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Here, you can let your imagination run! Create your own Jedi,Sith, or even both!! Add in a clone or Bounty hunter if you would like!! It's up to you! Let us hear your story of your own character from Star Wars! ( add picture if you feel like it)
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il y a plus d’un an steven1234 said…
name: limandez jarton/darth vermillion/master shade

species:human with brown hair, uses brown robes,later black robes

job: jedi consular,later sith,then a motivator

lightsaber: gold,red,silver with a black edge
lightsaber forms: shii cho,djem so,zero,vermillion: darth vermillion's personal style. a technique which attacks rapidly nearly unseen by the enemy.

personaity: very curious,debator,imaginative,wise,logical,l­ike to learn new things,and always estimate things

era: the old republic

story: he was found by jedi master kit fisto and raised in the jedi temple. limandez learned form 1 and wish to understand the basic styles more than other styles.he is a jedi thinker which like to debate more than to fight. one day he met with the sith lord darth muraz.an old sith lord which limandez met on planet yrazo.instead of battling like jedis he asked the sith lord about the sith and what is a sith. the sith lord told him that the sith used the dark side of the force.the dark side of the force is the force that is powerful and will be more powerfull when the user channels anger,fear and hatred.
by this limandez understand that to become powerful one must become a sith.from then on . limandez decided to be a sith under the tutelage of the sith darth muraz. as a sith he learned the lightsaber form v and made his own custom technique. the vemillion.his name was now darth vermillion.he was known to obliterate a planet but then he made a conference for the sith lords to debate.the siths joining the conference were darth maul,darth sidious,darth muraz, and darth tyrannus. darth vermillion asked about why does the sith must obliterate planets.darth maul says that he did that to see the civilians suffer and fear him.darthsidious sys thatthe civilians didn't obey him so he obliterate them,darth tyrannus says that he did that to train himself in the dark side of the force. darth vermillion now even quisten them about the rules of the siths . he had many information of the sith and also many knowledge of the jedi. his curiousness brings him into one answer of the force itself. he thinks that the force has two sides:
one the light side
two the dark side
he believes that the path of the light side of the force made the jedi only thinks of peace making people with minds of a jedi good person for their understanding of peace
he believes that people with the ideals off sith are cunning and very intellectual.
he then leaved the siths and became the line beetween dark and light ubderstanding both ways
later he became a motivator likely mmotivating others
Enderking commented…
my sith would slice her clean in half. still nice idea about the Motivator il y a plus d’un an
darthmalicious1 commented…
My Sith Would Obliterate Your Sith, Enderking il y a plus d’un an
DarthDovakiin commented…
oh and Kit Fisto wasnt alive during the Old Republic Era il y a plus d’un an
il y a plus d’un an AaronThomas said…
Number: CC7775777
Name: Sevo
Species: Male Human (Clone)
Affiliation: Grand Army of the Republic
Rank: Classified
Job: Classified
Appearance: Sevo has a short mohawk with black hair, his helmet has a tally of how many important targets he's taken out. His armor, Katarn Armor Mark IV, is black with yellow striped down the sides with scorch marks all around the armor. He has a scar on his forehead as a result of a speeder chase he was involved in with a CIS leader.
Background: Sevo's story is an interesting one. Sevo was a regular clone trooper, in which the Kaminoans failed to install all the hormones in which a normal clone has, he's instead, an exact replica of Jango Fett. This was noticed early on in his career as a clone trooper, and his exact whereabouts are unknown now. Officially he is MIA, unofficially, he's waist deep in CIS scum.
Enderking commented…
his armour sounds like a bee like colour lol. il y a plus d’un an
il y a plus d’un an ShinyMudkip10 said…
Name: Mir Calmar (meer-cowlmar)

Race: Human

Lightsaber color :Blue

Lights Saber handle: curved

Abilities: the Force, mind control

Robe color :Baige

Skin color: black

born: Kashyyyk

Story: Was found by Darth Vaders Padawanon the planet kashyyyk. She was yet to be a Sith. But, she hated the qualities of being a Sith. Sneaking out of her bedroom, and secretly taking a Ty-fighter, and searches for a planet for her to stay. She stumbled upon kashyyyk ,(not knowing it is her home planet) the wookies remember her as Mir Calmar, the young girl who got taken and was taught the ways of a Jedi. She was given her so called "proper defense", which was her blue light saber. She was then given her robes when she was taught the power of mind control. She then was told of the Jedi Luke. She was hoping for Luke to teach her the Force. After 4 years of learning the abilities of the Force, she refused to use the power for harm. She vowed never to kill, just to hurt.She was taught the ways of peace. She had an encounter with her master in cloud city, saying she will not kill no matter what happens. But with a second encounter with her master in cloud city once again. Faught for hours, and before the last blow, she had him on his knees, trying to stop herself from killing. But she had to, had to kill just one time. When she did, she did it in a calm graceful way. By lightly pushing him of into the bottom of the city. She went back to Kashyyyk, not telling about her unpleasant choice. Kashyyyk was raided once again, and Mir just sat there, thinking of what she had done. Looking down she saw a man. A man that she has seen when she was little, which was Lord Vader. She looked up, Vader pulled his arm back, and went straight through. Straight through Mir's body. There she laid. On the ground. On the cold hard ground. After the raid , wookies found her burnt body. After a long time they decided to put a statue of her, remembering her as a Jedi guardian.
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il y a plus d’un an Enderking said…
Known By: Darth Skull

Name: Unknown

Species: Unknown

Place Of Birth: Rakata

Age: ??? Presumed in his 20's

Class: Sith Assassin

Status: Alive

Appearance: Skull Like Mask With Body Armour With Black Sith robes

Powers: Master Of the Dark arts of the dark side of the force

weapons: Black One bladed lightsaber with an emergency pistol with much power

Story: his past is clouded to all but himself. Is now on battle fields battling the jedi killing many. Is to hope to befriend Darth Rayne and is a challenge to any sith or jedi even jedi Jupiter. He is known to hunt lone jedi and collect lightsabers for his own. And yet he respects dark jedi like Shin Zusuki and Darth Pluto. He is a known to move silently and can be feared to all species he has nemesis but are all taken out. He is known in the bounty hunter community as The Pure Of Evil, in which he is.
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xgilme commented…
salut can Rane and Erek work for you?You seem like the kind of guy who understands their violence. il y a plus d’un an
oblivian_jedi commented…
My Jedi would kick his cul, ass il y a plus d’un an
BubbyTumkens commented…
Great idea m8 :) il y a plus d’un an
il y a plus d’un an xgilme said…
Names:Rane L'hnnar and Erek Garnik

Species:Trandoshan (Rane) and Human (Erek)

Costumes:Rane has a red flightsuit similar to what x-wing and y-wing pilots wear.Erek has a costume similar to the one Leia wears so he can keep his actual identity as a human a secret.

Story:Erek was just a small boy when he was taken away from his parents in a vicious raid.He was taken to the planet Trandosha and put into slavery there.His owner was the father of a Trandoshan that was Ereks age.That Trandoshan's name was Rane L'nnar.Now Rane really hated his father because he wasnt even his biological father.His biological father was actually killed by this man and the man married his mother right before she died.Over time Rane and Erek became very good friends.They told each other about their anger and their common enemies and eventually, when they were around 18, Rane bought Erek out of slavery from his step-father.They decided they needed to find jobs in the center of the galaxy where the most-paying jobs were.Before they left, they burnt Rane's step-fathers house down, with his step-father along with it.Upon reaching the center,they found their violent behaviors would not be satisfying for their would-be bosses.When they exhausted all their job choices, they went to Jabba's palace for employment.Ever since then they have been hunting down people all across the galaxy.They have been known to have bested the best bounty hunters with only one old vibro-blade.Cross them at your own expense!
 Names:Rane L'hnnar and Erek Garnik Species:Trandoshan (Rane) and Human (Erek) Costumes:Rane has
Enderking commented…
toi can work for me il y a plus d’un an
xgilme commented…
ok cool il y a plus d’un an
il y a plus d’un an MasterofRiddles said…
Name: Eren Skywalker
Species: Human
Appearance: Looks like anakin skywalker episode lll with same robes, when cyborg he looks like marcus from terminator salvation but with sith robe from force unleashed
Job: Jedi, then sith, then jedi again
lightsaber: Duel (Two) blue lightsabers, same hilt as anakin
lightsaber forms: all forms and he combined them to make his own form
personality: violent, brave, reckless, fearless, cocky, furious
era: Fall of the new republic

