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Bluefire7777 posted on Nov 17, 2016 at 09:32PM
MoonClan is a neighboring Clan of StormClan that lives to the west of StormClan and borders right along the creek that leads into the falls. They are sleek cats that enjoy both the fish from the many creeks that run through their territory as well as the prey found in their forests.

Leader: Bearstar(Bluefire7777)- huge dark brown nearly black tom with dark green eyes and lighter brown muzzle and paws (Mate: Robinwing)

Deputy: Storkclaw(TeamPeeta649) - slender gray tom with thin black stripes running down the length of his back and dark brown eyes (Mate: Greysquirrel) Apprentice: Dabblepaw

Medicine Cat: Oakleaf(tanglebelly)- small brown tom with bright amber eyes Apprentice: Minnowpaw

Warriors: Lakefrost(Bluefire7777)- lighter brown tabby she-cat with bright blue green eyes and white toes (Mate: Mudpath) Apprentice: Whitepaw
Greysquirrel(Bluefire7777)- fluffy light gray she-cat with a slender build and light green eyes (Mate: Storkclaw)
Mudpath(TeamPeeta649)- large white tom with dark brown paws and rings around his tail and blue eyes (Mate: Lakefrost) Apprentice: Clearpaw
Sunfang(forgetful)- a dark orange tabby tom with pale green eyes
Snowtail(tanglebelly)- White tom with brown patches through out his fur and blue eyes Apprentice: Rowanpaw
Shadowdrift(Bluefire7777)- black tom with long grey socks and a white muzzle and ear tips with blue eyes (Mate: Swallowflight) Apprentice: Eaglepaw
Stagleap(KatieK102)- reddish-tabby tom with a dark underbelly and amber eyes
Graylion(smartone)-Huge gray fluffy tom with a lion like fluff of fur with bright orangey amber eyes
Aquagaze(smartone)-a pretty small silvery gray she-cat with white markings and brilliant blue eyes
Silverbird(Bluefire7777)- pretty silver tabby she-cat with dark green eyes and black paws
Boulderdust(tanglebelly)- large gray tom with green eyes
Hazelstreak(TeamPeeta649)- reddish brown she-cat with white flecks and gray eyes

Apprentices: Minnowpaw(forgetful)- a white tabby she-cat with dark brown stripes and dark blue eyes
Rowanpaw(KatieK102)- brown tabby tom with darker tabby markings/paws, and amber eyes
Dabblepaw(smartone)-a soft tom with a tortoiseshell white and brown coat with mossy green eyes
Eaglepaw(TeaamPeeta649)- large black tom with a fluffy white chest and muzzle and light green eyes
Whitepaw(TeamPeeta649)- white tom with brown paws and piercing bright blue eyes
Clearpaw(Bluefire7777)- gray she-cat with darker gray and white spots with pretty clear blue eyes

Queens: Swallowflight(KatieK102)- russet-colored she-cat with darker paws and green eyes (Mate: Shadowdrift) Kits: Russetkit, Riverkit, Kestrelkit, and Petalkit
Robinwing(TeamPeeta649)- brown she-cat with a black underbelly and light grey muzzle and bright grey eyes (Mate: Bearstar) Kits: Wolfkit, Minkkit, Pinekit, and Lichenkit

Kits: Russetkit(tanglebelly)- russet colored tom with blue eyes and one black sock on his right front paw
Riverkit(forgetful)- black and gray marbled tom with white paws and blue eyes
Kestrelkit(Bluefire7777)- russet she-cat with blue-grey socks on all legs and covered in black spots and blue eyes
Petalkit(KatieK102)- a pale golden she-kit with tabby markings and white paws and green eyes
Wolfkit(Bluefire7777)- large pale brown nearly grey tom with a large grey-white chest and grey eyes
Minkkit(Bluefire7777)-dark brown tabby she-cat with a black underbelly and blue eyes
Pinekit(TeamPeeta649) - large brown tabby maine coon tom with a grey muzzle and dark green eyes
Lichenkit(TeamPeeta649)- black she-cat with light grey flecks all over, grey paws and ears and green eyes
Stormkit- large lighter brown tabby tom with dark green eyes and one white paw
Hailkit(Bluefire7777)- pretty silvery-almost blue she-cat with bright blue eyes and a white back sock

Elders: Stonegaze(TeamPeeta649)- dark gray tom with black flecks, a black muzzle, tail and amber eyes
Addertail(TalaLeisu2)- brown tabby tom with blue eyes
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