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Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted il y a 9 mois
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Song: link

The tank was still in front of the bank. The driver thought the coast was clear, until this happened.

Kelly: *Walks out onto the rue from one of the buildings to the left*
Big Joe: *Walks in from the right*
Oddball: *Following Big Joe*
Imperial 57: *Turns the tourelle towards the three Rebels*
Kelly: *Holding an A280C*
Big Joe: *Holding an A280C*
Oddball: *Moves back part of his coat, revealing a étui de revolver, étui carrying an SE14C*

The three of them started to walk slowly towards the tank. The driver still had the tank's big gun pointed at them, but was curious to see what they had planned.

Kelly: *Stops with Big Joe, and Oddball, directly in front of the tank*

Stop the song

Imperial 57: *Opens the hatch, and comes out of the tank. She moves her blonde hair back with her right hand* toi don't want me dead, otherwise you'd have attacked me par now.
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted il y a 9 mois
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Over at the bridge. Lieutenant Olara and his men were still fighting Imperials while disassembling their bridge, until they saw the sight of General Rancor.

Lieutenant Olara: What the hell is a General doing here?
Rebel Soldier: *Stops the Metra near the bridge*
General Rancor: *Gets out, and looks at Lieutenant Olara* toi are to put everything back to the way it was, so I can traverser, croix this river!
Lieutenant Olara: Out there? With all those Stormtroopers?
General Rancor: There's a group of Rebelle soldiers, real patriots! Unlike you, they're not afraid of those hundreds of Imperials.
Lieutenant Olara: They're in Empyra. There's less enemy resistance there.
General Rancor: Shut up, and put the bridge back up!
Lieutenant Olara: Yes sir. Okay guys, toi heard the General!
Rebel 60: toi must be out of your mind! *Gets shot*
General Rancor: I want that man to be court martialed!
Major Colwin: Yes General.

Meanwhile, in Empyra.
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted il y a 9 mois
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Cowboy, and Little Joe climbed the cloche, bell tower, and were right suivant to the bells.

Kelly: *On Oddball's tank with an RT97* Cowboy, toi guys ready?
Cowboy: We are in positiion.
Kelly: We won't start moving in until toi two start ringing those bells.
Cowboy: *Watching the Imperials*
Little Joe: Wait for it.
Cowboy: *Waiting a few seconds* Now.

Song: link

Cowboy: *Ringing the bells in the tower*
Little Joe: They're buying it!
Imperial Officer: Into your tanks!
Imperial 53: Yes sir. *Running with other Imperials to the tanks*

The two Mobile Artillery Hovertanks divisé, split up. The Tie Crawler followed one of the Hovertanks as it went towards a set of buildings.

Oddball: *Driving his tank into town*
Big Joe: *Leading Babra, Merner, Fisher, and Crapgame into the town. All five of them have A280C's*
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted il y a 9 mois
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General Rancor had his medals, and was prepared to congratulate Kelly, and his Friends for going behind enemy lines.

General Rancor: I am very proud of all those men for their heroic actions. After we give them their medals, we're going to celebrate. *Climbs into a Metra with Major Colwin, and another Rebel*
Rebel Soldier: *Drives*

Kelly and his team finally reached the western side of Empyra. They were on haut, retour au début of a hill. Kelly was looking down at the area below them where the bank was located. Cowboy and Little Joe snuck into the village.

Cowboy: Can toi see anythin' from where your standing?
Kelly: *Looking through a pair of macro binoculars* Not much. All I can see so far are rooftops and a cloche, bell tower on a church.
Cowboy: Me and Little Joe ain't got our eyes on anythin' important either. Hold it. *Spots an Imperial Officer* There's an officer walking around the bank. It's a brown building with a white rooftop.
Kelly: *Spots the bank* I see it. It's the only building in that village with a white roof. *Looks to the left* I see a Mobile Artillery Hovertank. Two of them actually, and there's a Tie Crawler.
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted il y a 9 mois
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Nighttime came, and with it, a rain storm with lightning, and thunder. Kelly and the others were waiting for Oddball and his squad to arrive. Soon, they heard a song (Start at 2:16): link

Crapgame: What is that?
Merner: *Looks at the road, and sees Oddball arriving* Hey, it's Oddball and his AAC's!
Oddball: *Standing on the haut, retour au début of his AAC, waving to Kelly and the others with a big smile on his face*

Behind Oddball and his three AAC-1's were a convoy of ATC's, Metra's, and other Rebel land speeders. Some were carrying equipment to make a bridge.