Bio: Eren was born on coruscant and trained by his father Orion Skywalker in the ways of the jedi. But when Eren was six the empire returned and began genocide of everyone under the leadership of the most evil sith ever, Darken Rohl. The empire created an army of sith and stormtroopers and invaded coruscant. Coruscant was razed to the ground and the jedi temple destroyed once more. Orion and the jedi fought hard to defend the temple. At the end of the battle, Eren watched his father get impaled by Darken Rohl and his mother get decapitated. Eren, Eren's childhood sweetheart Mara Jade Organa, and Eren's older brother Jacen escaped with five hundred other people. Eren vowed that day to destroy the sith. The second jedi purge cominced and so many people were killed. The refugees escaped to the planet of New Alderaan. There the survivors of the genocide prepared to fight back. But then when Eren was 9 the planet was invaded and the sith razed the planet. The fifty alive refugees that survived including Eren, Mara Jade, and Jacen of the five hundred other survivors escaped. They went to coruscant now the broken planet which had been abandoned. But the survivors were ambushed. And only Eren, Mara Jade, and Jacen made it to coruscant. They took refuge in the jedi temple and one day they met the jedi spirits. The jedi spirits trained them in the ways of the jedi and at the age of of 15 Eren had built his lightsaber and passed the jedi trials and mastered the force. He was now a fully fledged jedi. But the empire heard that the jedi temple wasn't abandoned and Darken Rohl sent Darth Ares to check it out. He found the three jedi and led a group of 30 sith after them. Eren, Mara Jade, and Jacen, fought but were forced to run. Darth Ares reported to Darken Rohl and he ordered the planet to be destroyed by his newly built death star. There was a network of death stars throughout the galaxy and each one was based by a planet so the planet could be destroyed if needed. The three jedi escaped but the planet was destroyed. The jedi escaped to Kashyyyk were some fellow jedi were hiding. Darken Rohl found out about this and he invaded the planet killing many. He won the battle but his right hand man Darth Ares was killed by Eren. Darken Rohl captured Eren and forced him to become a sith. Eren became Darth Vadred. Eren was 17 when this happened. Mara Jade was 19 when this happened and she became pregnant by Eren around this time. Darth Vadred killed many jedi and fought many battles against the rebels. But finally he cornered Jacen on Mustafar. The two fought, Jacen won and Eren was consumed by lava. He was rebuilt into a cyborg. He tracked Jacen and Mara Jade on New Alderaan where a new jedi temple was built. He defeated Jacen and Mara Jade but couldn't find it in himself to kill them, so Darken Rohl killed Jacen but Mara Jade managed to escape. Vadred furious by this fought Darken Rohl but lost. Darken Rohl fled. Eren was sorry for becoming a sith and became a jedi again and became Eren again. He used Jacen's lightsaber as a second one which was also blue. Then Eren fought his way into the main death star and fought Darken Rohl. Eren had Darken Rohl on his knees and was about to kill him but it wasn't the jedi way so he didn't. Eren said to Darken Rohl "Killing you wont bring my family back, and killing you will have been my full transformation to the dark side. When Eren began walking away, Darken Rohl impaled and electrified Eren. Eren turned around and killed Darken Rohl. Eren took a control panel from the sith lords body that would detonate all death stars in the galaxy. Eren apologized to his masters and then laid his lightsaber down so that it was sticking up, and then Eren flung himself upon it. His last words were "I've done to many dark things in my life, now I begin to redeem myself, I'm sorry masters, I've failed you again." Then he triggered the panel and all the death stars blew up. The death of the sith emperor made many rebels and the new republic fought back once more. Years later Mara Jade gave birth to her and Eren's son, Dustin. The republic and Mara Jade was in development of a force power so great to bring back the dead and she planned to use this to bring back Eren...

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 Name: Eren Skywalker Species: Human Appearance: Looks like anakin skywalker episode lll with same r
oblivian_jedi commented…
Nice back story il y a plus d’un an
il y a plus d’un an Enderking said…
so he like a werewolf pathetic in the day and ok in the night
MasterofRiddles commented…
which guy u talking about? il y a plus d’un an
Enderking commented…
toi sorry il y a plus d’un an
MasterofRiddles commented…
its ok il y a plus d’un an
il y a plus d’un an jorzack said…
Name: Ace Rithious (Master Rithious)

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Place of birth: Alderran

Status: Jedi knight

Powers: Insane ability of mind trick, even able to trick powerful jedi and sith

Weapon: a standard jedi lightsaber, green

Story: He was born on Alderran and lived with his father who was a bounty hunter. He generally worked for the seperatists. One day his father was assassinated to stop his father from telling a secret of some sort including the seperatists. He was out on the streets by himself. But he got by using his words to trick people. One day a Jedi Master named Querastin. He undercover and looking for seperatist spyes when he came across Ace Rithious trciking a grosser to give him a piece of fruit. The man gave him the apple. The Jedi master followed Ace Rithious home. The master could tell that this boy was 6 years old. When the boy got home the jedi master showed himself. He thought the boy had force senstitivity. He checked and it turned out he had a large amount of mediclorians in his blood and he had a given ability like mace windu's shatter piont but he was able to convince people to do whatever he pleased. He took him back to the jedi temple on Datooine and he was checked before talking training at the corasaunt jedi temple. He trained intensivly and later when he was 16 became Querastin's apprentice. He fought at the battle of geonosia and lived to tell the tale. When the clone was started he was given the rank or jedi knight. Later in the war he became a general and led a squad or clones. After a long time in the clone wars he decided to go find out why the seperatists had killed his father. He travelled to to the ruins of the battle of naboo. He went inside and went threw the information. He found nothing. He was 24 when the jedi purge was ordered. He new nothing of it until he came upon a message now to go to the jedi temple. He stayed in the ruins on naboo for great time before leaving for alderran his homeworld before finding it destroyed. He then went looking for the remaining jedi but came across only women his own age. She was a jedi in exile too but she was engulfed in the dark side. After time Ace Rithious turned her away from the dark side and they fell in love. They had a son and and he grew to about 3 years old when they both knew that darth vader was onto them. They took the kid to an orphanige on naboo and left him with a note about both of them. They travelled far away and tryed to escape darth vader but they were caught and murdered. He descended the force plain and became a force spirit and went along to guide his son Gale Rithious to become a jedi at New Order and went along to guide many other students of the New Order.

jorzack commented…
forms of lightsaber combat: shii-cho, juyo (rarely used), niman il y a plus d’un an
il y a plus d’un an jorzack said…
Name: Erik Cortone

Species: human (male)

Homeworld: Naboo

Chosen weapon(s): sniper rifle, blaster rifle, vibroknife

Talents: expert marksmen, martial artist, expert acrobat, expert assassin, double agent and swordmen

Time: The Old Republic

Story: From a young age erik was very talented, he was observed by the imperials and they brought him in for training. He trained from the age of 9 years old to 18 years old, he became extremely talented and he became very good. He became a imperial agent at the age of 18 and quickly made his way up in ranks. Later in his life he double crossed Jobbada the hutt, unfortunetly jobbada the hutt had predicted this. He had Erik ambooshed by a group of freelance bounty hunters, he was outnumbered and defeated. He cabonited and left jobbada's cell under his cantina on corellia. The cantina was bombed by the republic and everyone was killed, the ruins were untouched, 2000 years by to the time were the galactic empire had been built and the jedi order was destroyed. Darth Vader scavenged threw the ruins of the cantina hoping to find Jedi hiding but instead found something even better, eriks carbonited body. Darth vader uncarbonited his body and received eriks body and received information from him. When darth vader found out he was a master agent he took him in and made him his personal assassin in secret, he used him to kill important people and hunted down jedi and killed them. When darth vader and darth sidious died and the galactic empire was destoryed he was forced to go into hiding, Not much later he started assassinating padawans of luke skywalkers jedi academy. But not much later he engaged in a battle to the death with luke skywalker and was killed
il y a plus d’un an Masiki12 said…
Name: Tyjankem Gerrfapht
Era: The old republic
Homeworld: Dantoine.
Race: Zabrek
Profession: Power Hungry sith
Lightsaber form: Niman


Tyjankem was a high honored soldier of the Madalorian Wars. He fought by the side of and under the order of Meetra Surik. He fought for the reason of becoming hungry for battle, blood, war. He also followed Revan during the Jedi Civil war. As a dark Jedi and an exile, he became very strong in the Dark side of the force and was the source of pain, suffering, and disaster for most planets after Meetra Surik visited them. He super-secretly fought against Queen Talia's forces in the Onderon Civil War. He fled in the middle of it after Meetra Surik fought her way past the Sky Ramp. He also Became the prestige class of the Sith assassin. He took on this role with skill and used it to secretly capture Darth Nihulas's slaves before the destruction of The Ravenger. His existence past the Mandalorian wars was unknown to Meetra Surik due to him faking his death in front of her. He wore simply sith robes until being defeated and left for dead by his former trainee, Yesh Gran. After Being defeated, a dishonored Tyjankem barely recovered from his injuries. He later used is former skills as an assassin to mask his existence to anyone who knew him before his fall. He then wore Sith Warrior armor [in picture] and searched for his former student. Once finding out about suffering and distress on Onderon, he searched the planet for Gran. After finding him just outside the sky ramp, he made the quick-paced move to end his life. The people of Onderon worshiped him as a great helper of the light-side. He quickly proved them wrong after Killing some of Talia's forces. He left after stealing an open Star Port Visa and a starship. His Hunger for disaster did not stop there. He went on to so such acts until he died. After death he was buried on Dxun by a future Mandalore due to being a strong warrior of the Mandalorian wars and an honorable fighter, although he was no help to the Mandalorians.

