Robotnik: Snooping as usual I see! *Talks faster* Snooping as usual *Slows down* I see!

Toydarians: *Walking towards a runway*

Song: link

Five months after the destruction of the Death Star, the Empire needed an ally. One that was strong, and capable of damaging the Rebel Alliance.

Jabba The Hutt assigned the Toydarian Army to aid the Empire, and this is the story of their first battle against the Rebels.

Toydarian Pilot: *Flying a Class-62 fighter*

The Class-62: link

SeanTheHedgehog Presents

Toydarians: *Standing on a runway, watching plus Class-62's flying by. Sixty Class-62's are lined up on the other side of the runway*

A étoile, star Wars fan Fiction

Toydarian Pilot: *Flies between two plus Class-62's*

Shado! Shado! Shado!

Starring all of the Toydarians as themselves

Andrea Libman as Jolie Una
Ashleigh Ball as Kellie Datho
Bob Iger as Ido Lizzon
Carlos Steinke as Herman Vender
Elijah Jackson as Baltic Roufeno
Geena Davis as Grimouth Ommer
George Lucas as Emery Seanson
Jabba The Hutt as Himself
Mark Moraghan as Dimo Ommer
Martin Smith as Harmon Fulper
Scott Eastwood as Rollin Orso
Zac Efron as Duya Bridger

Toydarian Pilot: *Landing a Class-62 fighter suivant to the others*

Based off of the 1970 film, Tora! Tora! Tora!

Toydarians: *Refueling the Class-62*

Much of the fan fiction takes place on a fictional planet called Moana. It is created specifically for this fan fiction.

The song fades away as the Toydarians begin to have a conversation.

Toydarian 85: Watashitachiha, mō itsu no kunren o seikō sa semashita. *We have completed another successful jour of training*
Toydarian 64: Mota taisa wa itsu hajimete watashitachi ni jōto shitai nodesu ka? *When does Colonel Mota want to give us our first assignment?*
Toydarian 85: Kare wa iwanakatta. Watashitachiha nintaidzuyoku nakereba naranai. *He did not say. We must be patient*
Toydarian 70: Jabba The Hutt wa nagai jikan, watashitachi o tekisetsuna tāgetto ni shite kureru hazudesu. *It must be taking Jabba The Hutt a long time to find us a suitable target.*
Toydarian 64: Kare ga watashitachi o hyōteki ni shite kureru koto o negatte imasu. Sugu ni. Mō matsu koto wa dekimasen. *I hope he does find us a target. Soon. I cannot wait any longer*

A cloche, bell was rung, and all the Toydarians ran into a nearby building.

Colonel Mota: *Staring at everyone* Minasan kon'nichiwa. Watashi wa mada anata no tame ni nani mo motteinai ga, anata no kibō o iji suru. Anata wa sukunakutomo 3-nichi inai ni anata no saisho no jōto o uketorimasu. *Hello everybody. I do not have anything for toi yet, but keep your hopes up. toi will get your first assignment within at least three days.*
Toydarians: *Bowing to Colonel Mota*

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