"There was one scene that Oliver and Felicity have that - a lot of things are at stake. As sad as the scene is, it was one of my favoris with Stephen all season because it just felt really intimate.

As much as it is a tortured scene, I think it was one of my favoris all an just because of the actors that we are and who Stephen is and where our characters have come and how much they l’amour each other and how strong our friendship is. Just getting to work together for two hours on the final jour of shooting the montrer was magical."

- Emily Bett Rickards on the emotional Season 6 finale, and working with her Best Friend, Stephen Amell.

“Emily is the most handsome person we’ve collaborated with.”

“Emily Bett Rickards’s Pacific Coast Pink.. that is our most populaire wine, and that is a problem for my ego, but Emily is plus populaire than I am.”

- Stephen Amell talking about Emily Bett Rickards during his interview with Build On.

"I let some of my own emotions drift into Oliver, toi know what I mean? The easiest thing to do in situations like that, I don't actually have to go anywhere, I just have to look at Emily. Because her crying makes me cry."

- Stephen Amell on the final #Olicity scene in S6.

"For my birthday, Emily got me a sloth costume, and it might be my favori thing. It’s back in Los Angeles."

- Stephen Amell at wizardworldphilly.

"Emily's my good friend and when she's excited I'm excited."

- Stephen Amell at wizardworldphilly.

"The finale scene between the two of us [Emily and me] was a real highlight for me, because I know it was a real highlight for Emily, and Emily’s my good friend, and when she’s excited, I’m excited."

- Stephen Amell continues to gush about his final season 6 scene with Emily Bett Rickards.

"I think a little bit about, this is my last scene of the season with Emily. And I think that actually lined up. We don’t always shoot sequentially, but it actually lined up as being my last scene with Emily. So you’re putting a casquette, cap on things, and I let some of my own emotions drift into Oliver. The easiest thing for me to do in that situation, I don’t actually have to go anywhere. I just have to look at Emily because her crying makes me cry."

- Stephen Amell on that emotional final Olicity scene with Emily Bett Rickards.

"I spend plus time with some of these people than with my own family. So those relationships have gotten incredibly good."

- Stephen Amell on his cast family

"He’s not here right now, which is really upsetting."

- Emily Bett Rickards on missing a joint interview with her TV husband Stephen Amell par six days.