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TalaLeisu2 posted on Sep 26, 2011 at 01:12AM
I'm making this until Alisia gets back. Just so we can keep up with characters....

Nightstar(TeamPeeta649)-black she-cat with smokey grey eyes
(Apprentice: Goldenpaw)

Skyflight(TalaLesiu2)-black she-cat with white blotches with blue eyes as well
(Apprentice: Featherpaw)

Gooseflight(alwaysright)-gray tabby tom with blue eyes

Medicine Cat
Breezewing(tanglebelly)-grey tom with blue eyes

Medicine Cat Apprentice
Flamepaw(Ninano1998)-dark orange she-cat with black stripes, light ginger paws, underbelly and redish tail / Yarrowpaw(smartone123)-brown-yellow tom

Smokecloud(-Foxfang-)-grey tom with light grey spots
Brindlesnap(Pennypatch321)-light gray she-cat
Briarcloud(TalaLesiu2)-small fluffy brown she-cat
Molefur(ferretandsil)-dark brown tom
(Apprentice: Tanpaw)
Skyfurry(ferretandsilt)-gray tom
Oddclaw(brightclaw)-flame color fur tom with green-yellow eyes
Crowwhisker(DuskCrow100)-black tom cat with amber eyes
(Apprentice: Eaglepaw)
Ravenbeak(TeamPeeta649)-large black tom with green eyes
(Apprentice: Slushpaw)
Finchfang(Bluefre7777)-light gray tom
(Apprentice: Bramblepaw)
Crystaldapple(TeamPeeta649)-gorgeous pure white she-cat with bright green eyes
Fleecefang(Bluefire7777)-light brown she-cat with golden eyes and a long tail
Suntooth(TeamPeeta649)-fluffy orange tom with fierce gold eyes
(Apprentice: Oatpaw)
Weaselscuffle(TalaLeisu2)-light brown tom with white paches and amber eyes
(Apprentice: Firepaw)
Dampthorn(guillaume19)-black tom wth gray sploches and a light sploch round his right eye and has really lght blue eyes
(Apprentice: Peachpaw)
Sagewhisper(Flowergirl)-white with 1 gray patch over her right eye and has lite lite blue eyes
(Apprentice: Nettlepaw)
Cottontail(TeamPeeta649)-beautiful long furred light grey she-cat with bright green eyes
Tangleblaze(tanglebelly)-black tom with orange stripes and saphire blue eyes
(Apprentice: Lacpaw)
Diamondleaf(TeamPeeta649)-beautiful white she-cat with bright green eyes
Dreamcloud(splendidgal13)-golden tabby she-cat with amber eyes
Beechtail(loveanddummer)- brown tabby tom with amber eyes
Fawnfeather(loveanddummer)- light brown she-cat with icy blue eyes
Spiderfang(loveanddumber)- black tom with brown underbelly and amber eyes
Jaybird(Primlily17)-long haired grey tom with stark grey eyes
Shinespirit(TalaLeisu2)-black tabby she-cat with amber eyes
Streamtail(Guillaume19)-long-haired silver she-cat with unusual green eyes
Quickfeather(Guillaume19)-brown tabby tom with amber eyes
(Apprentice: Sedgepaw)
Rosepetal(Guillaume19)-golden she-cat with bright eyes
Wrentalon(splendidgal13)-bright red she-cat with blue eyes
Jasabel(smartone123)-beautiful red brown she cat with blazing blue eyes
(Apprentice: Coralpaw)
Streamripple(tanglebelly)-a brown tabby tom with ice blue eyes
Rightheart(smartone123)-hansome raven colored tom with heather colored eyes and black stripes
(Apprentice: Pluiepaw)
Rainstorm(WarriorsCats)-beautiful gray and white silky furred she cat with turqiose eyes
(Apprentice: Aloepaw)
Poppypelt(TalaLeisu2)-brown tortoiseshell she-cat with golden amber eyes
Quietstep(TeamPeeta649)-golden brown tom with green eyes
Crowswoop(TalaLeisu2)-black she-cat with green eyes
(Apprentice: Fleuvepaw)
Hollypool(TalaLeisu2)-black she-cat with light blue eyes
Snowfall(PeetaPower321)-white tom with green eyes
Brilliantsight(smartone123)-white tortoiseshell tom with long hair and dark blue eyes
(Apprentice: Graypaw)
Hushpool(TeamPeeta649)-fluffy light grey she-cat with dark brown paws and green eyes
Fluffpelt(jbinthehouse)-fluffy light brown she-cat with pale blue eyes
Beigestorm(TalaLeisu2)-dark tom with white paws and green eyes
Roseshine(TeamPeeta649)-tan she-cat with black and white spots and blue eyes
Whiteriver(TalaLeisu2)-white tom with blue eyes
Applefrost(Puffedwarrior)-reddish she-cat with crystal blue eyes
Poppypowder(EleanorSeville)-dark brown tom with a green and a blue eye

