“I spend a lot of my free time with Stephen, too, so, getting to work with your friend is the dream. You’re super, super blessed if toi find yourself in that realm where toi get to work and play with the people that genuinely your cœur, coeur connects with. And honestly, our friendship is the reason I think they end up together on the montrer because we do l’amour each other.

- Emily on her friendship with Stephen.

"In honor of my onscreen relationship and my fantastical real life friendship with Miss Emily Bett Rickards."

—Stephen Amell, at the Olicity bench

"I don’t wanna pull back the curtain too much but we’ve become the best of friends."

- Stephen Amell about his and Emily Bett Rickards real life fantastic friendship

"Working into the night with your best friend, sprinting onto a plane, and drinking (quite literally) a bottle with your names on it... priceless. Thank toi Nocking Point for having me play I WOULD DO IT AGAIN! Until suivant time... side note: Stephen Amell we should probably sleep soon."

- Emily to Stephen on Instagram

"We have a really beautiful scene in the S6 finale & it meant a lot to me because Emily came up to me afterwards and a dit that ‘If there was no other scene throughout Season 6 that scene would have made it worth it for her. So that meant a lot to me, cause clearly it meant a lot to her. I think people will enjoy that scene, even if it’s a little sad."

- Stephen Amell hints at a really beautiful, but sad Olicity scene in the season 6 finale.