Back on Twilek Bridge, Franklin, and Martin lead a squad to a nearby town.

Danielle: Where are they going?
Wedge: They're off to take one plus town from the Imperials. Then this battle will be over.

Yuvana was a small town, but it had big buildings. This included a hotel, and a casino.

Shawn: *Waiting in an alleyway with Tom, and Dyle*
Franklin: Alright, on a count of three.
Martin: One.
Tom: Two.
Dyle & Shawn: Three!

They ran out of the alleyway, and ran towards the casino. Fifty seven other soldiers were right behind them firing their blasters at the Imperials. They turned right to go across a bridge, passing several boats in the process. They ran non-stop all the way into the hotel.

Martin: *Panting* Good timing.
Franklin: Yes, I thought we'd be goners when I saw their shock troopers. They really know how to throw a party. We got to get a tank to help us.

Shock Troopers weren't the only problem. The casino also had several spots where stormtroopers were firing DLT-19's at them.

Republic Soldier 62: *Stands up to throw a grenade, but gets shot par twenty blasts from a DLT-19*
Shock Trooper: *Fires a missile which hits the hotel*
Franklin: plus stormtroopers, closing in!
Martin: *Shooting them*
Franklin: *Looks to the right, and sees seven gungans walking towards them* Oh no.
Shawn: What is it? *Looks at the gungans* No! *Runs towards the gungans* Can't toi see there's a battle happening here?!
Gungan 5: That is why we have arrived. Weesa tend to the wounded.
Shawn: toi can get killed out here!
Gungan 6: Better us, than your comrades.
Shawn: *Shooting plus Stormtroopers*
Republic Soldier 91: *Driving an IFT-X towards the casino*
Imperial 56: Look! Enemy tank!
Stormtrooper 66: They still use TX-130's?!
Republic Soldier 91: *Fires missiles, destroying the casino*
Imperials: *Leaving Yuvana*
Shawn: They're retreating.
Franklin: Yuvana is ours. Call for backup.

2 B Continued