tom with light blue eyes
Archclaw(twentethre)- brown tom with amber eyes
Windbreeze(jbinthehouse)- a silver she-kit with green eyes
Pointyfur(gagababe10)- a tortiseshell she-cat with amber eyes
Cedartree(gagababe101)- dark gray tom with amber eyes
Tawnyfoot(Tuktu)- dark tortoiseshell she-cat with blue eyes
Vixentail(primlily17)- brown creamy she-cat with amber eyes and a fluffy tail
Moonracer(Fairstepshaven)-a pretty, sleek ghostly white she-cat with ghost-purple eyes
Windcharger(Fairstepshaven)-a lithe white tom with black chest, underbelly and toes, yellow eyes
Cloudraker(Fairstepshaven)-a sleek furred white tom with cloudy blue eyes
Brindlesnap(Pennypatch321)-light gray she-cat
Molefur(ferretandsil)-dark brown tom
Skyfurry(ferretandsilt)-gray tom
Oddclaw(brightclaw)-flame color fur tom with green-yellow eyes
Crowwhisker(DuskCrow100)-black tom cat with amber eyes
Dampthorn(guillaume19)-black tom wth gray sploches and a light sploch round his right eye and has really lght blue eyes
Sagewhisper(Flowergirl)-white with 1 gray patch over her right eye and has lite lite blue eyes
Dreamcloud(splendidgal13)-golden tabby she-cat with amber eyes
Beechtail(loveanddummer)- brown tabby tom with amber eyes
Fawnfeather(loveanddummer)- light brown she-cat with icy blue eyes
Spiderfang(loveanddumber)- black tom with brown underbelly and amber eyes
Jaybird(Primlily17)-long haired grey tom with stark grey eyes
Streamtail(Guillaume19)-long-haired silver she-cat with unusual green eyes
Quickfeather(Guillaume19)-brown tabby tom with amber eyes
Rosepetal(Guillaume19)-golden she-cat with bright eyes
Wrentalon(splendidgal13)-bright red she-cat with blue eyes
Rainstorm(WarriorsCats)-beautiful gray and white silky furred she cat with turqiose eyes
Snowfall(PeetaPower321)-white tom with green eyes
Fluffpelt(jbinthehouse)-fluffy light brown she-cat with pale blue eyes
Applefrost(Puffedwarrior)-reddish she-cat with crystal blue eyes
Poppypowder(EleanorSeville)-dark brown tom with a green and a blue eye
Bramblethorn(fynnster)-strong dark tabby tom with amber eyes
Sedgetail(fynnster)-tan and brown calico she-cat with light green eyes
Oatpatch(fynnster)-brown tabby tom with a dark underbelly, amber eyes
Specklepelt(splendidgal13)-speckled tortishell she with bright green eyes
Tanfur(fynnster)-tan tabby tom with dark brown eyes
Coralstep(Sliverblaze206)-gray and white she-cat with purple eyes
Slushfoot(Fynnster)-brown tom with white underbelly, brown eyes
Graystreak(Sliverblaze206)-gray she-cat with amber eyes
Gingerstripe(bluestars14)-pretty ginger and pale orange tabby she cat with pale green eyes
Fleuvepelt(surethyspeak)-mottled brown tom with amber eyes and long whiskers
Cielheart(surethyspeak)-pretty gray tabby she-cat with sky blue eyes
Pluieflower(?)-dark gray she-cat with dark blue eyes
Laceye(smartone123)-light gray she-cat with pretty golden eyes
Lynxspot(Puffedwarrior)-golden she-cat with a fluffy face and long black ears, short tail, and black spots with amber eyes
Purpleblossom(flowergirl19)-pretty toirtoiseshell she-cat with purple eyes
Stemsway(flowergirl19)-tiny brown she-cat with green eyes
Scillashadow(alwaysright)-dark brown tabby tom with light green eyes
Briarcloud(TalaLesiu2)-small fluffy brown she-cat
Weaselscuffle(TalaLeisu2)-light brown tom with white paches and amber eyes
Shinespirit(TalaLeisu2)-black tabby she-cat with amber eyes
Poppypelt(TalaLeisu2)-brown tortoiseshell she-cat with golden amber eyes
Crowswoop(TalaLeisu2)-black she-cat with green eyes
Hollypool(TalaLeisu2)-black she-cat with light blue eyes
Beigestorm(TalaLeisu2)-dark tom with white paws and green eyes
Whiteriver(TalaLeisu2)-white tom with blue eyes
Aloeleaf(TalaLeisu2)-light grayish/greenish she-cat with blue/green eyes
Raventalon(TalaLeisu2)-orange tabby she-cat with green eyes
Flamespark(Ninano1998)-dark orange she-cat with black stripes, light ginger paws, underbelly and redish tail
Nettleprick(Ninano1998)-small pretty brown she-cat with a tabby tail and patches of white
Featherdrift(Ninano1998)-sliver-blue she-cat with bright pink eyes, bright grey paws and stripped tail, almost bright blue ears, and her pelt looks a bit like feathers
Stonestep(Ninano1998)-grey tom with darker stripes and a white ear
Sweetpetal(TalaLeisu2)-black she-cat with amber eyes
Desertwind(Skystorm101)-tan she-cat with black tip tail and ears,with flecks of brown on her back,with brown paws and emerald green eyes

