Sandy Point, Moana.

Rebel 28: *Docking his bateau at a harbor*
Rebel General: *Standing on another bateau with a hundred other Rebels. He checks his watch* Raise flag.
Rebel 13: *Raising the Rebel flag*
Rebel General: Now.

A band was playing this song: link

Rebels: *Passing the band on another boat*

Up in the sky, two Rebels were surveying their new base in a recon ship.

Duya: *Flying the recon ship* This is it. Our new home.
Rollin: We should have stayed in Rydellia where we belong. I made a mistake in pointing that out to General Ommer.
Duya: *Looks down and sees a line of X-Wings parked suivant to each other*

Back on the ground, another General was making observations.

Ido: *Walks into a tower with two soldiers* Good morning gentlemen, what have we here?
Tower Operator: A line of X-Wings ready to take flight in case any intruders arrive.
Ido: But they're too close to each other. If one of those ships blow up, it'll cause a chain reaction. Make a note on that private.
Soldier 3: *Writing down Ido's statements*
Tower Operator: But General Lizzon-
Ido: Now look! I don't know where toi got your orders from with placing those ships out there like that, but toi got a new order from me, to undo that mess. Get to it.

Later, Duya and Rollin were testing other pilots. They were firing dummy torpedoes at a target in the water. Most of them missed.

Rollin: That's the 25th pilot we tested, and we still didn't get anywhere near the target.
Duya: Here comes the suivant pilot.
Rollin: *Watching the pilot drop a dummy torpille on the bulls-eye* That's plus like it. Who was that?
Duya: Kellie Datho. Here comes another female, Jolie Una.

She too got a bulls-eye.

Rollin: Those ladies set a fine example on how to shoot your target.
Duya: *Watching another pilot feu a dummy torpedo, missing tragically*
Rollin: And who was that?
Duya: Philla Weston.
Rollin: Tell her she couldn't hit the side of a building if she was standing five inches away.

2 B Continued
Zac Efron as Duya Bridger
Scott Eastwood as Rollin Orso
Bob Iger as Ido Lizzon