General Veers walked into the room where General Ozzel was with a few others.

General Veers: What happened?
Orrian: I disobeyed your orders, and put Ozzel in charge instead of Colonel Jörgenstien like toi requested.
Colonel Jörgenstien: Thanks to him, we can't get any tanks, because everyone in Cenell believed that was where the main attack was. It was only a decoy. Someone was dressed up as Han Solo standing par several dummy tanks.
General Veers: So we Lost Champalla to the Rebels. Did toi at least contact Darth Vader?
Colonel Jörgenstien: I tried to, but he was too busy sleeping.
Captain Needa: *Walks into the room* I finally contacted Lord Vader. I requested reinforcements, but he Lost his temper. Despite your screw up Ozzel, he's having toi promoted to Admiral. He believes you'll do better commanding a étoile, star Destroyer.
General Veers: Perhaps Grand Moff Lebelt can help us?
Colonel Jörgenstien: No. It's too late for us to do anything. Before toi walked in, I got reports that the Rebels captured Omega Beach. *Looks at the map in disgust* Champalla.

In Los Ingles, Colonel Russo arrived with his team, and met up with Luke Skywalker.

Colonel Russo: Hold it! Stop!
Rebels: *Stop*
Colonel Russo: *Steps off the cart, and walks over to Skywalker* Any reports?
Luke: I'm sorry Colonel. Most of your men are either dead, ou missing. We got some soldiers collecting the dead off of those wires, and trees that they're hanging off of.
Colonel Russo: *Looks at a dozen Rebels hanging from their parachutes on a wire* What a horrifying sight. I hope we can find the rest of those guys before they also end up dead, wherever they are.

Anthony was still alive, and still lost. He was slowly walking past a shed, and alongside a stone wall. He saw an Imperial Officer leaning on the wall, and thought he was asleep.

Gator: Don't worry mate, he's dead.
Anthony: *Looks at Gator sitting down suivant to a haystack* How long have toi been there?
Gator: Eight hours.
Anthony: *Sits suivant to Gator*
Gator: Hand me a cigarette? I'm dying for a cigarette.
Anthony: Here. *Gives Gator a cigarette, and lights it for him*
Gator: Thank you.
Anthony: How long has that Colonel been there?
Gator: Eight hours. He shot my leg, but I got him in the head. *Pulls out his K16* With this.
Anthony: *Nods*
Gator: Have toi ever killed a man? Face to face?
Anthony: No. *Smokes a cigarette*
Gator: Neither have I actually. Face to face anyway. I'll tell toi one thing though, when toi look at a man this long, toi notice some strange things. Have toi noticed something odd about him?
Anthony: *Looks at his boots* He's got his boots on the wrong feet. *Laughs* That is pretty funny.
Gator: *Laughs*
Anthony: Must've been in a hurry ou something.
Gator: *Laughs, but stops as he holds his stomach*
Anthony: toi alright?
Gator: I think so. My friend Michael a dit he'd be back with a doctor, but all I got so far was a shot of morphine.
Anthony: I'm sorry.
Gator: Don't be. *Sighs* What a battle. I'm crippled, your lost, and he's dead.
Anthony: I wonder which side won.

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The Rebels were the winners. Back on Omega Beach, General Sireeto was taking a moment to enjoy the quiet after his tremendous victory.

General Sireeto: *Watching everyone pass him in ATC's* Good job everyone.
Rebel 53: *Stops suivant to General Sireeto* Need a ride sir?
General Sireeto: Yeah, just give me a second. *Pulls out a cigar. He's about to smoke it, but he starts to have seconde thoughts. He drops it on the ground, and gets into the Metra*
Rebel 53: *Drives to the haut, retour au début of the hill, following other Metra's and ATC's*

Cast of characters in alphabetical order

Andrea Libman as Taly Orrkan
Armie Hammer as Bail Organa Jr.
Ashleigh Ball as Jyll Baitson
Ben Wishaw as Wedge Olkan
Brett Dejneka as Anthony Dino
Christoph Waltz as Vick Musker
Christopher Ragland as Early Aalton
Colin Firth as Franklin Sine
Craig Becker as Mee Hoto
Dax Shepard as Seeq Hester
Dwayne Johnson as Hollin Russo
Emily Del Greco as Salope Meima
Eminem as Paul Soloda
Hugh Bonneville as Martin Dalton
Ian Lafferty as David White
Jeffery Itov as Warek Goode
Jeremy Clarkson as Gator O' Donnell
Joseph May as Helvin Paller
Jules De Jongh as Rican Lebelt
Justin Kix as Orrian Lesden
Kerry Shale as Cody Sireeto
Kendal Ozzel as himself
Lorth Needa as himself
Luke Skywalker as himself
Maximilian Veers as himself
Michael Schumacher as Taylor Kamen
Nigel Pilkington as Rish Packard
Pierce Brosnan as Shawn Rouillard
Pitbull as Tom Buyard
Richard Hammond as Michael Rustay
Ross Parker the Mon Calamari General as himself
Sebastian Vettel as Faust Jörgenstien
Simon Greenall as Mick Torrow
Tara Strong as Danielle Flannigan
Taron Egerton as Yarrin Nax
Teresa Gallagher as Phoebe Porter
William Hope as Dyle Gouissant
Zachary Gordon as Alan Rutler

This fan fiction is based off of the 1962 film of the same title, par 20th Century Fox.

The End

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