Spiderpaw()- black tom with brown underbelly and brown eyes
Snowpaw(PeetaPowwe321)-fluffy white tom with ice blue eyes
Minnowpaw()- a silver she-kit with slightly darker speckles over her pelt, has amber eyes. Twin of Brushkit
Brushpaw(-Foxfang-)- a darker silver tom who has black specks on his pelt, and dark brown eyes. Twin of Minnowkit
Shellpaw(gagababe101)-a blue-gray she-cat with blue eyes
Silverpaw(cariea1)-white silver she ice blue eyes
Pepperpaw(cariea1)-red she green eyes
Leafpaw(gagababe101)- dark brown she-cat with amber eyes
Treepaw(Tuktu)- brown tabby tom with distinctive green eyes
Ravenpaw(Pennypatch321/Moonshine321)- orange tabby she-cat with green eyes
Vanillapaw(Fairstepshaven)- creamy she-cat with white toes and dark amber eyes
Irispaw(PeetaPower321)- black she-cat with yellow eyes
Foxpaw(?)- a red and white ton with blue
Rockpaw(fynnster)-dark tabby tom with amber eyes
Netherpaw(bluestars14)-black tom with green eyes
Tricklepaw(bluestars14)-pretty smokey silver and gray she cat with dark blue eyes and black spots
Silentpaw(SimplyChurro)-small black tom with bright yellow eyes and a greay underbelly
Flashpaw(surethyspeak)-dark tortishell tom with green eyes
Pepperpaw(alwaysright)-gray shecat with blue eyes
Jaypaw(Ninano1998)-black she-cat with fluffy fur and silver patchs
Lightpaw(Ninano1998)-yellow tom with white spotes and a black paw
Wingpaw(Ninano1998)-white tom with black tabby stripes
Jadepaw(Ninano1998)-grey tabby she cat with white paws
Hailpaw(TalaLeisu2)-white tom with light grey patches and green eyes
Duskpaw(alwaysright)-light grey tom with white stripes and paws and amber eyes

Secretkit()-white tom blue eyes
Stormkit()-gray she green eyes
Lightkit()- a creamy dark shade of brown with green eyes she~cat
Beekit()- a black tom with creamy white stripes with blue eyes
Happykit()-a silver gray she-cat with forset eyes
Butterflykit()- a blue and white she-cat with orange eyes
Ravenkit()- orange tabby she-cat with white stripes, green eyes
Firekit()- orange tabby tom with white stripes, green eyes
Sprucekit()- black and white she-cat with amber eyes
Sootkit()- gray tom with blue eyes
Duskkit(alwaysright)-light grey tom with white stripes and paws and amber eyes
Rushkit(alwaysright)-gray tabby tom with amber eyes
Mistykit(Silverblaze206)-gray tabby she-cat with blue eyes
Bellkit(Puffedwarrior)-fluffy black she-cat with dark blue eyes
Moonkit(Buddy8fnj)-gray tom with gray eyes and a white stomach
Breezekit(legendsfc)-small blue tinted shecat with yellow eyes
Sighkit(TalaLeisu2)-golden tortoiseshell tom with blue eyes
Yewkit(TalaLesiu2)-brown tabby she-cat with blue eyes

Cherrystorm(-Foxfang-)-dark tortoiseshell she-cat with dark amber eyes
Falconcatcher(brightclaw)-dark brown tom with dark amber eyes
Nightfright(lovejr08)-black she-cat with pale blue eyes
Hawkbelly(johnwayne)-silver-blue tom with icy blue eyes and long claws
Hawktail(salamence42)-amber tom with ocean blue eyes
Smokecloud(-Foxfang-)-grey tom with light grey spots
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il y a plus d’un an splendidgal13 said…
loveanddumber and I do too comment! Just because we don't get on every day doesn't mean we don't get on!! >:(
il y a plus d’un an TeamPeeta649 said…
Sorry! God, I accidently put one of yours up there! No need to get so worked up. Holy shit.
il y a plus d’un an TalaLeisu2 said…
haha I think she was kidding(: -Tala
il y a plus d’un an loveanddumber said…
il y a plus d’un an TeamPeeta649 said…
Didn't seem like it, Carrie. And Morgan I move yours back. But thank you for not feeling the need to "act" pissed.
last edited il y a plus d’un an
il y a plus d’un an splendidgal13 said…
haha I'm not PISSED I MEANT to put a laughing face there! -Jennifer
il y a plus d’un an loveanddumber said…
:| -Morgan
il y a plus d’un an cariea1 said…
Hey sorry I'm not on bit I'm wooing to get my drivers liscense and I have a job so if I do come on dnt get mad
il y a plus d’un an TeamPeeta649 said…
It's okay.
il y a plus d’un an cariea1 said…