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 Name: Tyjankem Gerrfapht Era: The old republic Homeworld: Dantoine. Race: Zabrek Profession: Pow
il y a plus d’un an Masiki12 said…
The following comments are just pictures for my character
 The following commentaires are just pictures for my character
il y a plus d’un an Masiki12 said…
Tyjankem's lightsaber
 Tyjankem's lightsaber
il y a plus d’un an Masiki12 said…
Tyjankem's lightsaber [2]
 Tyjankem's lightsaber [2]
il y a plus d’un an Masiki12 said…
Lightsaber [3]
 Lightsaber [3]
Masiki12 commented…
SORRY IF I TOOK UP SO MUCH SPACE. il y a plus d’un an
oblivian_jedi commented…
It's ok il y a plus d’un an
il y a plus d’un an Masiki12 said…
Race: Assassin Droid
Name/Model: HK-60
Weapons: Blaster rifle
Era: Old Republic era
Homewold: Telos.
Master: Getfiya Jifeeveh


After the long lost HK-50 units of assassin droids, destroyed by HK-47, a resident of Telos produced the improved HK unit. More durable, faster, smarter, and more clever. Hk-60 doesn't have have a behavior core so he if more self-controlled. His Photoreceptors are programmed to find targets in a greater way. HK-60's outer casing/shell is also much stronger. It is built to stay in one piece while being damaged by an ion grenade, a rocket launcher, any other rockets, and a vibroblade. Pretty much anything except a lightsaber. Rumor is that some one pushed it off of Nar Shaddaa's docks. And then were found dead the next day. Of course it is a rumor, but many people believe it. HK-60 was a unique model just like HK-47 and doesn't like replicas. HK-47 doesn't have a behavioral core so if anyone got mad at it it wouldn't care.
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 Race: Assassin Droid Name/Model: HK-60 Weapons: Blaster fusil, carabine Era: Old Republic era Homewold: Tel
Masiki12 commented…
Whoops a dit it didn't have a behavioral core twice. My bad >.< il y a plus d’un an
il y a plus d’un an Smalleagle said…
Name: Sean Skywalker
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Era: Old Republic
Status: Jedi Sentinel Padawan
Master: Bastila Shan
Weapons: Dual Yellow Light Sabers
Age: 14
Home world: Tatooine
Back story: Sean is secretly the decendent of the great master Luke Skywalker. He keeps this a secret because he knows he will be treated differently. He was raised on Tantooine and raised by a mechanic who found him in the desert as a little baby. His time growing up he learned to be a maser mechanic and can fix nearly any vehicle or droid in the galaxy. One day the jedi master Bastila Shan came to his fathers shop to get her poor droid fixed. She sensed the force was strong in Sean and took him to Coruscant to train as her padawan. At first he was angry that he was taken from his beloved father but grew to enjoy life at the temple. Later he developed feelings for another Sentinal padawan and they began to secretly date and have romantic affairs together. His dream is to one day beable to return to Tantooine to see his father, and to be with his beloved for the rest of his life.
Ikhtmmf44 commented…
Bastilla Shan lived 4000 years before Luke was born thougb il y a plus d’un an
il y a plus d’un an SamiKango said…
Name: Rah'xen

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Place of Birth: Korriban

Appearance: long badly treated dark brown hair, Glowing red eyes, pale skin

Class: Sith apprentice

Master: None

Weapons: 2 single bladed lightsabers, one red and one yellow

Force Powers: drain death force from dead bodies so the bodies dont even have souls

story: When Rah'xen was born his mother died, and since his father had left korriban long time ago he was then raised by a twi'lek family who gave him his name, he had a good life untill one day he found himself infront of his adoptive family and he had killed them, the were all drained of life energy, and the sith academy there took him in when he was 8 years old. he then got traind in the dark arts, he was one of the most power full sith the academy had, he was as good as Lord Revan was when he joined the academy,and then when he finaly had competed his training he didnt feel compleatly trained, and demanded more training, and when they refused, he killed everyone on the entire planet, and he later made the planet korriban to his place of solitude, and he wen out to search for old sith relics, one that he found was the robe and mas of Darth Revan, and the day he found them he kept and used them, he felt a bond to them and later realised, his father was Darth Revan himself, and his mother was Bastila Shan. hes still on korriban, medetating.
 Name: Rah'xen Gender: Male Race: Human Place of Birth: Korriban Appearance: long badly tr
il y a plus d’un an jim0my said…
how do you make that
SamiKango commented…
toi just make it! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!!!!!!!! il y a plus d’un an
il y a plus d’un an CrystalthekidRS said…
Name: Zokey Crystal Quartzine

Species: Unidentified

Gender: Unidentified

Place of Birth: Unknown

Class: Force Wielder (uses the force)

Status: Poisoned but alive

Appearance: Depends on mood

Powers: All powers of jedi and sith

Weapons: Color changing ligshtsabers

Story: She was on Crystofisos (or however you spell it ) when Anakin Skywalker found her. She had been attacked by a sith lord and need medical help. Or so Anakin thought... She could actually heal herself quickly when she was injured. But there was poison in her that was turning her to the dark side... Will she be able to resist being a sith? only time will tell...
il y a plus d’un an Skywalkerswe said…
Master Ohnu Kal.

Born on the planet Boz Pity, Ohnu Kal never visited his species home planet - Dorin.
His father was a servant to one of the galaxy's richest man, Borrick Daruman, and his mother left them when Ohnu Kal still was a young child.

When Daruman and his family moved to Coruscant, Ohnu was still not five years old. Borrick enjoyed the young Kel Dorians company and treated him like his own. But when they moved to Coruscant the young Kel Dorian was taken to the new Jedi temple by Luke Skywalker and his new Jedi order. Borrick, in his turn, became a senator for the planet of Boz Pity.

Ohnu was in a early age taught that feelings easily could make you suffer, and that suffering is not a way of living life. His father often remained him of his mother, who made him feel that way.

Ohnu Kal grew up together with the Solo-twins (Jaicen and Jaina) and became a close friend with Jaicen.

When Kal turned 20, he was sent by the order to Dantooine on a permanent basis, to secure the planet from corruption and evil powers who circled around on the planet.

Kal was exceptional with his light saber, and was therefor appointed to a member of the Jedi council at the age of 35, still serving the greater good on the planet of Dantooine.
Kal was never given any master or padawan. Instead of being overwhelmed with missions by the council, he studied the force in peace at Dantooine, a planet who became his home. He never lost contact with the 30 year older Borrick Daruman and Daruman moved to the planet when his days as a senator was over.

 Master Ohnu Kal. Born on the planet Boz Pity, Ohnu Kal never visited his species accueil planet - Dor
il y a plus d’un an SamiKango said…
Name: Andalee

Race: Human

Sex: Female

Place of Birth: unknown, somewhere in the outer rim

appearance: Blond hair, curves

Class: Dark Jedi Guardian

Weapons: lightsaber (she inserts different color crystals)

Story: Andalee was born in an unkown place and she later came to tython to study, and then she did all that was needed (jedi knight questline in swtor), she then continued her journey.
SamiKango commented…
toi can meet me at "the harbringer" server il y a plus d’un an
il y a plus d’un an darth777 said…
Title: Darth Nighmera
Name: Savraka Xurge
Species: Zabrak
Sex: male
Place of birth: Iridonia but raised on Korriban
Age: 22
Taken from his family at a young age by Pirates under the authority of Rav Bralor.
The pirates fell under attack while taking Savraka and many other Zabrak children to a slave auction. Crashing on Korriban, killing many upon impact, Savraka emerged from the wreckage to witness who would become his master, the ghost of Naga Sadow, in the ways of the dark side, and the true sith lords. Promising him revenge on Rav, and give him him the tools to do it.
Earning his title early, he became known as Darth Nighmera, losing his color, his yellow turned to a grey and his eyes red with his hate.
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il y a plus d’un an Blitzzking101 said…
Name :GRAAD Dehal
Fake Name:Darth Vulturus
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Glee anselm
Race: Nautolan
Master(s)Secretly Qui gon jinn trained him until death then Kit Fisto Trained him to KnightHood
Weapons:A yellow lightsaber When Qui gon jinn trained him and a Double sided lightsaber that can be taken apart into two lightsabers when trained by Kit Fisto Colored Red
Powers:Red Lightning Master of the force
Appearance:Instead of Green skin like kit fisto he has red skin
Status: Jedi Grand Master
Apprentices:Too many to name

Story:GRAAD Dehal was born and was a force sensitive child, His Villge was raided by droids because sidious wanted him the jedi came to protect him one fell(Died) infront of him Graad picked up his lightsaber and swung it around killing droids. When the battle was over he had survived but his family was dead weeping two strange looking people came up qui gon jinn and obi wan kenobi they took him in obi wan kenobi thought qui gon jinn just taught him a thing or two but he taught him more the obi wan then at the death of qui gon jinn Graad was given a new master kit fisto and Graads lightsaber was destroyed....Graad dehal made a new lightsaber a double sided one that could break apart into two seperate lightsabers. The Only thing Kit Fisto did not like about it was they were red.
: Fast Forward 3 years:
Graads Challenge though he did not know it to become a jedi knight was to get the holocron Darth Taranus had stolen so Graad became a sith he became Darth Vulturus he was odd but it worked when he faced Taranus they fought and fought then Taranus shot him with lightning it was blue Graad copyed him but it was red Taranus could not deflect it and graad had beatin him Vulturus Spared Taranus thinking he would go back to the jedi order he never did.....Graad took the holocron and got it back to the jedi order.
And then he was knighted..................................­...­...­...­...­...­...­...­...­...
 Name :GRAAD Dehal Fake Name:Darth Vulturus Gender: Male Place of Birth: Glee anselm Race: Nautola
il y a plus d’un an Ikhtmmf44 said…
Name: Plinlee Vrai

Species: Human

Birthplace: Naboo; Theed

Gender: Male

Class: Jedi Counselor, Jedi Master

Status: Survived The Clone Wars and the Great Jedi Purge, but died in battle with Darth Vader shortly after the destruction of the 1st Death Star.

Appearance: Short neat dirty blonde hair with a well kept shadow beard, piercing green eyes, Caucasian, long brown master robes revealing heavy armor below.

Commonly used force abilities: Heal, push, whirlwind, energy blast, shield, throw saber, destroy droid, battle meditation, minor abilities to foresee mainly in battle in a similar matter to battle meditation, can turn dark force powers used by foes against his foes without being overcome by the dark side.

