Stormclan Journey for the six clan chats

brownstar posted on Aug 26, 2010 at 11:05PM
this is where the following cats take a journey to meet with the starclan leader known as Flamestrike. If i don't say the name of your cat please do not comment i have gotten tired of people coming in when they are not involved. Darkblaze of stormclan. Blackpetal, bluefrost, and shadowpaw of shellclan. Tanglepaw of grassclan. Darkfire of crystalclan. the rest of you please stay out of it. and also the following starclan cats will be in it:Petalfeather of stormclan, Whitefang of heartclan, Flashstep of grassclan, Burningears and Brownfur of crystalclan. let the journey begin

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