Big Joe: I thought toi a dit he had three AAC's. He's brought the whole army with him!!
Oddball: *Stops his AAC suivant to the others*

The other AAC's stopped behind his, but the convoy continued on.

Oddball: *Laughs as he jumps off the tank*
Crapgame: *Angry* What is this?! Some kind of circus?!
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted il y a 9 mois
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Oddball and his squad found the bridge he needed to use to get across a stream. He was looking at it with a pair of macrobinoculars.

Oddball: It's still up.
Mordecai: *Laughing*
Y-Wing Pilots: *Flying towards the bridge. They drop two bombs, destroying the bridge*
Oddball: *Puts his macrobinoculars away* No it ain't. toi see what them negative waves did Mordecai?
Mordecai: Don't look at me. I had nothing but positive thoughts about that damn bridge all day!
Oddball: *Puts his hand on his chin* It looks like we'll have to find ourselves another bridge.
Mordecai: And where do we come up with another bridge?
Oddball: There toi go again, plus negative waves! Have a little faith baby. Have a little faith.

A few minutes later at a Rebel base, hundreds of men were marching as they played music.

Lieutenant Olara: *Sitting behind his desk*
Rebel Sargent: salut Lieutenant.
Lieutenant Olara: What?
Rebel Sargent: It's Oddball.
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted il y a 9 mois
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A shipping yard was being run par the Imperials. There were a few Victory 2 Class Frigates being loaded with supplies from boats. Oddball, and his group were in a tunnel nearby with their three AAC-1's.

Oddball: Take it easy now, take it easy. *Stops* Okay hold it. Hold it! *Looks at the shipping yard* Okay, it looks like we arrived at the enemy base. We're gonna go for attack formation 3, and make a triangle. I'll take down the infantry, Mordecai toi feu missiles at the frigates. Don't worry about the boats, those'll be taken out from the exploding frigates. Okay let's move.

And as soon as they started moving out of the tunnel, Oddball played a song in his tank: link

Imperials: *Looking at the tanks moving towards them*
Oddball: *Shooting the Imperials*
Mordecai: *Fires a missile at a frigate*
Rebel 75: *Driving the 2nd tank*
Rebel 66: Fire! *Shoots a missile at the same frigate, making it explode*
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted il y a 9 mois
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Oddball and his Friends were par a forest early in the morning looking at pictures of bridges. They had musique playing from one of their tanks: link

Oddball: Yeah, here's a good one. We'll have to pass through an enemy base with a few frigates, but we have to.
Mordecai: Just to make it to one bridge?
Oddball: And fast. When the Empire rebuilds them at night, a few Y-Wings destroy them during the day.
Mordecai: Well then, suppose the bridge ain't there.
Oddball: *Annoyed* Don't hit me with them negative waves so early in the morning. Think that bridge will be there, and it will. It's a really beautiful bridge, and it's gonna be there.
Mordecai: Yeah, alright.

Further north in another forest, Kelly and his Friends were taking a break. Two A-Wings were flying in formation nearby.

Fisher: *Refueling one of the Metra's*
Big Joe: How much further do we have to go?
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted il y a 9 mois
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That night, Kelly and the others were ready to start their trip. They had a map on the capuche, hotte of Kelly's Metra.