Weapons: Two lightsabers; one green and one purple. Sometimes wields one of them singular or a double ended green blade. Expert duelist with cortosis blades.

Story: Vrai and his family lived peacefully on Naboo until age 6 when a Hutt mistakenly kills his parents for a debt someone else owed him. With no parents, the council adapted Plinlee and his 3 siblings to become Jedi. After training for 11 years Plinlee took on the rank of Knight. He helped his Twi'lek master Ati Al Valook train his younger brother Menkib. He fought alongside Valook in many important battles during the clone wars. Among these are The Battle of Naboo, The Battle of Geonosis, The Battle of Kamino, The Battle of Mustafar, and The Battle of Manaan. He took on the title of master after Valook was brutally killed by General Grievous. Although devastated by her loss, Plinlee continued on to battle Grievous a few months before Utapau on his flagship. The conflict left Plinlee severely scarred on his left cheek from a saber strike. During the purge, Plinlee fled to a Corellian Flagship transporting a few surviving knights but was too late to save his brother Menkib, who was brutally cut down by the newly anointed Lord Vader. He would later learn that his sisters Norten and Mach were also killed. He fled into exile on his homeworld Naboo until imperial forces instilled a coup de tat'. Following that event he fled to Coruscant and hid his identity until the destruction of the death star. During this time he married his longtime sweetheart Gasus Movedn. They had a male child named Dinodnf whom they secretly trained in the ways of the jedi. After the Death Star's destruction he boldly took on Vader on his flagship alone. There after a long and bloody fight, Vader triumphantly struck down the Jedi Master with one decisive saber blow to the torso.

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il y a plus d’un an ZS626 said…
Jedi: Kain

Species: Human

Place of birth:?

Class:Jedi Knight


Appearance:Medium length Black hair, brown eyes, Black robes with White Plating

Powers: An odd connection with the force, allowing him to manipulate the force better than most experienced jedi, but not all.

Weapons:A double sided purple lightsaber

Story: Kain's origins aren't shrouded in mystery, but it is widely accepted that he was born in the slums of coruscant, using his power of the Force to steal for his families. He began down this path he is on when one day he found himself trying to steal from a Jedi. The Jedi, realizing his talent for the force, took him to the Jedi council. He was considered a time bomb by some Jedi, meaning that they thought he could be a powerful Jedi, and an even more powerful Sith. They continuously monitored him, without his knowing. One day, when Kain had turned 20, his master died in a duel with the infamous general Grievous. All that was found at his death site, was a hand, a tattered robe, and his masters lightsaber. He took it and used it for five years, until the dreams began. He began to dream of the blade, but the blade was blood red, with a severed hand at the end. He couldn't live with the old blade. He stole the crystal, but burned the rest. He built his own lightsaber, a double bladed purple saber. He uses this blade to enforce the Jedi way, and kill Sith.

Additional facts: Padawan is a Cyborg Jedi named Urthernios (I'll talk more about him later)
Nemesis is Darth Bonner (will also talk more about)
Has a silent rivalry with Ben Kenobi, due to Kain not being the one to kill Grievous.

Quotes: "if you wanna beta job done right, a lightsaber usually helps."
"My master was killed by a machine, you may not be a machine, but I'll kill you anyway."
"Sometimes it's good to get to know your enemy, that way you can kill them for wasting your time getting to know them."

il y a plus d’un an 1flapjack1 said…
Name: Shadow/Master (True Name Unknown)
Age: Approx 4.7 Million Years
Sex: Male
Home world: Tython
Race: ¾ Human, ¼ Sith Pure-blood
Hair: Black, Short
Eye colour: Grey/Blue
Height: 196cm (6'5”)
Build: Slender and Strong
Robe Colour: Black
Alignment: Je'Daii Order, Jedi Order
Rank: Jedi High Master (Former Head of Council (117 times))
Class: Shadow
Military rank: Jedi Lord
Master: None
Weapon: Single bladed White Lightsaber; Blue Light Dagger
Vehicle: Adapted Scyk fighter/ Modified Agave Corvette

Bio: Shadow was born in the Tython system, in 35,798 BBY to his Human mother and half Human half Sith Pure-blood father, both members of the Je'Daii Order, and exiled to the Second Moon of Tython to meditate over their preference for the light side, and to return to a state of harmony. As a boy on Tython, he witnessed the Fall, an object falling out of the sky and onto the surface of Tython. The cause or aftermath was never found. This inspired Shadow to learn the ways of the force and become a Journeyer, to see where it came from. Shadow grew and learned the ways of the force on Tython, and soon became a Je'Daii Master. His parent's death in 35,780 in a landslide pushed Shadow somewhat to the dark side. Something that would be quickly remedied 3 months later in his exile to the Second Moon when he found his Father's lost Lightsaber, an incredibly powerful White Fury, which he came to use as his own. In 35,778 BBY He entered a state of meditation, locked away from the rest of his World. During his time in self exile in the long forgotten Durai'ini First Temple, Shadow perfected his knowledge of the force, and even learned the power of resurrection. 10,000 years later, when he emerged from the Temple, he found the Je'Daii at war.

He joined the Force Wars and defended his fellow Je'Daii under the guise of a simple Journeyer. He was present at the time of Rajivari's betrayal and the formation of the Jedi order, but when most other Jedi left for Ossus to resettle, he stayed, planning to return to the order at a time when it needed him.

He stayed on Tython. He stayed and he waited. Until 3672 BBY when the Jedi rediscovered Tython. And returned. Shadow presented himself as he was. Old. He told his tale to the Jedi and they offered him a position high in the Jedi ranks. But he refused. He became one of the greatest consultants to Jedi ever. Until, in 3639 BBY when he left Tython for the first time in his life since he was on the Second Moon all those years ago. And in his travels he came across an adversary. Sith Lord Tagriss. They commenced a Lightsaber battle that was quickly won by Shadow. But as he was going to incapacitate Tagriss, the Sith took the Darkstaff and used it on Shadow. Sending him 4.7 Million years into the past.

Shadow witnessed the formation of life as we know it, the rise and fall of civilisations, and eventually, he found himself on a small ship, falling towards Tython in the year 35,790. He finally knew what the Fall was. At this point, he had lived for so long, witnessed so much that he decided to wait for the formation of the Jedi on Tython again. But this time, he planned to go with them. He did. He became one of the most famous, revered and reclusive Jedi known to exist. He was leader of the council 117 times during this period, until Palpatine's rise in the Senate, and his sudden and quite abrupt disappearance from Coruscant. Shadow had been exiled from the Republic by the Senator (later Chancellor/Emperor) and went back to Tython to meditate. He remains there to this day, training Jedi or Force-Sensitives that come to the planet in his Jedi Academy. During this time came his decision to no longer use his Lightsaber or his more powerful Force powers because he felt too much strength within him. He vowed to remain peaceful and kill none.

NOTE: All events, factions, species, weapons, vehicles, and characters mentioned (apart from Shadow and his parents) are real in the Star Wars Expanded Universe.
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He also has a Double Bladed Blue and Green Lightsaber. Here are pics of all his weapons: link il y a plus d’un an
il y a plus d’un an EmilyBendal said…
Name: Emily Bendal

Species: Human

Place of Birth: Naboo, she later moved to Tatoonie and then moved back to Naboo.

Class: Jedi Knight, Sith Lord, and Senator

Status: Alive

Appearance: Long blonde hair, green eyes.

Powers: The Force, at one time.

Weapons: Purple lightsaber, a Sith double bladed lightsaber, and later as senator of Naboo, a gun.

Bio: Bendal makes a surprise appearance to Luke Skywalker on Tatoonie at the begining of Return of the Jedi, before Luke heads to Jabba's Place. Bendal comes to Luke to help complete her training, she was once a Padwan of Master Yoda, but once the Master fell ill her training stopped. Yoda told Emily of Luke Skywalker, and orders her to complete her training with him. Luke agrees and the two travel together throughout Return of the Jedi, after the Empire is destroyed Luke and Emily admit their feelings toward each other. The two being to carry on a secret relationship until Emily breaks it off, saddened by the break up, Luke starts to fall in love with Mara Jade. Jade and Skywalker soon announce their marriage, infuriated by this Emily goes to the Emperor's clone and becomes his new hand. Palpatine orders Bendal to slay the Jedi at Luke's Jedi temple. She obeys his orders and recreates Order 66, killing all the Jedi but Leia, Luke and Mara. Luke's childhood friend, Emily Jarkin is the only one who knows of Bendal's betrayal. Jarkin sets off to destroy Bendal, they engage in combat causing Bendal to loose her left hand. Jarkin leaves Bendal for dead taking her lightsaber back to Luke. Upon hearing that his padwan and once lover is dead, Luke and Jarkin fight. Upon seeing Han, Jarkin's love intrest, marry Leia, and Luke banishing her, she leaves and becomes a Rogue Jedi. Over time, Luke and Mara have a son, Ben, and Han and Leia have three kids. Twins Jaina and Jacen, and Anakin, who later dies, Jacen turns to the dark side to assist the Emperor. While Jaina remains a Jedi, on a mission to Naboo a group of the Rebels consisting of; Han, Leia, Jaina, Luke, Ben, Mara, and a bunch of troops seize a palace that has been taken over by the new Empire. Once inside Jaina and Jacen, now Darth Cadeus, battle, the others proceed to move along until their only entrance is blocked by a Sith Lord. The hood of the Sith is removed to reveal it's Bendal. Luke, Ben, and Mara take on the now powerful Sith Emily, meanwhile Jarkin is at the palace to take out Bendal by the orders of Darth Cadeus. Bendal traps Luke and Ben behind a laser door while she alone battles and kills Mara, which Jarkin happens to witness. Luke then removes the laser and fights Emily, while Ben is told to stay behind. Bendal is about to strike Luke down when the Emperor steps in, ordering Bendal to complete her destiny and kill Luke. Bendal looks back at Luke, realizing she loves him and refuses, she then attacks the Emperor, with the help of Jarkin. The two destroy Palpatine. Bendal apologizes to Luke, who forgives her, the two later on marry, while researching Luke finds out that Jarkin and Bendal are twins separated at birth, making Bendal's real name Emma. Later Bendal gives birth to Luke's second child, a daughter named Padmé, Bendal then retires from being a Jedi and becomes Senator of Naboo.

il y a plus d’un an Sidious8 said…
Name: Darth Veraal

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Age: 54

Birthplace/Home world: Naboo

Period: Old Republic Era

Class: Sith Lord And Dark Jedi Master

Masters: Darth Traya (Kreia) And Jedi Master Vandar.

