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Stefan & Elena | Classic

Stefan&Elena (Стефан и Елена) - I'll always l’amour toi

Stefan&Elena (Стефан и Елена) - Be Somebody

Elena&Stefan (Стефан и Елена) - Doing it wrong

Stefan&Elena (Стефан и Елена) - Gravity

Stefan&Elena (Стефан и Елена) - Remember

Stefan&Elena (Стефан и Елена) -Not strong enough

Elena and Stefan (Елена и Стефан) - Дай мне разгадать тебя

Елена и Стефан (Elena and Stefan) - Я с тобой

Stefan ♥ Elena

Stefan ♥ Elena

Stefan and Elena- Stay

Stefan/Elena || What if this storm ends?

I Shot For the Sky | Stefan & Elena 1x07

Stefan Elena Damon - Broken

Stefan & Elena - I l’amour toi || Far Away

Damon Elena Stefan - Unfaithful

Boyce Avenue- On My Way (Official Song & Lyrics)

Wonderful cover of the song Last Kiss

I l’amour this guy!!! Chicharito :D

My latelest tv couple obsession :D

Stelena amazing video♥

Vampire Diaries - Elena und Stefan

Stefan and Elena - Haunted

Stefan/Elena - On feu

Stelena ( CUT )

Elena & Stefan - Gravity of l’amour - Stefan point of view

Stefan & Elena |

Stefan & Elena || Cut

The Vampire Diaries Stefan And Elena

Stefan & Elena - Taking over me

Elena & Stefan // 23

Stefan + Elena-Come back when you can

stefan/elena || unsaid.


She Lost her sense of light (stefan/elena)

Stefan & Elena - Sweet Dreams

Elena/Stefan: The Vampire Diaries - "No One"

Stefan & Elena ¤ Everything

Stefan & Elena - It Must Have Been l’amour (Vampire Diaries)

Stefan & Elena - Falling Slowly (Vampire Diaries)

Elena and Stefan-Halo [For Mari]

Elena&Stefan -Amazed [The Vampire Diaries]

[The Vampire Diaries] - Elena & Stefan - " Look After You"

[The Vampire Diaries] - Elena & Stefan - "Forever Faithful"

Stefan & Elena - l’amour Story. (Vampire Diaries)

STEFAN+ELENA: "I l’amour the way toi lie.."

Stefan & Elena - Just gonna stand there...

Stefan and Elena ; Lost and insecure toi found me

Stefan/Elena - toi Found Me

Like wounded soldiers, in need of healing | Stefan ❤ Elena

Stefan and Elena 2x08+ ; toi know i would come for toi

n u m b • s t e L e n a

Stelena ♥ Beside toi [collab]

Stefan and Elena 2x14+ ; " You're such a liar" "Hey salut Hey"

Stefan|Elena • It's the happiness inside that you're feeling

Stefan and Elena ; I'm coming accueil

Elena's pregnant || TVD

If my cœur, coeur was a compass, you'd be north | Stefan ❤ Elena

Stefan and Elena || I'm coming accueil

Elena & Stefan | l’amour


Stelena | 'You're the closest to heaven that I'll ever be

Only your l’amour can save me || Stefan & Elena

Stefan and Elena [It's not heroic it's tragic!]

Stefan & Elena; VALENTINE'S jour

●Stefan/Elena:"You know this is a future memory.."●

Stefan and Elena ; Here with me

stefan & elena | letters from the sky

Stefan & Elena - She's Got Me Dancing

Stefan/Elena || You're my heaven

no air (stefan/elena) prévisualiser

Stefan & Elena - Nothing Else Matters

toi Kiss my smile • stefan + elena

Give me back my life ; Elena/Stefan

Why'd toi have to wait? | Stefan ❤ Elena

Stefan/Elena - You're Fuckin' Perfect To Me

my cœur, coeur is yours (stefan/elena)

The Vampire Diaries "Stefan and Elena"

Stefan & Elena: your l’amour is my drug

I will see him again || Stefan/Elena || Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries|Stefan&Elena||After All

Stefan|Elena||You Are The Air That I Breathe...

Stefan and Elena (Stelena) - Let l’amour In

Stelena- Use Somebody

Stelena - What Hurts The Most

Vampire Diaries - Yesterday (Stelena)

Stelena - l’amour Story

Stelena ( I Hate l’amour )

Stelena ( Chances )


Haven't met toi yet


Margot (Margooterd) chant 'Chasing Pavements'

NCIS: Funny Moments (Tony, Ziva, McGee, Abby, Gibbs,Kate)

NCIS Enquêtes spéciales tony/ziva toi belong with me

NCIS Enquêtes spéciales - Men In Black

salut soul sister - Friends♥

Alana's Vid;; Nina Intro For HubProductions Comp ♥

Charmed Cast - Down♥