Kelly: The intersection is half a mile down the road.
Big Joe: What do we do once we get there?
Kelly: We go left. We'll have plus enemies firing at us, but it's quicker to Empyra.
Big Joe: toi planned it all out, didn't you?
Kelly: Bob's going to provide orbital strikes for us once we get near them.
Big Joe: toi actually trust Bob to give us covering fire?
Kelly: In about three minutes, yes.
Big Joe: What if he doesn't?
Kelly: He better. *Checks his watch* Time to move.
Big Joe: Right. *Walks to his Metra*
Kelly: *Sits down suivant to Corporal Ramn*
Corporal Ramn: Everything set?
Kelly: Yeah, I think we're set to go.

Song: link

The convoy took off. In front of everyone was Kelly, and Corporal Ramn in a Metra. Following them was Cowboy, driving an ATC. Merner was suivant to him. In the back was Rancher, Little Joe, and Fisher. The 3rd vehicle was the 2nd Metra, driven par Big Joe....
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted il y a 10 mois
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Big Joe returned to the stone building with the films. As he returned, he noticed the two ATC's, and the two Metra's with the weapons, and fuel. He knew exactly what was going on, and rushed into the building.

Big Joe: *Looks at the others, then at Kelly* I thought I told toi not to let anyone in on this.
Kelly: Look Joe, we need all the help we can get on retrieving that gold.
Big Joe: toi look. That Colonel was drunk. We don't know if the or will be there. You're raising their hopes up over nothing.
Merner: That's what Major Colwin's doing to us for fifty credits a month.
Rancher: We don't have a choice when it comes to General Rancor, and his father. Kelly here has something for all of us. Even if there is no gold, we can at least end the war.
Big Joe: What did toi offer these guys to help toi find the gold?
Kelly: Everyone here gets a share of the or when we find it.

Big Joe hesitated to ask his suivant question. He still had his doubts.
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted il y a 10 mois
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While Kelly was with Crapgame, and Oddball, Big Joe and the rest of the rebels were waiting par a stone building, awaiting orders from Major Colwin.

Major Colwin: Now we'll only be here for a few days. Once I get back, we'll be moving towards enemy lines. *Walking towards two Rebel Transports*
Big Joe: Where are toi going?
Major Colwin: To Theed. I'm getting my bateau prepared to go back to my accueil planet, and then I'll be in a meeting with General Rancor. *Runs towards the transports*
Little Joe: *Watching the major board a transport, then watches the two ships take off* Where does he get these ideas?
Corporal Baledin: From thin air. Where his brain oughta be.
Merner: Yes, but, just how does he get away with it?
Big Joe: Simple. He's the General's father. Now we only got three days of R&R until we get sent back out to the front lines. We're going to turn this wretched shanty into a palace. We need wallpaper, and paint, and some decorations. toi got that Barbara?
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted il y a 10 mois
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Big Joe was standing on a small hill. Several land speeders, and transport ships needed to déplacer to a certain location, and he was making sure they were going to the correct spot.

Kelly: *Driving a Metra towards Big Joe*
Big Joe: *Puts his hand up, signalling Kelly to stop*
Kelly: *Stops suivant to Big Joe* Just the man I wanted to see.
Big Joe: Likewise. *Walks over to Kelly* Now listen, I need to talk to toi about yesterday.
Kelly: I also need to talk to toi about yesterday.
Big Joe: Good, now that we understand each other, I want toi to listen. I do not want toi telling anyone else about the gold. This stays between toi and me. If toi even mention this towards one person, I'll kick toi so far into the sky that you'll land on the seconde Death Star.
Kelly: Well I do appreciate the warning Big Joe, but I'm going after that gold, with you, ou without you. *Drives away*
Big Joe: *Watching Kelly drive away*

Kelly stopped suivant to an ATC. He got out of his Metra, and walked into a bunker.
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted il y a 10 mois
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Big Joe was standing par a bridge going over a stream. He was making sure everyone evacuated safely.