Apprentice: Ammorra (Briefly)

Status: Alive

Special Abilities: Force Choke, Force Lightning, Force Push, Force Jump Force Pull and Lightsaber throw.

Cybernetics: A Respirator.

Appearance: Bald with red lines on his face with dark eye shadows, wearing dark red sith robe.

Weapon: Red Lightsaber.

Children: Adoptive Daughter Named Ammorra (Currently Training As A Jedi Padawan Under Master Vandar to save her adoptive father from the darkside.)



After the mandalorian and sith wars when Darth Malak falls and Darth Revan disappears, Darth Veraal began as a handsome young man born on the beautiful planet of Naboo as Alekzt Zhazst, he was said to be a very noble man of great talent in many things, his life was good when he grew up and enlisted in the military as a royal Naboo soldier. while he was serving Naboo, he began collecting ancient artifacts as he discovered many ancient ruins on Naboo exploring the vast countryside as a young man, he also discovered a cave full of special crystals and an ancient alter within, while he was in there, he discovered an abandoned little baby girl in which he took her in as his daughter, many months later he was then discovered by a jedi master named Vandar, whom knew he was force sensitive and decided to bring him to dantooine to give him jedi training, as he left Naboo, he gave his daughter to the Naboo mistresses for special care while he was away for his jedi training in dantooine, master Vandar stated that he was believed to have the powers to end the sith and bring peace to the galaxy, as Alekzt began his training as a jedi padawan under master Vandar, he quickly mastered every jedi abilities and impressed master Vandar and the jedi council, therefore he got promoted to Jedi Knight. Master Vandar said to Alekzt that if he were to master the jedi training, he would have the abilities to protect his loved ones from harm and and bring peace to the galaxy. However, he was sent along with the other jedi knights on a mission to stop the sith invasion of kashyyyk, while he was there he faced an unknown dark jedi, they dueled lightsabers, when Alekzt gained the upper hand during the duel, the dark jedi was wounded and escaped in his own ship and flew off. The war on kashyyyk was a a victory when the sith retreated back to their ships. However the war wasn't over when he had heard the news that the sith has invaded Naboo and destroyed everything, Alekzt was in a hurry in his own Starfighter to Naboo to try to save his adopted daughter, as he was warned many times by the jedi council on dantooine that he shouldn't go alone. By the time Alekzt got to Naboo everything was in ruins Alekzt gave into his anger and slashed every sith soldier he saw with his Lightsaber when he couldn't find his daughter but found the Naboo mistresses lay dead but no sign of his daughter's body. he soon figured out that what Jedi Master Vandar told him was a lie, and that he couldn't save Ammorra from the sith in which he believed that his daughter was killed and he had given in to his hatred and his anger. He soon heard a voice of an old woman whispering in his head "Use The Force To Crush Your Enemies Beneath, And Give In To Your Hatred." Feeling stunned, Alekzt found out that the old woman wasn't around when he tried looking around for her soon or later an old woman in dark robes with braids appeared behind Alekzt, and told him that the force was strong within him, and that a very powerful sith he will become. She said "A Talented Warrior You Are, You Are Very Strong With The Force, The Most Powerful Sith You Will Become, Hence Fourth, From This Day On, You Shall Be Known As Darth Veraal. Due to his respiratory problems, he was given a respirator and traditional dark sith robes, and a new sith crafted Lightsaber with a crystal that was as red as a ligrek's eye, he became the dark lord of the sith under master Darth Traya. The secret thing was his Adoptive daughter was still alive, because she hid with one of the mistress's maids but she was sent to dantooine on board a ship to find her father. When Ammorra landed in dantooine, she lived with the jedi council as they raised her and trained her as a jedi but never told her the truth because they sensed that her adoptive father Alekzt has gone to the dark side and they were right.
Soon Ammorra discovered Darth Veraal when he and his sith forces invaded dantooine to rid of the last few jedi masters. Ammorra and Darth Veraal dueled lightsabers, Ammorra was wounded and had successfully escaped Darth Veraal.
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 Name: Darth Veraal Species: Human Gender: Male Age: 54 Birthplace/Home world: Naboo
il y a plus d’un an Herosong64 said…
Name: Eve Kitariaa

Species: Human


Age: 19

Place Of Birth: Unknown, even to her. She was kidnapped at a very young age by the Empire.

Powers: Both Dark and Light Side Powers, including Force Heal and Force Lightning,.

Weapon: Purple lightsabre, occasional blaster

Vehicle(s): TIE Fighter(With the Empire), T-16 X-Wing Fighter(Currently)

Status: Alive/MIA

Class: Jedi Knight

Eve has honey blonde hair with natural gold highlights and brown streaks, grey eyes which often have shadows beneath them, and typically wears a black jumpsuit(with the Sith) or dark brown Jedi robes and Stormtrooper armor(similar to Obi-Wan Kenobi in "The Clone Wars"). Her necklace was the only thing she had retained from her past, and it somewhat enables her to be more Force-Sensitive even than a normal Jedi.

Back Story: Eve was kidnapped by the Empire at the age of 7 and contracted amnesia in the struggle between her, her family, and the clones/stormtroopers. She and her family stood no chance. Recognizing her adaptivity with the Force, Emperor Palpatine and Vader both trained her to be a Sith. After the first Death Star blew up, she received another knock to the head and recovered her memories. She then abandoned the Empire's cause and went out on her own. After the Empire was defeated, she was taken in by Luke Skywalker and other Force adepts as one of the first Jedi Padawans. She soon after graduated(since she had been mostly trained anyways), and is now traveling the worlds in suit of adventures... And (luckily) not revenge. Since then, she has also fallen out of communication with the Jedi Masters and it is unclear weather she's a Jedi or, again, a Sith, or a Rouge.

Or dead, which I can assure you, shes not, but don't tell anyone XD!!!!!
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 *SORRY! ITS LONG! Name: Eve Kitariaa Species: Human Gender:Female Age: 19 Place Of Birth
il y a plus d’un an jol345 said…
Name: Jedi Master Fay

Species:Near Human
Place of Birth:Unknown
Class:Jedi Master
Appearance:Long golden hair,black eyes,white robe
Powers:Master with the Force
Weapons:None,she fights with the force
Story:She was the bravest and the most beautiful jedi on the outer rim.rarely came to Coruscant.Died fighting at Quetya
il y a plus d’un an -insertname- said…
Name: Darth Shattra

DOB: 20,000 years after the battle of Yavin.

Age: 236 years old.

Gender: Male

Height: 6' 7"

Weight: 175 lbs.

Species: Shantari

Appearance: Muscular build, humanoid body, pure black eyes, short dark blue hair, pale red skin, two rows of long, thin head spines.

Specialized Anatomy: Two hearts, lungs capable of breathing in most atmospheres (including underwater) enhance vision and hearing (compared to humans)

Class: Sith Marauder

Title: Dark Lord of the Sith.

Position: Emperor; Leader of the Sith Ascendancy.

Known Alliance: The Jedi Order, The Sith Ascendancy.

Trainers: Master Rensho: Darth Yvette

Lightsaber Style: Shattra was trained in all seven forms of Lightsaber combat. Though proficient in all seven forms, he specialized in the Makashi Form as well as in the Jar'Kai Form.

Force Powers: Shattra was trained with basic Force powers from both the Light Side and Dark Side (lightning, choke, jump, saber throw ect.) and is very proficient with all of these.

Attire: Black Sith robes, beskar (Mandalorian iron) breast plate and gauntlets capable of deflecting Lightsabers

Armament: Two single bladed Lightsabers with classic hilts. Blaster pistol (similar to the T-6 Thunderer) and various explosives.

Vehicle: A comfortable sized personal transport. Armed and armoured well enough to match most capital ships. Equipped with two hanger bays. One holds 24 advanced tactical fighters. The other holds 6 advanced recovery units. Similar in design (though larger than) the YT-1760 transport.

Vehicle Armament: 50 Heavy Turbolaser batteries, 60 Turbolaser batteries, 25 Small Turbolaser batteries (usually use for close range defence) and 10 proton torpedo launchers.

Bio: Discovered at age 7 by Jedi Master Cho Shi to have a deep connection with the force, Shattra was taken to the Jedi Temple to begin training as a Jedi. He was taken under the tutelage of Cathar Jedi Master Rensho. In his second year of training the two were sent on a high priority mission to protect the Supreme Chancellor during peace negotiations. En route, the convoy was attacked by enemy forces. During the attack, Darth Yvette killed Master Rensho and captured Shattra. Under Yvette's guidance Shattra excelled as a Sith. Thirteen years after beginning his training he killed his master, and elevated to Dark Lord of the Sith. Taking an apprentice of his own, Shattra became even more powerful. He soon came to realize that the Rule of Two only held the Sith back. Slowly, over many years he trained several apprentices. As they finished there training, the former apprentices took their own apprentices.