Eaglepaw(smartone123)-small white headed tom with bright amber eyes and white splashed chest
Bramblepaw(fynnster)-strong dark tabby tom with amber eyes
Sedgepaw(fynnster)-tan and brown calico she-cat with light green eyes
Oatpaw(fynnster)-brown tabby tom with a dark underbelly, amber eyes
Specklepaw(splendidgal13)-speckled tortishell she with bright green eyes
Aloepaw(TalaLeisu2)-light grayish/greenish she-cat with blue/green eyes
Tanpaw(fynnster)-tan tabby tom with dark brown eyes
Coralpaw(Sliverblaze206)-gray and white she-cat with purple eyes
Slushpaw(Fynnster)-brown tom with white underbelly, brown eyes
Peachpaw(TeamPeeta649)-small tabby she-cat with light brown eyes
Firepaw(tanglebelly)-orange tabby tom with green eyes
Graypaw(Sliverblaze206)-gray she-cat with amber eyes
Nettlepaw(Ninano1998)-small pretty brown she-cat with a tabby tail and patches of white
Goldenpaw(smartone123)-very pretty, gold she-cat
Featherpaw(Ninano1998)-sliver-blue she-cat with bright pink eyes, bright grey paws and stripped tail, almost bright blue ears, and her pelt looks a bit like feathers
Fleuvepaw(surethyspeak)-mottled brown tom with amber eyes and long whiskers
Cielpaw(surethyspeak)-pretty gray tabby she-cat with sky blue eyes
Pluiepaw(?)-dark gray she-cat with dark blue eyes
Lacpaw(smartone123)-light gray she-cat with pretty golden eyes
Lynxpaw(Puffedwarrior)-golden she-cat with a fluffy face and long black ears, short tail, and black spots with amber eyes

Daisypurr: Kits: Purplekit, Stemkit, Scillakit & Rushkit, Sighkit, Mistykit
Poppypelt: Kits: Rockkit, Sweetkit, Scorchkit
Jadesong: Kits:Mallowkit, Stepkit, Flashkit
Cottontail: Kits: Hailkit, Duskkit, Lilykit Adopted Kits: Jaykit, Lightkit, Wingkit, Tigerkit, Jadekit
Shinespirit: Kits: Boulderkit, Slientkit

Purplekit(flowergirl19)-pretty toirtoiseshell she-cat with purple eyes
Stemkit(flowergirl19)-tiny brown she-cat with green eyes
Scillakit(alwaysright)-dark brown tabby tom with light green eyes
Rockkit(fynnster)-dark tabby tom with amber eyes
Sweetkit (TalaLeisu2)-black she-cat with amber eyes
Scorchkit(TeamPeeta649)-orange tabby tom with amber eyes
Jaykit(Ninano1998)-black she cat with fluffy fur and silver patchs
Lightkit(Ninano1998)-yellow tom with white spotes and a black paw
Wingkit(Ninano1998)-white tom with black tabby stripes
Tigerkit(tanglebelly)-ginger tom with a white tail
Jadekit(Ninano1998)-grey tabby she cat with white paws
Boulderkit(tanglebelly)-grey tabby tom
Silentkit(SimplyChurro)-small black tom with bright yellow eyes and a greay underbelly
Flashkit(surethyspeak)-dark tortishell tom with green eyes
Pepperkit(alwaysright)-gray shecat with blue eyes
Hailkit(Pennypatch321)-white tom with light grey patches and green eyes
Duskkit(alwaysright)-light grey tom with white stripes and paws and amber eyes
Lilykit(TeamPeeta649)-light brown she-cat with a white patch over one eye, a white muzzle, and grey eyes
Rushkit(alwaysright)-gray tabby tom with amber eyes
Sighkit(TalaLeisu2)-golden tortoiseshell tom with blue eyes
Mistykit(Silverblaze206)-gray tabby she-cat with blue eyes
Bellkit(Puffedwarrior)-fluffy black she-cat with dark blue eyes
Yewkit(TalaLeisu2)-brown tabby she-cat with blue eyes
Spottedkit(smartone123))-tortishell she-cat with blue-green eyes
Oakkit(tanglebelly)-marbled black white and brown tom with blazing blue eyes
Pastelkit(bluefire777)- pale colored she-cat with pastel colored eyes
Maizekit(bluefire777)- golden tabby tom with green eyes
Smokekit(bluefire777)- grey and white tom with smokey amber eyes

Saga(smartone123)-bitter sweet colored,very uncept with scars a nicks everywhere
Cherrystorm(-Foxfang-)-dark tortoiseshell she-cat with dark amber eyes
Falconcatcher(brightclaw)-dark brown tom with dark amber eyes
Nightfright(lovejr08)-black she-cat with pale blue eyes
Hawkbelly(johnwayne)-silver-blue tom with icy blue eyes and long claws
Hawktail(salamence42)-amber tom with ocean blue eyes
Birchjumper(tanglebelly)-dark brown tom with blue eyes
Daydapple(Bluefire7777)-golden she-cat with white tabby stripes and green blue eyes
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