Little Joe: *Stops suivant to Big Joe*
Big Joe: Where's Kelly?
Little Joe: Still in the barn.
Corporal Baledin: He's with that Imperial officer.
Big Joe: *Hears an Orbital Strike land near him* The three minutes are up! I gotta get Kelly out of there quickly! *Runs back to the barn*

Inside the barn

Kelly: *Picks up the Colonel*
Big Joe: *Runs inside* Kelly! Half of the Imperials are on our tail, and Bob's dropping plus orbital strikes on us! What the hell are toi doing?!
Kelly: Looking after the Colonel.
Big Joe: We don't have time for that! Shoot her!
Kelly: We shoot her, and we don't get the gold.
Big Joe: Gold? What gold?
Kelly: There's a bank that holds 14,000 bars of or in Empyra.
Big Joe: Okay, we need to move! *Runs with Kelly out of the barn*
Kelly: *Carrying Colonel Allandra*
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted il y a 10 mois
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Kelly and Colonel Allandra were all alone.

Colonel Allandra: Why are we alone?
Kelly: That way we can make some actual progress with our interrogation. *Pulls out a bottle of cognac with two cups* But first, I want toi to have a drink.
Colonel Allandra: I am not thirsty.
Kelly: *Opens the bottle, and pours cognac in both cups* That's what they all say. This is real cognac, it won't kill you. I want toi to have a drink. *Pushes a cup towards the colonel while pulling out a DH17* Drink.
Colonel Allandra: *Staring at the DH17. She nervously drinks the cognac*
Kelly: There, toi see? *Puts his blaster away* Nothing bad will happen to you. *Drinks his cognac*
Colonel Allandra: I could get drunk.
Kelly: That's up to you. I only gave toi one cup.
Colonel Allandra: I...*Slowly closing her eyes*

The colonel was drunk after all.

Kelly: toi gotta be kidding me. *Taps the Colonel on her shoulder* Come on, we need to talk.
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted il y a 10 mois
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The rain was still pouring down as Big Joe and Babra made their way to Major Colwin.

Big Joe: Come on Barbara, hurry it up!
Babra: salut Joe.
Big Joe: What?
Babra: Don't call me Barbara.
Big Joe: Well that's your name, isn't it?
Babra: But my real name is Babra.
Big Joe: *Pushing Babra towards another building* Get over there.
Babra: Ow, take it easy!
Big Joe: *Makes it towards a door, and knocks twice* Hello?
Rebel: Who's there?
Big Joe: Big Joe.
Rebel: Who?
Big Joe: Big Joe. We need to speak with Major Colwin.
Rebel: *Opens the door*
Big Joe: *Walks in with Babra*
Major Colwin: *Standing on a boat* Hello Sargent.
Big Joe: What are toi doing?
Major Colwin: I'm testing this baby out, to see if it can float in the water. I wanna take it back to Theed, and do some fishing during some downtime.
Big Joe: We got some info on those hotels.
Major Colwin: That won't be necessary.
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted il y a 10 mois
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Kelly and Babra walked into the building with Colonel Allandra. Big Joe was angry as he talked to someone else on the radio.

Big Joe: I don't know how many times I have to tell you! Your artillery is being dropped on our position!! toi are missing the Imperials, and hitting our boys!!
Kelly: Take a seat. This'll only take a second.
Colonel Allandra: *Sits down*
Big Joe: toi can't hear me. The reason toi can't hear me, is because of those orbital strikes toi keep firing!! THAT ARTILLERY IS HITTING US, INSTEAD OF THE IMPERIALS!!! GET THAT THROUGH YOUR THICK SKULL!!!!! *Gives the radio to Little Joe* toi talk to him.
Little Joe: Sure.
Big Joe: *Walks over to Kelly, and looks at Colonel Allandra* I thought I told toi bring in an officer.
Colonel Allandra: I am an officer.
Big Joe: What rank are you?
Colonel Allandra: A colonel.
Big Joe: Alright, we're trying to find a hotel. We need a place to stay before our suivant assignment starts.
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted il y a 10 mois
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It was a dark and stormy night in Naboo. Rain was falling down hard as lightning strikes flashed nearby, followed with the sounds of thunder.

Imperial Officer: *Slowly walking back and forth, making sure the Stormtroopers load everything onto the étoile, star Destroyers* Not long now, just keep it moving!