Fifty years later, the Sith Ascendancy rose. The Jedi Order, now seeing what they had felt as a growing darkness in the Force recalled all of their members to the temple. Soon a war between the Sith and the Jedi erupted. Though the Jedi Order was strong, they were no match for the Sith Ascendancy. Within a year, the Jedi Order collapsed and the Sith Ascendancy took control.

At age 73 Shattra took his place as the Emperor of the Inner and Outer Rims. The few remaining Jedi had retreated to the Unknown Regions, beyond the Outer Rim. Content in his position, Shattra appointed Darth Tyrius as the leader of the Sith Academy.

For 65 years Shattra held his position with only a few assassination attempts. However in his 65th year holding the position of Emperor, the Jedi Order returned. Stronger than ever before they attacked the Sith Ascendancy. For nearly ten years the two powers fought for control. Both sides took heavy casualties, but the Jedi were eventually able to beat the Sith.

Though he killed the Grand Master and Jedi Weapons Master, he was eventually severely wounded when confronted by several members of the Jedi council.

Left for dead by the Jedi, Shattra returned to Korriban, the ancient home world of the Sith. Upon arriving, he found that three other Sith had survived. Working together the three Sith began to rebuild their order. Now after almost 90 years the Sith Ascendancy is ready to return to power. And only the Jedi stand in their way.
il y a plus d’un an GTAVLover234567 said…
Name: Darth Orthius
Birthplace: Unknown (Believed To Be Before The Old Republic Era)
Race/Species: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Height: 6'5
Weight: Unknown
Appearance: Purple Robe with a waving cape, he has only one hand.
Class: Dark Lord Of The Sith
Powers: Force Lightning, Force Jump, Force Push, Force Pull.
Weapon: Golden Hilt Purple Light saber.
Master: Unknown Sith Lord

Nothing much is known about this sith lord, but it is said that he was a master at wielding his light saber and light saber dueling, it is believed that the jedi feared him due to his light saber and force mastery. His old master had sliced off his other hand due to his lack of knowledge, but later he betrays his master and poisoned him, now he fights and duels with only one hand and he is really good at it. He believes in only himself and for himself.
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 Name: Darth Orthius Birthplace: Unknown (Believed To Be Before The Old Republic Era) Race/Species:
il y a plus d’un an YukaDT118 said…
Name: Moff Alex Bane
Birthplace: Kashyyyk
Race: Human
Age: 50
Gender: Male
Height: 6'1
Appearance: He only shows himself in his re-modified Dark Trooper Phase 3 Exo-suit armor
Weapon: Twin blaster rifles, sniper rifle, and Detonator packs
Class: Bounty Hunter/Assassin/Secret Empire Assassin

Moff Alex Bane was a special weapons scientist working with General Rohm Mohc's special Dark trooper project under the empire that was ruled by Darth Vader and Darth Sidious, he was so interested into the dark trooper project that he wanted to get involve because he was so loyal to the empire and had high hatred of the rebel alliance, after Kyle Katarn had caused the destruction of the Arc Hammer, the ship that belonged to General Mohc, Moff Alex Bane stole one of the Dark Trooper Phase 3 Exo-Suit and escaped, he re-modified everything to make it look more advance, he secretly worked on the project on kashyyyk without lord vader's knowledge, later on after the destruction of the second death star Moff Alex Bane became the galaxy's most feared bounty hunter and assassin still lurking in the shadows. he will only appear in his exo-suit, the appearance of his face and facials remain unknown.
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 Name: Moff Alex Bane Birthplace: Kashyyyk Race: Human Age: 50 Gender: Male Height: 6'1 Appeara
il y a plus d’un an NielsonBerry said…
Name: Darth Loathius
Place of Origin: Unknown
Master: Darth Maul

Nothing is known about Loathius' early years, or even his teen years. He was found in a burned and abandoned hut by Darth Maul on Alderaan. Loathius was Maul's apprentice for eleven years, and Sidious was aware of it the entire time, though Sidious never revealed to Maul that he knew this. Loathius encountered and killed four Jedi in his eleven years as an apprentice. Though each Jedi was only an apprentice, Maul saw that his apprentice would soon become more powerful than him. Maul was plotting to trick Sidious into thinking that Loathius was a self proclaimed Sith, something he felt Sidious would strongly disapprove of and would drive the Sith Master to kill Maul's apprentice. Just as Maul was realizing the worth of his apprentice, he was sent to Naboo to destroy Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi. As we know, Maul only succeeded in killing one of the Jedi, and was almost killed by Kenobi. Soon after this event occured, Loathius learned of the plans of his master. He began to hunt Maul, but three years after his hunt began, this lone Sith disappeared. Rumors were had that he was on Mustafaar and was nearly killed by Darth Vader, others that he went to the Outer Rim. All that is truly known is that he is still alive. Sidious speaks often to Vader of sensing "one who was submissive to Maul". In a short record written by Maul just before the time of his fall to Kenobi, he writes, "My apprentice has grown powerful. I see the ferocity of Bane in his left eye, and the wisdom of Plagueis in his right. He fights with the tenacity of a Rancor. He seems near invincible. There are only two Sith who have ever unlocked the secret that Plagueis discovered, and I feel as though my apprentice's wisdom is beyond both of them. Master Sidious, if you ever encounter my apprentice, Darth Loathius, favor him. He will be a great asset to the Sith in years to come."
il y a plus d’un an C_C_Syrup said…
Name: Waryn Gallen
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Born in: Coruscant
Class: Jedi Knight
Status: Alive
Appearance: Long dark brown hair and beard.green eyes,thin,crimson Jedi robes with no sleeve on right arm.
Weapon: Double-ended silver beam lightsaber

Story: Waryn Gallen was given Jedi training by Corran Horn at the age of 12. Waryn learned how to use the force like a Jedi master within the span of 1 year and learned how to use a lightsaber in that time. Corran was amazed by this and realized that Waryn had great potential and was brought to Luke Skywalker. After training with Luke,Waryn was stronger than Corran Horn. Waryn and Corran were sent on a mission to arrest an unamed fugitive on Coruscant. When Waryn and Corran found the fugitive,he ran as Waryn and Corran chased him. Waryn pulled back the fugitive with the force,suddenly the fugitive uses force lightning on Corran Horn and Waryn blocks it swiftly.The fugitive took a lightsaber out and started dueling Waryn,Corran came from behind and the fugitive used force push on Waryn and impaled Corran. Immediately,Waryn rushes at the fugitive and uses the force to bash him against the walls and then put him in stasis.
Waryn took Corran's lightsaber and fused it with his .Waryn brought Corran's corpse and the fugitive to Luke,suddenly Kyp Durron says "Served Corran right".Waryn took Kyp with the force and smashed him into the wall so hard that he died.Luke tries to force push Waryn but Waryn runs away and takes a fairly big ship and is now on his own. Waryn assembled a crew and now lives in a ship living life the way he wants to,by himself.No Jedi,No sith.
 Name: Waryn Gallen Species: Human Gender: Male Born in: Coruscant Class: Jedi Knight Status: Ali
il y a plus d’un an MakGaming said…
Name: Aaron VI
Age: 33
Race: Cyborg Hybrid
Allegiance: Jedi
Class: Master
Masters/Padawans: Kai "Scorpion" Sojata, Yoda, Master Kenobi
Homeworld: Corescant
Aaron was created on Corescant by a scientist determined to create the perfect species. The scientist eventually passed away and Aaron was then able to travel the galaxy. Kenobi found Aaron sitting in a bar shortly after his scrap with Anakin Skywalker. He had no idea about his cybernetics but Kenobi sensed the force in him. He took him to Yoda and have Kenobi permission to train him. Years went by, and by the time Kenobi was exiled to Tattooine, Yoda completed his training. Despite his cybernetics, he became greedy like any human. He quit the Jedi and went to a prestigious bounty hunter group. He merry a woman got an apprentice, and lived a life of luxury. But that was until he faced Sith Lord Darth Rayne to collect a bounty, and is now under medical care.
il y a plus d’un an MakGaming said…
Name: Aaron VI
Age: 33
Race: Cyborg Hybrid
Allegiance: Jedi
Class: Master
Masters/Padawans: Kai "Scorpion" Sojata, Yoda, Master Kenobi
Homeworld: Corescant
Aaron was created on Corescant by a scientist determined to create the perfect species. The scientist eventually passed away and Aaron was then able to travel the galaxy. Kenobi found Aaron sitting in a bar shortly after his scrap with Anakin Skywalker. He had no idea about his cybernetics but Kenobi sensed the force in him. He took him to Yoda and have Kenobi permission to train him. Years went by, and by the time Kenobi was exiled to Tattooine, Yoda completed his training. Despite his cybernetics, he became greedy like any human. He quit the Jedi and went to a prestigious bounty hunter group. He merry a woman got an apprentice, and lived a life of luxury. But that was until he faced Sith Lord Darth Rayne to collect a bounty, and is now under medical care.
il y a plus d’un an wolfmaster3000 said…
Name: Moven

Race: Human

Age: 86 (looks 30 )

Allegiance : Himself, Jedi Order (before it fell to palpatine) / Founder of his own Jedi school

Class: Grand Master

Home world : unknown

Padawan: Tarken Zylas (Most Note Able )

