Stormclan Time for the New Medicane Cat Apprentace to arise!

Tigerstripe posted on Jul 06, 2010 at 02:28AM
A prophocey sent by first StarClan warrior from StormClan, Nightstar, has opened my eyes! Its time to take on an apprentace that will acutally come on! My current apprentace will no longer be a medicane cat! Stormstar shall decide her fate! Stormstar asked her to come on and that traitor promised to come on more then once a day! Shes broken her promise and losts my patience! Now, under StarClans will, they have sent me a sign, so i speak to you hear and now as I announce the new medicane cat apprentace! Lostpaw will be the new medicane cat apprentace of StormClan! *I meet the kits gaze* Its the will of StarClan! ~Pinegrowth, medicane cat

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