"My good friend / co-worker / rock climbing buddy Emily Bett Rickards purportedly completed the challenge. Not surprising really... she likes the yogas."

- Stephen Amell.

"Amell and Rickards sexual tension is also off the charts once again."

- emertainment monthly: TV‘Arrow’ Review: “Legacy”

“It’s easier to grind out the 5th push-up when the threat of Emily Bett falling on her face looms large. What a workout partner!!”

- Stephen Amell.

"No place I’d rather be for #InternationalWomensDay than a dimly lit l’espace with @EmilyBett & our kick cul, ass director Wendey Stanzler."

- Stephen Amell.

"Five seasons in and Rickards is still keeping it light on the set - even while rolling around on the ground. “I think Stephen really enjoys working with Emily,” Guggenheim says. And it shows! “Those two have undeniable chemistry. We’ve always written toward it, even when we were écriture away from it, toi know?”"

- Marc Guggenheim in TVGuide Magazine SDCC2017 Edition

"I l’amour toi two hundred and twenty out of ten. Two hundred and twenty out of ten, babe."

- Stephen Amell to Emily Bett Rickards, Warner Bros. Signing Booth