Bio: Moven was just a youngling in when what would be become known as the great jedi purge begun to happen however he was old enough to flee the temple as he watched some one of whom he Admired Slaughter everyone he knew and loved. Unfortunately Anakin sensed the youngling escape and begun to track him down with much effort and time Moven was able to escape with the help of what was left of the Jedi Masters. they put him into a X-Wing with a preset destination. little did Moven know that this planet although nice and Peaceful was almost abandoned. except for a few Local races. To Moven's luck another Jedi master escaped the purge though greatly woudned. and cointued Moven's Training by the age of 16 Moven had grown annoyed with the new Empire ruled by Darth Vader as such he decided to challenge him to a Duel on one of his many Battle ships. Although Moven was strong he wasn't strong enough Moven left the battle Greatly injured and in need of new eyes for the fight had rendered him blind. Moven went back to his planet to heal and be cared for by his master. At age 25 Moven had grown accustomed to seeing through the force his Master now dead. Moven traveled the Galaxy studding all sorts of things. Year came to pass and the new Jedi order was formed Moven was quick to Join and was quickly made a Master by Luke himself. Moven Once again New peace. how ever Moven was quickly judged by his companions because of his strict teaching in the Arts of the Dark side of the force so his Padowans would be able to identify and counter the abilities better and even use a few so long as they didn't give into the power. Unfortuantely no one agreed with this teaching. So Luke Banished Moven from the new jedi order. Moven returned to his planet that had brought him so much pain and suffering and established his own Jedi Temple to Incorporate his new teachings of the Force.He also taught some of the Local Races on his Planet a few tricks with force. Moven doesn't just teach the force he also teaches history and Educates those who seek it. As such his school is popular but no one wishes to seek help about the force from him. However Mouken has found his first if not only one true desciple a Half Kiffar half Human hybrid.Mouken is currently undergoing his training.
il y a plus d’un an darthgodking said…
Darth sasuke is a master of martial arts and the force power, with his swiftness and agility, he capable of defeating Luke sky walker , he uses a double sided light saber, and is extremely powerful, everyone fears him, he has a army oh sith, purely trained to use light sabers, his apprentice is his younger brother, cindius, he is not even close to the power that darth sasuke has. Darth sasuke, fears death, so he uses his anger and fear control his mind, he was a former Jedi knight, he betrayed all of his friends in a battle againist the empire, killing 23 Jedi and 436 clones, he stands strong only scratched by his best friend, across the eye. After that battle, he served the empire as a loyal acolyte, he was not satisfied with his title after 6 years, he finally gathered ALL the acolytes, he started a rebellion and stayed the emperor and took over the sith council, with all former members of the sith council, we're all murdered, and tortured, now he owns his cyborg planet, filled with robots, defences, sexy women, some humans, and everything you have dreamed of, he rules this planet fighting the republic, killing Jedi with no problem. The next 3 years , he finally met someone that stood a chance, his son, some how a Jedi, he came to earth sasukes planet, gaining entrance into sasukes kingdom, he challenged sasuke to a challenge, of course sasuke tried to persuade his son to join him, he declines immediatly, sasuke, spits in his face and sends his brother to kill him, his son and cindius fight for a good 5 minutes, his son force chokes cindius and throw him againist the walls 5 times, he falls to the floor , using the force to grab his saber, and goes to strike sasukes son. Identified as "reaver" reaver, parries his attacks and cuts his ear off cindius staggers and reaver slices him in half. Sasuke is extremely impressed, he sends his strongest acolyte (robotic darth maul) darth maul drops down to confront reaver "you cannot defeat me, for I am the strongest acolyte here!" Darth maul screams. (Reaver sighs) "you can be so much more as a Jedi, the sith has blinded you, come, join the rebelling!" Reaver replies, "I'll never join you, you're a coward, I'll murder you for my master." Maul says. (Maul leaps toward reaver, dashing to kick him) reaver Counters and grabs his leg and elbows three times, maul does a back flip grabbing two light sabers out of his pitch black robes, he ignites them, reaver, slowly grabbing his light saber, he says "you don't wanna do this, for I will slay you in the matter of seconds acolyte, the sith are using you as a slave boy!" Maul nods his head and leaps toward reaver. Reaver his surprised by his strength and agility, reaver parrys many of maul attacks, and maul is purely using offense and reaver using defence, reaver force pushes maul to the wall, maul slowly falls down the wall, his saber is all the way across the room, sasuke his pleased by what he is watching and laughing loud, "bravo pitiful Jedi" sasuke says, reaver looks towards him in a evil fashion. He remembers that he needs to focus at the task at hand, he looks at maul jump to his feet, using the force to grab his light saber while running super fast at reaver, he leaps and strikes reaver, reaver parrys and they start to go at it again, 10 minutes of battling, reaver is finally worn out and so is maul. Maul hits reavers light saber out of his hand and goes to strike him, reaver dodges and kicks mauls hand, maul drops his saber, they start to do hand to hand. Combat, maul is experienced because his master his extremely experienced with martial arts. Maul goes to kick reaver, and hits him in the face, he's falls straight to the ground, maul grabs a backup light saber and ignites it and goes to strike reaver, reaver dodges uses the force to launch his saber into mauls chest, maul dies instantly. Sasuke pleased to what he watched, jumps to kill his once son. They stare at each other, and sasuke says "prepare to meet your end, Jedi." Reaver nods. Reaver takes his saber out of mauls chest (btw maul is a human) reaver jumps back due to the fear of sasuke, he realizes that maul was hard to fight, but the emperor, was gonna be ten times harder for him. Short of words, he replies "I shall use my force to defeat you. But I will show no hesitation to kill you. sith." Sasuke smirks and says "we shall see." Walking in a circle waiting for one to strike, sasuke finally leaps towards reaver striking him with his dark double sided light saber, reaver loses his balance and falls to the ground, sasuke force choke and mixes it with lighting to destory reaver, reaver is in pain, he grabs his saber slowly and blocks the lighting, and rolls to the left and hides behind a pillar, sasuke slashes threw the pillar and the pillar is 5 feet away from falling on reaver, he dodges and grabs his light saber trying to control sasukes power, sasuke slashes and cuts reavers leg, reaver doesn't feel it because all he fears his fear, reaver tries to stike sasuke and sasuke, hits the saber out of reavers hand. Reaver looks scared. Sasuke said "join me son, for we shall rule the Galaxy!!!!" Reaver looks into sasukes blood red eyes, and says "NEVER!!!!!!!!" Sasuke beheads his once son. Sasuke, looks at his beheaded son on the ground. He spits on him. And walks away . Putting on his black robe. And sits down on his gold throne. And force pushes reaver into a pile of former jedis that challenged him, people say that sasuke wields a power blade made from a god it self. Forever he was feared.
 Darth sasuke is a master of martial arts and the force power, with his swiftness and agility, he capa
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I hope it's alright that I use your sith in my story il y a plus d’un an
il y a plus d’un an amarchiel135 said…
Name: Darth Kato
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Planet of Origin: Onderon
Master: Darth Revan
Type-double blade
Description- It is a double blade with two 2 inch long blades, one on each side, across from the other
Robe: Black
Race: White
Background: Darth Kato, born Dane Kanar was born on Onderon, The spirit of Jedi master alpha (the first Jedi) took him back to the temple. At one point, Darth Revan and Darth Malak attacked the Jedi temple and tried to kill Dane, and failed realizing he was to powerful. Darth Revan claimed Dane as his apprentice same with Darth Malak. The two sith battled and Darth Revan cut off Darth Malaks jaw. Dane was trained in the sith arts as an assassin and later had many noticeable kills such as the grandmaster Jedi at the time. Darth Kato eventually killed his master when Revan went back to the Republic and became Sith'ari (ultimate sith). He eventually founded the Sith temple on Corriban. He sought Darth Anendedu's holocron and created his own. Darth Kato established a Sith empire after Revan and Malaks ended. He had many apprentice such as Darth Bane and was ruler of the Sith for 300 years. Darth Kato eventually met his downfall at the hands of Kao Cen Darach, but Darth Kato's spirit lived on. Darth Kato's spirit also trained Darth Malgus, Darth Sidious and Darth Krayt. Darth Kato's spirit lived on forever and continued to train many Sith for thousands of years.
il y a plus d’un an amarchiel135 said…
Darth Kato continuation
Eye color: blue as Jedi, red as Sith
Hair color: black
Hair style: short
il y a plus d’un an oblivian_jedi said…
Grey Jedi: jace Shan
Weapons: 2 White light sabers
Status: alive
Born on corisont jace was named after his ansester Jace malcom. He was trained as a Jedi at a young age by his mother sateel Shan but his training was cut short when his mother was killed buy Darth vader, he would have been killed to if it wasn't for his heightened force ability witch helped him escape into the lower levels. he was only 10 at the time but he was caning enough to survive in the under world of corisont, at the age of 14 he decided to track down the so called rebel alliance his hunt brought him to the outer rim where he meet a Jedi named Asoka tano who agreed to train him if he joined them he agreed and for 5 years he was her padawon he grow fond of Asoka's daughter padmae who was a year younger than him. Alfter he finished is training him and padmae got married on the planet of Naboo. Once the emperor was destroyed him and padmae helped Luke found the new Jedi order. At the age of 23 he killed Darth sasuke's second sith apprentice named Darth empirias how was actually a corrupt Jedi called kell imerous. After he returned from his battle with kell he became a father to 3 kids named Revan ,Bastila and Sateel he took Revan as his padawon.
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 Grey Jedi: jace Shan Weapons: 2 White light sabers Status: alive Born on corisont jace was named
il y a plus d’un an oblivian_jedi said…
Sith: fanlen aleck/The dark watchmen
Weapons:2 red light sabers
Status: alive?

