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 étoile, star Wars Imperial Officer White Grand Admiral Uniform Cosplay Costume
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This étoile, star Wars fan-art might contain grand uniforme, uniforme de costume, uniforme de grande tenue, tenue militaire, régimentaires, regimentals, béret vert, forces spéciales, soldat d'élite, and soldat d’élite.

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"Wow, now that this battle is over, I guess we can déplacer along to something plus important." says Obi-Wan. "Of course, master." says Anakin.

On Naboo, Bree Maloria, Obi-Wan's other apprentice is waiting at a lake. They arrive and Anakin is confused because they never have any freetime.
"Uhh, master what are we doing here?" asks Anakin.
"Let's just say, I want toi to meet a friend of mine." Obi-Wan hugs Bree as she stares at Anakin.
He lets go and says, "Anakin, this is my other padawan, Bree Maloria. Bree. Anakin. Anakin. Bree."
"Nice to meet you, Bree." "And to you, Anakin.
"You two will be working together."
"WHAT!?" They both say.
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