I felt pain and weakness when Damon crashed me down again. The darkness covered me and I didn’t feel anything. After a while I was just feeling freezing and that woke me up out my unconsciousness. I opened my eyes but I couldn’t see anything. I didn’t feel my body it was so weak. What happened to me? The mind was blurry and I didn’t remember anything. after I moved my hands I realized, that I was standing in the water and it reached my neck. I tried to make a step, but I felt some rocks around me. Everywhere around me. Only water and some closed space. Where am I? What happened? I felt like I was locked in a tomb, full of cold water. All my body was hurting because of cold, but my veins were burning. It was so silly the water was everywhere, but I couldn’t satisfy my thirst par it. After some minutes, ou hours I started to remember some pieces of action. I was fighting with Damon…I was forbidding him to touch Elena…I was trying to fight him…and that was mixed with darkness.
I remained Elena’s face in my memory. Her deep eyes, silky hair and warm smile, the warms of her lips and embrace…of her neck..No. I won’t think about her blood. Her soul was plus important for me than my thirst. She was an Angel in this dark cruel world. And than I thought about Damon. She was unprotected now. I was ready to tear my chest on that thought. My lovely Angel was helpless before this monster and I couldn’t protect her in any way. I couldn’t even warn her. My silent cœur, coeur hurt so badly about her. If I didn’t come back here, Damon won’t know about her and she’d be safe.
And now she’s in a danger. He wants her to become a vampire. He has no idea what a kind and lovely person she is, and also so strong to stand the truth about him. She’ll never be any close to what Katherine was. She’ll always be an angel. And I can’t protect her. He’s stronger – I’m always the weak one. He’s a killer. But I’m a killer too. I killed Katherine. Maybe I deserve to die? Why not just let go…? Maybe this is my hell, where I have to suffer for my damned soul?...
For some periods of time my mind became blurry and I couldn’t feel anything, but when I woke up again, the thirst was burning me from inside and cold water was just killing me. Alone….Cold….So cold….So thirsty….Elena…Where are you? I l’amour you. I regret so much that I didn’t tell toi that…Darkness everywhere….It felt like years passed, but I knew, that only some hours passed, maybe days, because I could still think.
I had no idea that I’ll want to see the sun so much. Just only once again and to know that she’s safe, that she’s okay…Every cell of mu body hurts – from lack of blood and from ice cold water around and my cœur, coeur hurts of l’amour and regret, that I didn’t tell her that I l’amour her plus than everything in my life, plus than Katherine.
I heard no sound except of water moving beside the rocks. My body was numb of icy water. God, I know that I don’t deserve to ask, but keep her safe…
And suddenly I heard some sound. I couldn’t tell, what it was exactly, but it was like people talking and after a moment something big was moved from above me and my eyes spotted some light. It was night sky and then dark again.
“Stefan?” I couldn’t believe my ears.
“Who -? Elena?”my voice was rough. God, thank toi – she’s alive and she’s here.
"Yes! I'm here, we're here, and we're going to get toi out. Are toi all right? Are toi hurt? Stefan, hang on, we've got a rope. Tell me you're all right."
If you’re here – that’s nothing in the world that could make me happier. But I didn’t say that, rough laugh escaped my lips.
"I've—been better, but I'm—alive. Who's with you?"
"It's me. Matt," Now I spotted Matt above me – his broad shoulders replaced Elena’s
"And Meredith and Bonnie, who's going to bend some spoons for us next. I'm going to throw toi down a rope… that is, unless Bonnie can levitate toi out." I heard something like a slap and than Bonnie’s voice:
"Don't joke about it! Get him up!"
"Yes, ma'am," a dit Matt, a little giddily.
"Here, Stefan. You're going to have to tie this around you."
"Yes," I said. I could barely déplacer my fingers but I knew that there was no other way to get me out of here. As I tied the rope to my waist, I took the rope into my hands to make it steady and me sûr, sans danger from falling down. As they all were pulling me up, the rope was cutting my fingers and I was losing that bit of strength that didn’t leave me before. It was even colder outside the water and when Matt at last grabbed my hands to pull me out my tomb, I Lost feeling of my body and my mind became blurry. I realized that I was standing and Elena’s warm body was beside mine. Her arms were circled around my waist but I couldn’t déplacer to return the embrace. After a moment she looked up anxious to watch my face and I heard Matt’s voice:
"We'd better get him to the clinic fast. He needs a doctor."
"No!" No doctors ever! I wasn’t strong enough to leave. I tried to lift my head from Elena’s shoulder and met her eyes:
"No… doctors. Promise… Elena."
"I promise," she whispered. And then was peaceful darkness.