Falin alek was born on manaan and taken to the Jedi temple by yoda him self trained as a Jedi sentinel by master plo-koon he excelled at tracking and duelling but he lacked patients. During the clone wars he received the republic badge of honor for his countless victory's. Palpatine saw he patenchal and corrupted his mind and bought him to the dark side palpatine secretly trained him as his apprentice to replace count doku but soon after fanlen's training was complete palpatine replaced him with anakin, Enraged with this he confronted palpatine but he was defeated, as he lay on the floor his old master force pushed him out a window. Through pure rage he managed to survive the encounter but he lost an arm as a result . mortally wounded he crawled his way to the closest medical bay were he was treated. When he was folly healed he went to tatooine where he lived in an abandoned sand crawler for ten years where had built a cybernetic arm to replace his old one. Sensing a old treat was going to return he left a note that read "there coming" and had a symbol that belonged to a race long thought extinct after that he vanished into uncharted space.
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 Sith: fanlen aleck/The dark Watchmen – les Gardiens Weapons:2 red light sabers Status: alive? Falin alek was b
il y a plus d’un an oblivian_jedi said…
Ratchet is a bounty hunter born on mandalore and trained by bobba fett his kill count is the highest in the galixy And he's only in his twenties. his peasants where killed by Darth sasuke when he was five. He is feared around the galixy as the deadliest bounty hunter in the galixies he has even killed countless sith
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 Ratchet is a bounty hunter born on mandalore and trained par bobba fett his kill count is the highest
il y a plus d’un an oblivian_jedi said…
Name: The hunter
Home world:tatooine
Age: 23 in his physical prime
Status: alive
Shatter point, extreme force lightning, extreme force strength and speed, battle mind and a combo of shatter point ,force push and force lightning combined into a beam which devastates opponents.
Weapons: 2 orange light sabers 1 long bade and 1 short blade and a back up blaster
Armor: mandalorian armour with Jedi robes
Class: none
Lightsaber style:his own
Area: ???
Mottos: born a lie die a legend, I make my own destiny
Skills: he is a skilled Martial artist.
Note: he has no formal training. he also tends to sneak around even being described as just a shadow.
Personality: brave and reckless

Born on tatooine he grew up on the streets stealing food and credits to survive. At the age of 10 a Jedi named Waryne Gallen discovered him and bought him to the the Jedi temple on corasont but just as his training began the sith led by Darth Skull attacked the temple, the Jedi fought valiantly but sith won. he managed to flee to a ship and make it to the outer rim with the on his tail. For the next year he lived on the run fighting of bounty hunters and sith alike. but he didn't admit defeat. By the age of fifteen he had trained him self in light saber combat but his force abilities lacked, so he left tatooine in search of the spirit of bastilla shan in hopes she would train him. when he tracked her down she agreed to train him in the ways of the force if he agreed to bring the sith to justus he gladly accepted. so for the next three years he trained with bastilla. when his training was complete he returned to tatooine because he heard roamers that there was a sith training facility on tatoonie. for a year he searched but his efforts turned up empty until the sith made there move. The sith sent a battalion of sith warriors to destroy mos eisley but what the sith saw at the city gates shocked them, a single jedi standing there saber ignited, the sith charged at him but one by one the sith fell to his blade only leaving one alive to send a message to there master that hes coming four them.
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 Name: The hunter accueil world:tatooine Age: 23 in his physical prime Status: alive Shatter point,
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Sorry if these guys are to op
il y a plus d’un an oblivian_jedi said…
Name: Jace Qinn/arc angle
Home world: alderan
Species: human
Weapons: 2 orange light sabers
Class: celestials
Age: ???
Status: alive
Powers: mainly force beams.

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 Name: Jace Qinn/arc angle accueil world: alderan Species: human Weapons: 2 orange light sabers Clas
il y a plus d’un an Darth_Kaujas said…
Name: Darth Kaujas

Original name: Antares Andmacu

Abilities: skilled in every force powwer. A master in force drain, force lightning/chok and force vision

Lightsaber color: Blood red

Best move: In battle force drain. overall force vision

Aprentice: skystas misini

Dead master: Darth Hadzuska

Species: Human

Homeworld: Mustafar

Story: Son to the Mustafarian Fapput Dak and sithlord Betwhir Galls. Learned The darkside from His Father. When he was 10 years old the darth sith Hadzuska killed he´s father and took him as aprentice. Antares was skilled in manipulation and seeing the future. There is no record of him having wrong. When he was 15 years old Antares killed Darth Hadzuka and took the name Lord Kaujas. He returned to Mustafar at 16 years. Lord Kaujas found out that he´s mother had been murded by a Jedi. The 10 folowing years Lord Kaujas was on a killing rampage killing thosands of Jedi masters. When he found Jedi master Strifi Demar he never killed him but keep him in a room on Dramond Kass while he slowly kill him. The Jedi is still alive. The sith conuncil where impreased and made him a Darth. He took the aprentice Skystas misini becouse he saw his greatness in a vision. On later years Darth Kaujas buildt a temple on Mustafar where hi keeps acolytes and meditate.
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 Name: Darth Kaujas Original name: Antares Andmacu Abilities: skilled in every force powwer. A m
il y a plus d’un an Myrene said…
Name: Mayina Kay'im (Sonjra Nere)

Species: (not in comics or canon) Sonrarian

Age: (End of Clone Wars: Order 66) 16 (Battle of Yavin 4) 35

Gender: Female

Place of birth: Sonra

Class: Jedi padawan/ Bounty Hunter (Imperial Regime)

Status: Alive

Appearance: Long, dark copper hair braided either side of her head into a ponytail and a deep purple outfit with an open back for dark copper wings. Has pointed ears, heart-shaped face, and a padawan braid down the right side of her face. Has angular forest green eyes.

Weapons: Two purple lightsabers which can join at the hilts to create a single double-sided weapon.

Story: Mayina was found on Sonra, a planet known for it's cunning, beautiful, angel-looking people, by Luminara Unduli. She was amongst the first of her species to become Jedi Initiates, as Sonrarians were famously xenophobic. She was in the same Initiate clan as Ahsoka Tano, and became close friends, though after they became padawans, they were rarely in touch. Mayi was trained as a Jedi Sentinel to human Master Arkhis Airick. Mayi was known to have vivid visions, and had several fights with members such as General Grievous and Asajj Ventress. Mayi's faith in the Jedi waned after the expulsion of Ahsoka Tano from the Jedi Temple, and upon the Togruta being found innocent, was outraged at the Council for not allowing a Jedi tribunal for the accused padawan. Despite this, the Sonrarian stayed in the Jedi Council.

She received the first visions of Order 66 two weeks before Operation Knightfall was executed. She escaped the temple with 204 holocrons, but Master Airick was killed attempting to escape with the Master Holocron. (look up victims of Order 66) Two weeks after Order 66, as Mayi was organizing to carry Obi-Wan Kenobi's message with fellow Sonrarian padawan Jaycen, Sonra's native population was wiped out by Imperial Forces for its strong Jedi ties. Jaycen was killed, and Mayi delivered the message and found refuse for the 100 surviving Sonrarian children herself. She was also present for the fall of Lasan and its native population, the Lasats. Following the mass destruction, she took the name Sonjra Nere in honour of her fallen people and began working as a bounty hunter, as well as smuggler against the Empire.
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il y a plus d’un an Desavior said…
Name: Darth Maul
Parents: Darth Maul and unknown mother
Darth Maul trained hard,tuff,strong,and trained strong with the force when he was first born.
Maul still train but is extremely powerful. He fought many battles by him self against armies
to prove his strength. Maul never lost a battle and he killed so many. Maul is an mix breed
of Zabrak and human he is very pretty in the lady's eye's. Maul can see the past preasent
and future. He can kill people with his mind and control there body. He can make and powerful
force ball with his hands he also have an powerful electricity come from his fingertips. Maul
Wear's an flexible armer with an mask. Mauls speed is super quick and move like shadows
and quite like an dog whistle. Maule found an planet far from the jadi and sith he too the city's
that was in the planet with out an fight. Maul named all the city's Darth Maul. The city's was
geting stronge with Maul ruleing. The city's gards was as powerful as jadi and sith put together
and so was Maul army but they was not as powerful as Maul. Maul army fought with sabors
and moved quicked with them. Maul was makeing his battle invincible. The Sith lords and
Jadi could fill Maul power and was scared that he might attack them. Maul wonted an wife
so he sent an message to all who ever bring him an pritty,smart,skilled,strong bride and who
ever bring him this bride he help them with there wars but who come to trick he thay will die
and there hole race. Yoda told Ahsoka Tano that she need to marrie Maul so they can win
the war. Ahsoka was worried that Maul might kill her and her race because he might no like
her. Ahsoka reached the planet Darth Maul she seen beauty of the city and the forest.
Maul came to the ship to see Ahsoka and Maul liked what he saw and was happy. Maul
got married right away in front of his people Ahsoka saw that the people liked Maul and was
even more happy. Maul and Ahsoka had three kids two girls and one boy in a year. Maul fought
in the clone wars and killed the Sith lord. Maul later then took over the hole galaxy and spared
the jadi for Ahsoka. Maul now fight for other galaxys and spend time with his family.
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 Name: Darth Maul Age:14 Parents: Darth Maul and unknown mother Farther:With Mother:Jedi Darth M