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Amongst the stars are spirits. SpiritClan, StarClan, ShiningStars...they all live together in a peaceful reign over the forests. Keeping balance between the Clans is difficult, but somehow managing to do it are the spirit ancestors of the great skies.

One cat in particular, a small orange tabby, stepped out. She glared at the brown splotched white calico across from her.

"You call my cats disloyal, Smallfire?" she asked, her words coming in hisses. The brown and white tom across from her nodded.


The she-cat hissed. "Pinegrowth is MY kin? You're calling my daughter, and ELDER might I add, a bad mother?"

The tom shook his head and hissed. "You are not LISTENING, Spruceleaf. Your medicine cat attacked another Medicine cat, who by the way was doing her job. I don't care if you're related to her or not, she still broke the warrior code."

Spruceleaf's whole body shuddered in anger. "Which is? She follows a different code! You can ask any spirit ancestors!"

A marmalade she-cat stepped out of the forest and put her nose right against Spruceleaf's. "It doesn't matter!" she hissed. "The StormClan medicine cat is too violent. A loyal medicine cat wouldn't do the things she does. Say the things she does. Pinegrowth is out of control."

"Attacking a loyal queen."

"Attacking a medicine cat."

"Accusing a well-meaning elder of being 'disloyal'".

"Scaring the kits."

"Maltreating her apprentice to the point where even Diamondpaw won't talk anymore."

The brown tom--Smallfire--rose to his feet. "It has been unanimously decided, Spruceleaf. Either Pinegrowth be tamed, or Pinegrowth will perish."


Daisyflower, who had been traveling through the forest this whole time, all alone minus Wolf, was curled up to sleep. She was tired after traveling so far, but her companion was going to get her home, and no matter how far it took her she wanted to be with her Clanmates again.

But even an energizer bunny could not have had a more sudden reaction. Daisyflower was up and on her feet the moment the dream ended. Deep sadness crawled through her as she thought of her dream. She could still smell Spruceleaf's scent wreathing around her. She fought down the choking sadness to an even greater urge.

Pieces fell into place. After Scarletstar had lead her to the edge of their territory and let the "prisoners" go, StormClan had attacked. They'd wanted revenge. Revenge for nothing! I wasn't there! And they had wisely taken Pinegrowth, a loyal she-cat, who had stupidly fought in the battle. She had injured the medicine cat of ColdClan--a major violation of the warrior code was to attack a medicine cat--and now StarClan decreed that she must be punished for her stupid mistake.

They're going to take my daughter! I must protect her! Out loud, she was hysterical. "Wolf!" she cried. "Wolf! Get up!"

Her counterpart startled awake. "What is it?" she groaned. "Is this what Clan life is like?"

"We must get back immediately!" she shouted, panic dubbing over defence for her Clan. "We have to go! Right now!"

"Why?" asked Wolf, who must have been tired after her long journey. It didn't even occur to Daisyflower that poor Wolf hadn't just traveled that same long distance, but had been there to guide Daisyflower along too.

"StarClan! They're going to kill my daughter!"

Pinegrowth must change or she will perish
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