What the Imperials didn't notice was that a Metra, was parked suivant to two AT-ST's. Inside was a female officer being held hostage par two Rebel's.

Their Metra is the one on the bottom: link

The driver was Kelly. The Imperial officer was sitting suivant to him, as another Rebel named Babra was pointing an A295 at her head.

Imperial Officer: Keep moving, don't stop until all supplies are safely on board!! *Walking past the Metra, but stops. He slowly turns around, and looks at Kelly*
Fan fiction by lovingflame posted il y a 11 mois
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Some where near Coruscant.
an 57 BBY.

Electric sparks and laughter echoed through out the hall . The sweet smell of sweat tantalized the senses as did the dear face of her opponent.
Sota Slayer woke to that fading memory, as she trailed her quarry. Getting up from her command chair to recalibrate the tracteur beam's settings, she caught a tear sliding like a thief down her cheek. Sota wiped the offensive liquid onto her veste with disgust. If she'd never had any feelings her life would have been so much for the better. " But then who would toi be?" The chuckling commentaire made her jump. Closing her eyes she hoped the ghostly stow-a-way would just go away. " I'm afraid, I won't be going anywhere." Sota stumbled away from the machine as his voice was suddenly at her ear. Pale from shock she whispered. " You're dead. I killed you." The ghost reached out to her in a loving gesture. Shrinking back from it she responded with tears flowing. " Are toi here to torment me?" The ghost painfully lowered his hand. " No. You've done that all too well. I've come to ask for your help."
Opinion by DR76 posted il y a 11 mois
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A great deal has been made of the light saber donné to potential Jedi acolyte Rey par former smuggler Maz Kanata in “STAR WARS: EPISODE VII – THE FORCE AWAKENS”. It was during this moment when young Rey experienced visions of her past as a child and her future encounter with villain Kylo Ren. It was this moment when movie audiences became aware of her connection to the Force.

I really do not recall how I felt when I first saw this scene. After all, it has been at least two years since the movie’s release. Yet, the plus I think about it, the plus I have come to realize that it may have been a big mistake to put so much emphasis on that particular light saber in “THE FORCE AWAKENS”. One, both J.J. Abrams and Lawrence Kasdan used a weapon to ignite Rey’s connection to the Force. Worse, they used an object with a questionable and rather bloody past to serve as some kind of special Jedi relic.

Sometime between “STAR WARS: EPISODE II – ATTACK OF THE CLONES” and “STAR WARS: EPISODE III – REVENGE OF THE SITH”, then Jedi padawan Anakin Skywalker had constructed...
Opinion by greyswan618 posted il y a 12 mois
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As a die hard étoile, star Wars fan,I have been eagerly awaiting for episode 8 since seeing the end of The Force Awakens.This time there was a new director at the helm,Rian Johnson.

I will try to make this review as spoiler free as possible(for those that haven't seen The Last Jedi yet) ...

I have just come from seeing The Last Jedi.Like all précédant étoile, star Wars movies,there are tons of special effects and giant explosions,and this one is no different.There were some old returning favori characters and we met some new faces as well(Laura Dern,Benicio Del Toro and Kelly Marie Tran) and who could forget those cute little porgs?

Rian did an amazing job bringing his vision to the étoile, star Wars universe.There were tons of action scenes,but no étoile, star Wars movie would be complete without fantastic action scenes.There were a few funny moments thrown in here and there, as well as a touching and poignant scene with étoile, star Wars original veterans,Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher,in her final appearance as Princess Leia.
Review by deedragongirl posted il y a 12 mois
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Hi guys, I finally watched this film with my younger brother, who is a dying fan of the étoile, star Wars saga with his Singaporean classmate. Now, are toi all ready for the review?

The Story-Line

Okay, we picked up from where the the Force Awaken taken. Rey meets Luke at the end, but refuses. Somehow, he reminds me of Obi-Wan Kenobi from the first three étoile, star War Sagas.
As for Kylo Ren, he looks very hot when communicating with Rey. Anyway, I was also shock to see that he killed his master, he was very manipulative trying to force her into the dark side!
Finally, the ending was ambiguous as I did not quite understand how the little boy could be a Jedi. Not to forget that I am unsure if Luke has died ou somehow, spirited away!

