Stormclan The newest Warriors! Sandpelt and Bluepelt!

Moonstorm100 posted on Jul 26, 2010 at 06:46AM
I walk out of my den on a warm, blue-skyed morning. The birds were singing, the green leaves on the trees were rustling, and the wind seemed to be whsipering a thousand words.
I looked around the camp and noticed most of the clan were sharing tounges early. Perfect, I thought as I jumped on the highrock and called the clan together; "Let all cats old enough to catch there own prey, join beneath the highrock for a clan meeting!"
I waited for the clan to settle, "Steamfur, Tanglescar, do you both agree that your apprentaces are ready to become warriors?" I asked.
Steamfur nodded his approval, while Tanglescar dipped his head respectfully. I noticed out of the side of my eyes, Jayshivers dash over to Bluepaw and begine giving her licks of reasurance. I then waited for Sandpaw and Bluepaw to step up, before speaking.
"Bluepaw, Sandpaw do you both promise to uphold the warrior code, to protect and defend this clan with your life?" I asked.
"I do!" Bluepaw yowled excitedly.
"I do" Sandpaw agreed, I wondered if she was thinking of her sister Lichenpaw who now walked in StarClan."
"Then in the sight of StarClan, I give you both your warrior names! Bluepaw, from this moment on you will be called Bluepelt, while Sandpaw, from now on you will be known as Sandpelt! StarClan welcomes you both full warroirs of StormClan!


Later that night, as I walk past Sandpelt and Bluepelt who were keeping watch, I stop infront of Sandpelt. She looks up at me with shinning amber eyes as she remains silent for her vigil.
"I know its hard for you, losing Lichenpaw, but remember, although Lichenpaw wasnt here to become a warrior with you, Bluepelt was, and Lichenpaw was beside you the whole time." I told her then walked into my den.
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