Wedge Olkan and his squad were still at Twilek Bridge, when Imperials started heading towards them.

Yarrin: They have rocket launchers!
Wedge: Stop them first! Otherwise they'll destroy this bridge!
Republic Soldiers: *Shooting the Imperials*
Stormtroopers: *Shooting the Republic* Look, reinforcements are coming to help them!
Republic Soldier: *Playing the bagpipes*
Franklin: *Running with the others* Come on, we're almost there!
Shock Trooper: *Aiming his rocket launcher at Franklin's group* Take them out first, then finish off the others. *Fires a rocket*
Republic Soldiers: *Get hit, and fall into the water*
Danielle: *Firing her NB-49*
Shock Troopers: *Die*
Stormtrooper: Pick up the rocket launchers! *Gets shot*
Yarrin: Captain Sine, good to see you.
Franklin: Thank toi Yarrin. Let's finish them off.
Wedge: *Shooting plus Stormtroopers. In his mind, Mick Torrow's words continued to echo*

Hold until relieved. Hold until relieved.

Republic Soldier: *Playing bagpipes*
Phoebe: Ever heard such a dreadful racket?
Danielle: Aye, it takes someone from Coruscant's south pole to play the pipes.

Meanwhile, General Veers was taking a shuttle back from Velmor into Naboo. He saw the many Mon Calamari étoile, star Cruisers deploying plus boats into the ocean

General Veers: What is this?
Imperial Pilot: It appears that the Rebels are invading Champalla.
General Veers: Find a place to land, before they spot us!

In Los Ingles, Colonel Russo was looking around the area.

Colonel Russo: Soldier, what's your name?
Rebel Soldier 99: Sargent Tan sir.
Colonel Russo: Is that wagon in use? *Lays down in it*
Rebel Soldier 99: It was.
Colonel Russo: I have an important assignment for you. Take me into the center of town. I want to see how the rest of my squad's doing.
Rebel Soldier 99: Yes sir. *Pulls the wagon with Colonel Russo on it*

2 B Continued