The Characters

We get to see some familiar faces in this, and it was also sad that this is Carrie Fisher's last film before her passing last an along with her mom! Wonder how are they going to do it in the suivant film?
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted il y a plus d’un an
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Naboo, one an before the events of A New Hope.

In one section of the planet, it was littered with destroyed vehicles, ranging from tanks, speeder bikes, and even a few AT-ST's. Not far away, was a damaged Tie Fighter, suivant to an old Arc-170. The radio was still on in the 170.

Announcer: This is the Coruscant Broadcasting Service. Here is the news. In an isolated part of the planet, a group of Generals said, with Naboo falling into the hands of the Imperials, The Battle of Coruscant, is about to begin.

Song: link

The Battle Of Coruscant

Imperial Pilot: *Flying a landing craft into the planet of Chevrelium*

Starring everyone in alphabetical order

Ben Affleck as Simon Ulson
Cruella as Enpa Noore
Daniel Radcliffe as Ken Nixon
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted il y a plus d’un an
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A fleet of Rebel ships were close to the planet of Sullust. Inside one of the Mon Calamari ships, pilots were preparing their X-Wings. Other ships were carrying Y-Wings, and A-Wings.

Wedge: *Gives a high five to a Y-Wing* We're gonna do just fine.
Y-Wing Pilot: I copy red leader.

They both chuckled, and looked at a pilot in green.

Y-Wing Pilot: Must be one of the pilots for the new A-Wing.
Green-7: Hey. Ready to go?
Wedge: Yeah, toi let me know how those A-Wings are. I might try one myself.
Green-7: Will do. *Climbs into his A-Wing*

The other pilots started to get in their ships. After a few seconds, hundreds of X-Wings, Y-Wings, and A-Wings were flying towards Sullust.

Wedge: No étoile, star Destroyers in sight, but they are going to have a squadron of Tie Fighters down there. Also be careful of their turrets.
Red-9: Copy Red Leader.
Green-4: *Sees the Tie Fighters coming towards them* Here they come.
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted il y a plus d’un an
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Song: link

Captain Smith: Gentlemen, as of this moment, all Imperials have been pushed away from Coruscant. We've done it. This planet is now ours!
Pilots: *Cheering*
Mary: *Walks over to Smith, and hugs him* I want toi to have this. *Holding a box for the Captain* You're being promoted.
Captain Smith: *Opens the box, and sees his Major badge* Thank you.
Mary: Don't thank me, thank the General, but I would like to take toi out to dinner. *Kisses Smith*

The song fades away as the other pilots cheer. Meanwhile on Chevrelium, things were not so pleasant.

General Kar: toi have betrayed me for the last time! All of you!!
Stormtroopers: *Escorting General Kar into a Landing Craft*
Lieutenant Von Hapen: *Standing suivant to several Tie Pilots as they watch the General's shuttle leave*
Alaine: Without General Kar, what are we to do?
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted il y a plus d’un an
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General Capta: Kenobi, you're free to return to Tatooine. Those Imperials won't be giving us anymore trouble.
Mary: They will, but we can handle it from here.
Obi-Wan: Good. Although I'm leaving, the force will be with you. Always.*Walks away*

Ten étoile, star Destroyers were approaching the planet. They were joined par fifteen Victory 2-Class Frigates.

Lieutenant Von Hapen: Okay everyone, for General Kar! He's back on Chevrelium with Alaine, and the Colonel. Don't disappoint them.
Imperial Trooper: Launching all fighters! Press the attack!

Tie Fighters were joined par Bombers, Reapers, Strikers and Landing craft as they soared towards their main objective.

Mary: Multiple enemy ships are on their way!
General Capta: Captain, get out there and take down the enemy!
Captain Smith: Okay everyone, let's go!

The hundreds of Republic Fighters ran over to their ships.

Enpa: Let's hope those new bombers we named after that Jedi come in handy. We never got a chance to test them.